Friday, June 04, 2010

Prescott City Councilman Steve Blair Speaks Out Against Anti-White "Go To Green" Diversity Mural In Prescott, Arizona

Update June 5th: Calls for Steve Blair's resignation escalate; 500 mural supporters rally in public. Updated post HERE.

A city councilman has spoken out against a diversity mural (pictured in part above) in Prescott, Arizona which is widely perceived as showing an anti-White bias, and it's triggered a firestorm of controversy. The mural, paid for by a taxpayer-funded $5,000 grant from Prescott Alternative Transportation, portrays a Hispanic kid much larger and more prominently than the other kids in the display. The courageous city councilman is absolutely unrepentant and refuses to back down.

Update June 4th: This story has now gone viral. Additional local media stories from KSAZ Channel 10 and KNXV Channel 15, both with video. Discussion now taking place on Stormfront.

According to the Prescott Daily Courier and the Arizona Republic, City Councilman Steve Blair launched the controversy on May 21st, 2010, when during his KYCA radio show, he criticized a new mural being painted on the exterior walls at Miller Valley Elementary School at Prescott's Four Points intersection that depicts children of several races using "green" transportation methods. The mural is entitled "Go To Green", and it's been interpreted as portraying Hispanic kids preferentially. But initially, Blair thought it was a Black kid, so during the May 21st radio show, Blair said, "I am not a racist individual, but I will tell you depicting a black guy in the middle of that mural, based upon who's president of the United States today and based upon the history of this community when I grew up, we had four black families - who I have been very good friends with for years - to depict the biggest picture on that building as a black person, I would have to ask the question, 'Why?'" KSAZ now reports that Blair has since been fired from his radio show for his remarks.

Just this past Wednesday June 2nd, Blair reiterated his concern, again emphasizing that "I'm not a racist by any stretch of the imagination, but whenever people start talking about diversity, it's a word I can't stand." It appears a growing number of Prescott residents share Blair's distaste for the enshrinement of diversity. Blair said he has received a number of calls from long-time Prescott residents who ask, "Who authorized that graffiti on the wall?" He added: "What these people don't like is somebody forcing diversity down their throats." According to City-Data, Prescott, with a population of 42,697 as of July 2008, is 88 percent White and 8 percent Hispanic.

Bingo, Steve! You figured it out. Many Americans are getting sick and tired of the constant promotion and enshrinement of this mythical diversity as the panacea for all our social ills. Not a day passes when we have to listen to some wanker rhapsodize about the "rich diversity". It's become positively Orwellian -- and utterly nauseating.

The creators of the mural have also been targeted with citizen outrage as well. R.E. Wall, director of the Prescott Downtown Mural Project, described weeks of tense working conditions for the "Mural Mice," the group of artists responsible for the Miller Valley mural and several others around town. Wall explained that as the mural took shape, he and the other artists working at the site heard regular racial slurs from the passengers of cars driving by. People would shout out comments like "You're desecrating our school" and "Get the niggers off the wall" and "Get the spic off the wall." Wall stated that the pressure stayed up consistently for two months, and blamed Steve Blair for fueling the discontent.

Discontent has also been directed towards the Daily Courier, where a previous story attracted over 60 comments. Although some of the comments on the Courier's website offer unqualified admiration for the mural, many others are harshly critical, using words such as "tacky," "ugly" and "ghetto." The Prescott Unified School District and Prescott City Hall also reported getting complaints.

Folks, these are not White Nationalists or National Socialists speaking out. These are mainstream American Whites (and perhaps a few other Americans as well) who are pissed off. They've become radicalized by the hate campaign directed by the elite against Arizona because the state had the temerity to pass SB 1070 to protect their borders. Even the so-called ALIPAC immigration hawk William Gheen has been bought off; that's why he pulled out of the June 5th Phoenix Rising Rally. Yes, even President Barack Obama sided with Mexican President Felipe Calderon against Arizona. So Arizonans must think the whole country's arrayed against them. The righteous wrath of the American people against the elite cannot be restrained much longer. Perhaps it's time for another "Moroni" to emerge from the ranks of the people, stand forth and hoist a "Title of Liberty", as described in Alma 46 of the Book of Mormon (substitute Obama for Amalickiah and it makes Alma 46 more relevant to our day).

In a last-minute effort to placate the local people further, Miller Valley Principal Jeff Lane has asked the artists to "lighten" the faces in the mural. According to Lane, he and the school committee wanted the artists to make the kids look happier and more excited, fix the scale of the faces and remove some shadowing that made the faces darker than they are. They also wanted some changes to the banner.

KSAZ now reports that Councilman Blair defended his comments again late on Friday June 14th. "To me it wasn't about race, they made it about race…. If I've offended anybody out there I apologize to them, because we have a lot of cultures in Prescott." God bless Steve Blair for standing firm against the onslaught of political correctness.


Ashamed of USA said...

Well, you're certainly a collection of human pieces of shit, aren't you?

Anonymous said...

To 2:56pm - go screw yourself. The mural is ant White, in keeping with the entire propaganda media - look how Negros are portrayed in media advertising: affluent, clean, preferred, intelligent (more so than their White subordinates - and the Whites are always subordinates), clever, wise, knowing and way overrepresented in all commercials. Good for the councilman, maybe this will be the brush fire that the system can't control.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 4:54 P.M. - I think you're right; this may be an example of one of those brush fires you're talking about. And it broke out of its own accord, without help from J.T. Ready or any other White activists.

Anonymous said...

I'm a 63 year old white Vietnam vet - right in the middle of your target demographic. But I am ashamed of the country I fought for when I see you racist scum.

Anonymous said...

Viet Vets were the biggest crybabies of all - wish the Cong has offed your useless, druggie butt - all you Ameri/IDF types did was slaughter civilians and declare yourselves "warriors". Are you grandchildren mulatto's ?

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of racist pigs. Prescott should be ashamed of itself and the principal should be fired, too. Arizona is a laughing stock and hopefully one day it will be a part of Mexico, it deserves it, along with Texas. Fucking morons.

Anonymous said...

The mural is ugly.

Anonymous said...

Why should the good people of Prescott have to pay for and look at a painting of an enemy who is destroying their community?
"Go Green"? Mexicans destroy every place where they infest. They waste and squander without a second thought. Mexicans breed out of control, they are a serious threat to all other life. When mexicans take over a place they cut down the trees and trample the grass, how is that "Go Green"? I bet there are a lot more people in Prescott who despise the ugly painting of the grinning little welfare sucking anchor baby and the only ones who do like it are themselves mexicans. Mexicans are the natural enemies of the people who built and maintain Prescott. Without White people there would be no Prescott. What positive thing have mexicants ever done for any community in the Unites States? They only infest, over populate, and make places unlivable.

Anonymous said...

"I'm a 63 year old white Vietnam vet - right in the middle of your target demographic. But I am ashamed of the country I fought for when I see you racist scum."

I am a 41 year old proud White combat veteran. You are NOT in the "middle of our target demographic," we want to recruit young White Patriots who have not been brainwashed by the jewish propaganda and smoking too much dope, as you have been. I am ashamed of idiots like you that haven't learned anything. You (and me) did not fight for "the country," but for the military industrial complex and greedy corrupt politicians that serve it. You haven't figured it out by 63??
White Pride World Wide! 14/88!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Rocky is pulling out all the stops and laying it on thick in an attempt to make up for their last walkout. Hopefully he learned his lesson about what Taylor Bowles can do for your political party.

Anonymous said...

Usually Aryan Nations and the NSM have walkouts and not the ANP. In fact, Steve McQueeney no longer is a part of the Aryan Nations and Boswell's family kicked NSM Commander Schoep to the curb.

Anonymous said...

It's understandable when you have fifty to a few hundred in your organization. It is disaster when you are talking about a dozen-less group like the ANP. Im like a lot of people wondering why if the ANP is so superior to all else,why they are smaller nationally than even some NSM local units? Ten guys is barely enough to put together a decent e-group.

Bart said...

Everywhere I turn, it's another knock against the white man. Soon we will have nowhere left to work if this "multicultural" tyranny keeps up.

My 14 year old just got knocked up by one of the browns that you see depicted in this abomination of a "mural". Any of you guys knowledgeable in where exactly I should kick her in the belly to get rid of this half-breed spawn of Satan?

Anonymous said...

Solution: give all your money to Taylor Bowles so he can run for president.

Anonymous said...

Steve Blair is "courageous"? Please. Sophie Scholl, the White Rose, who was executed for speaking out against the Nazis--she was courageous. Martin Luther King was courageous. Burmese resistance leader Aung San Suu Kyi is courageous. Getting on the radio and talking about how you don't like looking at pictures of the coloreds? Sorry, not quite.

Anonymous said...

Solution: Give all your money to Aryan Nations so they can commit more crimes or molest children. Or give it to the NSM so Schoep can visit non-White Mexico with his wife again and support his step-nigger daughter Amber. Or give it to Ropers campaign which is going nowhere.

Anonymous said...

Guess what? In the South West, the Natives are brown, and the Latin Americans were there FIRST. WTF is with you white guys showing your ignorance? Dumb asses.

Even the europeans will not put up with this kind of crap.
You white supremacists are the lowest of the low.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"I'm a 63 year old white Vietnam vet - right in the middle of your target demographic. But I am ashamed of the country I fought for when I see you racist scum."

Look in the mirror when you say "scum", you deracinated, burnt-out, 1960's liberal MORON, for you are the quintessential example of it.

Self-hating Whites like you, disgust me. Self-hating apologists like you shame all us decent White folks who have absolutely HAD IT with this non-stop, ad nauseaum, 'diversity' (code word for non-White) being shoved in our face virtually EVERYWHERE we look! TV, books, radio, Internet, ads, etc. it's there! Ditto for the ongoing, illegal alien invasion over our southern border!

Had the situation been reversed and this mural painted on a school building in Mexico, featuring a White kid towering over miniscule Meztizos, the Mayor of the town along with ALL the towns people along with the media would denounce the mural (and probably hunt down the artists who painted it, the person who commissioned it and beat the crap out of them) in unison without ANY peep from deracinated apologists like YOU, pathetic self-hating, guilt-ridden lemmings that have been taught self-hatred by endless propaganda (by the powers that be), brainwashed into being ashamed of your White race, the most brilliant and inventive race ever to walk this planet, psychologically castrated of any healthy, normal group interests which all non-White races still have and the media, et al, support and condone.

To you and every other deracinated, feckless, neutered White person like you who do not realize there is an all-out, anti-White war directed against this country's founding race, cowards that have been stripped of your natural, normal, healthy group solidarity and racial preservation instincts, I say:

Either stand up for your race or shut the f*ck-up!


Anonymous said...

Some stinky, brown retard vomited:

"Guess what? In the South West, the Natives are brown, and the Latin Americans were there FIRST. WTF is with you white guys showing your ignorance? Dumb asses."

White guys are the smartest "guys" on this planet. One look at your beat-down, shitted-up, Turd World country under brown 'rule' confirms it.

FYI, there was no 'America' until the White man built it, and dubbed it as such; got that, you IGNORANT, DUMB ASS??

"Even the europeans will not put up with this kind of crap."

Let the Europeans worry about EUROPE.

"You white supremacists are the lowest of the low"

I guarantee you wouldn't say that to my face, you filthy brown BIGOT.

FYI, White supremacist is a misnomer, an ugly smear term invented to demonize racially-conscious White people. A "supremacist" is someone who chooses to live amongst other races and lord it over them. White nationalists, or just plain, average, ordinary White Americans--overtly or subconsciously--want NOTHING of the sort. We just want to live peacefully amongst own kind, raise our families in a normal, safe, peaceful, quiet and crime-free enviroment (virtually impossible when living amongst you noisy, disruptive, dirty beaners and niggers).


Anonymous said...

"Steve Blair is "courageous"?"

Compared to the average, deracinated White American, especially those who are in the political arena, yes, courageous indeed.


"Please"--YOUR ASS.

"Sophie Scholl, the White Rose, who was executed for speaking out against the Nazis--she was courageous."

I'm not aware of this story so I won't comment except to say had she stayed at home and minded her business she would most likely be alive today.

Even if it's like you say, it is a statistically insignificant crime compared to the countless White men, women and children that are daily being harassed (especially White girls, sexually), bullied, shaken down for money, verbally and physically attacked, psychologically terrorized, beaten, robbed, raped (including White men in prison) and murdered by Hispanic and Black criminals throughout this once-90% White and once-great America.

"Martin Luther King was courageous."

Don't even bring this low-life's name up. Martin King was an plagiarist, a communist, a bisexual, a sexual degenerate and a racial igniter. Virtually every city he visited afterward erupted in a riot after having "incited" the restless 'natives.

"Burmese resistance leader Aung San Suu Kyi is courageous."

Another communist, excuse me, a "pro democracy leader."

"Getting on the radio and talking about how you don't like looking at pictures of the coloreds?"

Yeah, White Americans like ME and a growing number of like-minded folks are SICK and TIRED of having NON-WHITE faces more and more, BLATANTLY shoved in our FACE virtually EVERYWHERE we LOOK. We are SICK of it and are NOT taking it anymore. THIS is JUST the START. Mark my word!


Anonymous said...

i know a 42 yr old mexican woman in the u.s. who has 3 children the oldest is 20 years old. She has 6 grandchildren and another on the way. The dad of all the grandchildren is in prison and the dad of the pregnant girl is 15 yrs old and the pregant girl, 14 yrs old. All of the children were conceived in the grandmothers pot filled home. Sadly, this is common and accepted in their family & neighborhood, they're highly thought of members of their community.The grandmother's husband does not and has never worked. He has three children by a previous marriage (all three of which have spent time in prison) and two other children by a woman he sired while married to grandmother. They breed willy-nilly, without conscience or morals. They do destroy everything. The only thing they create is more babies and graffiti. They can't provide for their babies and get food stamps & free medical care as though it's owed to them somehow. The solution? Birth control in the beer. It's the only way. They do love their beer.

For the anonymous poster who claims latin americans were there first, you moron, you sad pathetic moron, all roads lead to rome & you'll find it's the latino "infiltration" of mexico and america that brings all of us into bondage in the new world order. It's the greed of the spaniards & the power-lust of the vatican that is destroying america and the world. Mexicans claim the southwest like they own it but it belonged to the native americans if we're going to go by "who was there first". It wasn't spaniards and latinos! Natives were actually of asian descent, ask any geneticist.