Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Occidental Dissent's Hunter Wallace Confronts Jeffrey Imm At R.E.A.L.'s One-Year Commemoration Of Von Brunn Holocaust Museum Attack

This picture of Hunter Wallace was snapped by one of Red Jeffrey's rabble at R.E.A.L.'s one-year commemoration of the Von Brunn attack on the Washington Holocaust Museum

Ninety-nine percent of the time, it's anti-racists disrupting White activists at public rallies and demonstrations. White activists will announce a rally or gathering, and anti-racists will show up to protest -- or worse. But on June 13th, 2010, an intrepid band of White activists led by Occidental Dissent editor Hunter Wallace turned the tables -- and disrupted an anti-racist rally for a change. Wallace and his crew visited R.E.A.L.'s one-year commemoration of Von Brunn's attack on the Holohoax Museum, where they were specifiucally memorializing Stephen Johns, the security guard who was fatally shot. Representing R.E.A.L. was Jeffrey Imm, Mohammad "the Sudan activist" Yahya, fortune-teller Ariele Love, a young woman, an immigrant, a black woman, and a black man. A regular menagerie. Here's the primary video clip:

You'll find two other videos and Wallace's description of his encounter on this post at Occidental Dissent. Occidental Dissent's YouTube channel can be found HERE. Once again, most noteworthy was Red Jeffrey's reluctance to engage in serious dialogue. Meanwhile, one of his rabble snapped Hunter's picture.

And Red Jeffrey made sure he got the last word on the encounter, publishing Hunter's picture on his website. As usual, he misrepresented Occidental Dissent, claiming it is "anti-Semitic" and has a history of seeking to deny women’s rights. Red Jeffrey also posted his own video on his site.

The important thing is for once, our side was doing the pursuing rather than being pursued. We interrupted their venue. This is not only long overdue, but needs to be done much more routinely in the future.


apollonian said...

Primary Cultural Issue Is Jew-Led Criminal Conspiracy--NOT Race-War
(Apollonian, 16 Jun 10)

AA, I oftentimes wonder WHAT PLANET u're coming fm.

Get it straight: "Hunter Wallace" of Occidental Dissent WORKS FOR JEWS, is IN FAVOR of Jews--that's all he's about. He, Wallace, couldn't care less about "white people"--he works for JEWS, Jews, Jews, Jews, Jews and ONLY JEWS.

Jews are Jews and are NOT "white"--anymore than mestizos and mulattos are "white."

One serious deficiency of ur journalistic account for this story is u totally FAIL to say who/what is this mysterious (and surely insignificant) entity, "R.E.A.L.," neglecting even to say what the letters (R.E.A.L.) are supposed to stand for.

CONCLUSION: Primary cultural issue involved is CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY run by Jews at top, these behind that CRUX COUNTERFEIT scam/racket, the Fed--see and for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) fraud. RACE WAR IS MERE DIVERSION/distraction to this over-riding CRIMINAL enterprise/conspiracy; get it straight. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

We've been needing a lot more of this a lot more often for a while. For too long disfunctionals have been allowed to preach that a website is all you need. There are still groups around advertising indoor meetings and behaving in the same manner as do twisted perverts of NAMBLA. Sure, that might put a little jingle in someone's pocket but it really doesn't do a thing for the cause. White activism needs to be in your face and unescapable or we all need to stop wasting our time and accept our slave collars. No matter who you are from a wealthy business owner, to a tattooed laborer, to a single mom, you need to be out there in public talking about your white pride and actively defending your people. It doesn't matter if it's just you or 200 people. The young man mentioned in the article didn't wait for his 250 men marching behind him. I'm glad to see that he didn't replace strategy with fantasy.

Anonymous said...

Lmao, that fat dork is Hunter Wallace?

Anchorage Activist said...

Apollonian - I embedded a link to the R.E.A.L. website; if you clicked on it, you would have found out that it stands for "Responsibility for Equality and Liberty". Note how Jeffrey Imm puts "equality" before "liberty"; that shows what he's really all about.

And if you read Occidental Dissent, you would know that Hunter Wallace is just as Jew-wise as you and I.

Anonymous said...

To 11:26 AM

When was the last time that YOU marched in public, mother fucker? In your dark fantasy world?

Anonymous said...

Nobody should pay any attention to a shit-stirrer jew "apollonian." I am glad he finally admitted that he was not "white!"

apollonian said...

Exactly What Are Relevant Issues For "Jew-Wisdom" Under Present Dread Cultural Conditions?
(Apollonian, 17 Jun 10)

Yes AA, I see now where/how u "embedded" the info on REAL--it was under high-lighted phrase, "the last word on the encounter," which I guess is better than nothing, but still not sufficient for best reference, which ought to have its own, EXPLICIT citation or place directly in ur text, I say. It's interesting how blithely u presume people should understand they could find the ref. at place u provide.

"Jew-wise as u and I"?--that merely begs question as to how Jew-wise u are, AA. I understand Jews as Talmudists (see and for best expo) by definition, including then those genetically related, who are obviously loyal to their fellows of race who are outright Talmudists. As Talmud is literal war-program against gentiles, I affirm ALLLLLLLL Jews must be treated as enemies--ALL OF THEM, without any exceptions.

This anti-semitism of mine then obviously differs from Hunter Wallace, Pharisaists at, Dave Duke, and Prof. Kevin MacDonald who obviously all are looking for that Jew money which money then ABSOLUTELY CONTROLS them. U also, AA, are on record for willingness to cooperate w. what u pretend are "good" Jews--as if there can be such thing, like "good psychopaths," as I continually emphasize.

And I pt'd out just how ur Mormonism is anti-Christ for its preaching that man can become God--ABSOLUTELY ANTI-CHRISTIAN and actually quite compatible and similar to Judaism.

The entire "white nationalist" (WN) "movement" is thus characterized by this willingness to COMPROMISE with Jew monsters, and Jew strategy behind such "White nationalism" is OBVIOUS--the attempt to undermine natural and logical leadership of Christian patriots, Christians standing for TRUTH of OBJECTIVE REALITY, this made especially evident by such as Alex Linder's SATANIC, anti-Christ (VNN) front which feeds into the Prof. MacDonald network at Occidental Observer, affecting to "good-evil" fallacy/delusion/heresy.

Another note regards that HUBRISTIC moralism-Pharisaism by which people pretend to being "good." For there is no perfectly "free" human will in a determined, objective reality, this all in accord w. Christian tenets--WHICH U'RE SO EAGER AND WILLING TO GLOSS OVER, AA.

So what u OVERLOOK too easily, too readily, too conveniently, is how Hunter Wallace (and the others) so effectively works for Jews, pretending Jews can be "white"--like mestizos and mulattos, evidently, Wallace et al., among aforementioned "WNs" further affecting to anti-Christ moralism-Pharisaism and subjectivism, these pretexts for collaboration w. Jews.

[------------see below for part two to above entry---------]

apollonian said...

[---------here's part two to above entry-------------A.]

* * * * *

Thus ur so-called "Jew-wisdom," AA, is soooo highly questionable--u only somewhat talking about it--sometimes, NEVER PRACTICING it, everything about u being sooooo superficial for ur supposed loyalty to white people (but not so much their Christian culture)--which Jews are not and could not possibly be (white), which simple facts u have such difficulty with, don't u?

Problematic result then is u, AA, utterly fail for essential CULTURE of white folk (which includes necessarily that Christian commitment to TRUTH), including then the necessary MENTALITY. Thus u actually assist Jews in a certain way for their confusion tactics, not unlike Alex Linder/VNN who pretends to anti-Christianity out of phony commitment to "reason"--which reason he then actually rejects in favor of a kind of emotionalism, as if now his emotionalism is somehow more "rational" than the "superstitious" Christianity he condemns.

And u end up further serving the Jew interest as u play-up these clown-like, totally ONE-DIMENSIONAL "nazi"-styled groups which continually spring-up, obviously funded by Jews of SPLC and ADL.

Still, in ur strange and affected manner, u seem to be fairly honest for ur endeavors to promote the "white" interest, even though such "whiteness" is so questionable for exact nature and identity--are mestizos and mulattos white?--who then ISN'T "white"?--only the darkest Africans? Thus ur fuzziness, vagueness, and indefiniteness only works against the real white interest which must be Christian.

And note AA, u don't urself have to be outright "Christian"--u only must not be opposed to it, like that fool, Alex Linder/VNN who will be dealt with in good time, u may be sure.

Ultimately, the two opposed ideals are TRUTH vs. lies, hence Aristotelian objectivity vs. Talmudic subjectivity. But these strict logicalist-type understandings are toooo difficult for most people who, like children they are for mentality, need Christian-style allegory to guide them.

U AA, are very, very, very strange for ur understanding of the basic issues. U seem to basically be in favor of white folk--and that's surely not bad--but then u don't seem to have a clear understanding for what exactly is "white"--which is an abstraction in the first place.

CONCLUSION: Thus u have greatest difficulty understanding the real issues which, again, come down to TRUTH vs. Jew lies--RACE-WAR is a side issue which Jews use to confuse and divert people. For all folks can and should be agreed and allied upon virtue of Truth and HONESTY--all races (but Jews) can be honest--and that honesty is our proper, necessary ideal upon which all humanity can agree. And it's this necessary and sufficient agreement upon this honesty and truth we gentiles need in order to overcome present dread Jew problem. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anchorage Activist said...

Apollonian 7:30 A.M. - The question as to "who is White" can be slightly ambiguous, since no one can prove unconditional White ancestry all the way back in time. That's why I use the David Lane rule - if a man looks, acts, talks, and fights White, then he is our folk.

But Jews still cannot be considered White since too many of them have worked against us, both currently and historically. The fact that 78 percent of them voted for Obama shows most of them don't think "White".

apollonian said...

Jew Psychopaths Are Not Only Not "White," They're Not Human
(Apollonian, 17 Jun 10)

I agree w. u, Jews are not and cannot be white--they're enemies of all human-kind.

And never forget their Talmud which is war strategy, literally.

But further, Talmud isn't only strategy, it's thorough-going JUSTIFICATION for their warfare, by which they pretend God loves and reveres them and NOT anyone else, who are "goyim" (cattle).

And note, AA, God not only loves them, according to their putrid Talmud--God loves them un-controllably, like an earthly male is obsessed w. a female, even though the female plays "hard-to-get."

Thus God is literally their slave, according to these Talmudic monsters. And note further, the secular-pretending Jews are ALWAYS loyal to their religious kin, un-failingly.

Thus u see, according to our Christian standards, no decent human being should ever be willing to be known as a Jew, as they're truly sub-human.

So our task AA, as patriots and Christians--and as simple rational humans--is to remove these psychopathic monsters permanently. All other humans of any race is capable of HONESTY--but not Jews who insist upon believing these stinking lies taught by their Talmud.

Thus u can see there can be NO COMPROMISE w. Jews--or their filthy collaborators and flunkies like H. Wallace, Dave Duke, Kevin MacDonald, et al.

CONCLUSION: If u think about it, u'll see these aforementioned are actually closest, most sublime collaborators, sell-outs, and traitors--esp. a self-righteous piece-of-shit like H. Wallace or K. MacDonald--death to them, I say. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

A jew degenerate who calls itself "apollonian,"

I am glad you understand that you are not fully human. How old were you when your daddy started to molest you, bitch?

apollonian said...

Wooooooooohooooooooooooo--look out for the Jewwy psycho (at 3:27pm). Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Hell, at least his heart is in the right place.