Wednesday, June 09, 2010

"Mudshark" Launches Recall Campaign Against Prescott Councilman Steve Blair Over Diversity Mural Flap

The witch-hunting of Prescott City Councilman Steve Blair over his criticism of the diversity mural continues apace. Now a "mudshark" is launching a recall campaign to get Blair removed from the city council. Media stories from the Prescott News, the Prescott Daily Courier, the Arizona Republic, and KTVK Channel 3. The Southern Poverty Law Center has also chimed in with their analysis.

See previous posts on June 5th and June 4th for the background on this story.

Barbara Braswell, a mother of four mixed-race children, is launching the campaign to recall Blair. She said she needs to collect 2,822 signatures to put a recall on the ballot. She said she hopes to accomplish that quickly enough so that an election can be held in November. Braswell characterized Blair's remarks as "incredibly racist and divisive", adding "Even an apology isn't enough. The whole nation is looking at Prescott as this Podunk racist town...and that's not who we are. It's a shame he doesn't see the need to step down." She also said "Steve Blair has embarrassed himself and embarrassed the city of Prescott with racist comments," she said. "He's gotta go." The Prescott City Council seems to be hedging their bets; at the June 8th meeting, when they approved the city's tentative 2010/2011 budget, they also included an additional $100,000 to cover the cost of a possible special election.

But the special election ain't exactly a done deal yet. At a June 8th press conference attended by at least 200 of his supporters, Blair reiterated his intent not to step down, and gave a lengthy statement apologizing to those he offended. He stated it would have been helpful if the mural creators had explained the mural to him, and what it means and what the designer and artists intended. He also lashed out at former Mayor Jack Wilson, who was the first prominent figure to call for Blair's resignation. Wilson has started a Facebook page calling for Blair's resignation. You can read Blair's complete statement HERE, or watch it on the video below:

For many of the people at his outdoor press conference, Blair's sentiments were far from racist, and they defended Blair's right to speak his mind. Sheila Stearns, for instance, said she had long listened to Blair's talk-radio show, and liked what she heard. "He's a good man, and he's not a racist," Stearns said. "He's being set up by people promoting political correctness. I'm for freedom of speech."

Even the man who fired Blair from his KYCA radio show had some kind words to say about him. Lou Silverstein, owner of KYCA radio, confirmed Tuesday that he fired Blair from a six-year position because the talk show host's words "could be interpreted as racist." Silverstein said Blair was disappointed but accepted the decision. "Maybe it could be a learning experience," Silverstein said. "Steve Blair is not a racist; he's a good guy. But, sometimes, he just puts his foot in his mouth."


Anonymous said...

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