Sunday, June 27, 2010

League Of American Patriots Merges With The American Third Position Party; A3P's Reach Now Nationwide

The American Third Position Party (A3P) took a major step towards breaking out of regional mode and establishing a national reach when it announced that the East Coast-based League of American Patriots (LOAP) merged with it on June 26th, 2010. Under this agreement, the League will be completely absorbed by the A3P and give up its separate identity, becoming the A3P's Metro New York chapter. Read the official announcement on the A3P website; discussion on this Stormfront thread.

Here's the pertinent part of the statement by the League of American Patriots:

After thorough discussions among the membership, the League of American Patriots has unanimously decided to shift from a regional group to becoming the Metro New York area chapter of American Third Position. We have had an exceptional two-and-a-half year run. However, A3P provides the best opportunity to continue our work, though on a national level. We encourage all of those in respectable nationalist organizations to do likewise. A main step in the LOAP’s transition is to replace our sponsorship logo on James Edwards’ Political Cesspool homepage to that of A3P. We highly recommend his new book, “Racism, Schmasim.”

We are all invigorated and looking forward to continuing our efforts under the American Third Position banner. We must organize our people into an effective fighting force for preserving and resuscitating Western Civilization. As a newer nationalist organization, A3P is accumulating the resources (brains, brawn, and finances) necessary for this colossal task ahead of us. All members must constantly bear in mind that A3P’s message for our people is in fact mainstream, while that of our enemies clearly is not...

The last sentence of the previous paragraph is something that a few people on Stormfront seem to have a difficult time grasping, however. On this other Stormfront thread entitled "Understanding the A3P Mission - Part 1", a few naysayers and nitpickers have crawled out of their holes and gone into their "woe is us" routine, claiming that political action doesn't work, and bitching because the A3P doesn't "name the Jew" to their satisfaction.

First, any organization that includes Professor Kevin MacDonald as one of their directors has absolutely nothing to prove when it comes to "naming the Jew". Professor MacDonald has spent much of his academic life exposing Jewish supremacism, and has been sharply criticized for it at Long Beach State University where he teaches.

Second, we must relate to the White masses. They see Black ghettoes and Mestizo barrios, but they don't see any Jewish ghettoes. They've been mobbed, assaulted, robbed, raped, and murdered by Blacks and Mestizoes, but not by Jews. So when you start spamming them cold with the Jewish Question, they will immediately turn off and dismiss you as anti-Semitic, thanks to the power of Jewish propaganda.

So first, we must relate to the problems that they can see. Identify with their problems with Blacks and Mestizos, gain their confidence, and THEN start leading them carefully to the Jewish Question. The two best arguments you can use with Tea Partiers to make them Jew-wise is civil liberties and finances. To make the White masses Jew-wise, you must show them how Jewish organizations rob them of their civil liberties through hate crimes laws and Holocaust denial laws. Then you must show them how much of our money is being disproportionately spent on Israel and other Jewish causes. Look at the example of Dr. David Duke -- he names the Jew effectively by naming the Jew selectively. Blame Jewish supremacists only for the sins they commit.

The American Third Position Party has chosen a different way to wage the struggle. They choose political action, and buttress it by an attempt to mainstream White Nationalism. Their first objective is to get the White masses to overcome their fear of celebrating and acting upon their racial identity. They deserve every opportunity to show what they can do.

Liberty, Sovereignty, Identity.


apollonian said...

Jew-Led Criminal Conspiracy Is Un-Questionably Top Problem, Race-War Mere Diversion
(Apollonian, 27 Jun 10)

AA, it becomes evermore apparent u're really just a shill for Jews and their programs and fronts, including this putrid "white nationalism" (WN) in general, which is designed to keep gentiles infighting, diverting fm Jew problem--u, along w. Prof. MacDonald and David Duke who pretend there are "good" Jews like there are "good" Talmudists or "good" psychopaths.

Jew is UN-QUESTIONABLY, far and away primary problem, and greatest urgency for salvation of USA and West is permanent, absolute Jew-Expulsion, soon as possible.

Anti-semitic key then is especially to countering and neutralizing strength and appeal of those most putrid, disgusting heretics, apostates, and traitors, the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) scum who lie and say Christ was Jew (hence Talmudist--see and for best Talmudic expo) and support enemy terror-state of Israel which did 9-11 (see

Most specifically, that topmost problem is gross Judeo-CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY headed by Fed COUNTERFEITING--see and for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve fraud.

And ur motivation is obviously to get Jew money for svc to Jews, legitimizing Jews and their parasitic presence within people of USA and West.

For the problem is not primarily that of minorities or race-war; most minorities understand virtue of racial exclusivity and primacy of place for white folk.

Thus this putrid WN balderdash is meant by Jews to diverting fm anti-semitic CHRISTIAN-led coalition of all gentiles against Jew criminals and psychopaths behind every other problem, including crazed minority criminals who prey upon society in general, not only white folk.

Kevin MacDonald is a gross money-grubbing shill too, taking money and instructions fm Jews, pretending Jews are "white" (what a putrid, stinking joke).

CONCLUSION: So AA, u need to get a definitive clue, comrade: we Christians are boss among patriots, providing definitive leadership and program, and anti-semitism is UN-QUESTIONABLY necessary measure of greatest urgency. There are NO "good" Jews, and Jews are NOT "white." MacDonald is a total, scummy traitor, regardless his elaborated scholarship. Duke I rather like in many ways, but he too needs to heed more strictly to anti-semitic Christian leadership. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about joining the American Nazi Party but A3P seems more realistic and modern.