Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Latest Status Report On White Nationalist Lawyer Edgar Steele, Effective June 16th, 2010

Because events surrounding the arrest of White nationalist lawyer Edgar Steele have unfolded quickly and erratically, there is need of a post that simply summarizes the legal status and milestones of Steele as of this point in time. This post draws from my previous three posts as follows:

-- Bomb Squad Removes Explosive Device From SUV Registered To Edgar Steele In Coeur D'Alene, Idaho; Federal False-Flag Ops Now Suspected, June 15th 2010

-- Hearing For White Civil Rights Lawyer Edgar Steele Delayed One Day After "Suspicious White Powder" Found In Courthouse In Coeur D'Alene, Idaho, June 14th 2010

-- White Nationalist Lawyer Edgar Steele Arrested By Feds In Dubious Murder-For-Hire Plot Based On Input From "Confidential Informant", June 12th 2010

Status Report as of June 16th, 2010:

-- Steele arrested Friday June 11th, held in Kootenai County Jail under Federal custody
-- Federal agents reportedly seize Steele's life savings, thus punishing his family as well (this is new, reference HERE)
-- Grand jury returns one-count indictment on “use of interstate commerce facilities in the commission for murder-for-hire"; maximum penalty 10 years in prison
-- Steele makes first court appearance on Tuesday June 15th before Judge Candy W. Dale; wife Cyndi and son present in court to support Steele
---- Steele representing himself, but has asked for a public defender
---- Steele pleads not guilty to the charge
---- Steele requests to be released pending detention hearing
---- Prosecutor Traci Jo Whelan asks Judge Dale for no-contact orders to keep Steele from speaking with his wife and her mother; judge grants the orders over Steele's objection
---- Prosecutor Traci Jo Whelan asks Judge Dale to keep Steele locked up; judge orders Steele to remain locked up pending next hearing
---- Judge Dale schedules detention hearing for Tuesday June 22nd
---- Judge Dale schedules tentative trial date for August 16th, in front of Judge Lynn B. Winmill.

So this is where Edgar Steele stands as of June 16th. Discussion continues at the following two primary pro-White venues:

-- Edgar Steele "charged in murder-for-hire plot", Stormfront
-- Edgar Steele "charged in murder-for-hire plot", Vanguard News Network Forum

The following local media outlets have been covering this case regularly:

-- Coeur d'Alene Press
-- Bonner County Daily Bee
-- Spokane Spokesman-Review
-- KXLY Channel 4 in Spokane

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