Wednesday, June 09, 2010

How Former National Alliance Chairman Dr. William Pierce's Vision For Education Can Be Used By White Nationalists Running For Elective Office

Eight years after his untimely death, former National Alliance Chairman Dr. William Pierce is still highly-regarded throughout much of the White Nationalist community. During his tenure, the National Alliance grew into the premier White Nationalist political organization in the United States. Dr. Pierce inspired hundreds of White activists nationwide, and was even respected by peers such as Dr. David Duke.

Today, four prominent White activists (Glenn Miller, Billy Roper, Tom Metzger, and Karl Hand) are running for major elective office. All are running as write-in candidates. The two most prominent and active candidates, Miller and Roper, employ different styles and approaches. While Miller is overtly pro-White, Roper is running more as a paleoconservative, attempting to reach out to the Tea Party constituency. Their efforts are appreciated; I've attempted to promote their candidacies on this blog from time to time.

The drawback with write-in candidacies is that they can be marginalized by the establishment. Oftentimes the establishment attempts to portray write-in candidates as mere "noisemakers". This is why we need White activists to step forward and run as registered candidates for elective office. The problem with running as a registered candidate for a higher elective office is not only that it can be prohibitively expensive, but in many states, the recognized parties can freeze you out simply by refusing to accept your filing fee, as previously happened to Glenn Miller in Missouri.

This leaves local elective office. In many jurisdictions, one can become a registered candidate for either the city council or school board merely by filing the appropriate paperwork. In some cases, one can exempt oneself from campaign finance reporting requirements by taking a "municipal exemption" (as long as you don't take in or spend more than "x" number of dollars, you do not have to file reports). Thus running for local elective office offers a good opportunity to promote a pro-White message locally with comparatively little expenditure.

Education is usually a high-interest item in local elections. Fortunately, Dr. William Pierce gave us a starting point. Dr. Pierce identified three critical attributes of education: culture, skills, and character. His vision for education is set forth in the pamphlet "What Is The National Alliance". The section on education is replicated below (after the jump):

A proper educational system serves three purposes: it passes a people's cultural, intellectual, and spiritual heritage from generation to generation; it teaches skills and techniques; and it guides the character development of individuals from childhood to adulthood. The first purpose [Culture] is served by teaching facts and ideas: language, history, science, ethics, and so on.

The second purpose [Skills] is served by teaching the child or young adult how to do things which will be useful to himself and/or society: how to play a musical instrument, how to weld, how to manage a business, how to type, how to repair a motor vehicle, how to fight with and without weapons, how to draw, how to swim, how to raise children, how to grow food, how to build a house.

The third purpose [Character] is served by challenging, testing, conditioning: by forcing the child to exercise his will, to discipline himself, to endure discomfort, to make plans and carry them out, to overcome fears, to accept responsibility, to be truthful, and generally to develop and strengthen those traits of character valued by a healthy Aryan society.

The present educational system in America completely neglects the third purpose and does poorly with the first two, even in those fortunate areas not yet encumbered with an appreciable "multicultural" contingent. The most important reason for its poor performance is that it has lost any clear understanding of purpose. In order to pass on a people's cultural, intellectual, and spiritual heritage, it must first know the answer to the question: Which people's heritage? Today such a question is Politically Incorrect and therefore not admissible.

Even half a century ago, before it became Politically Incorrect to understand that the heritage to be passed on is European, there was no depth of purpose. The reason for passing on the European heritage is not just to help young people qualify for higher-paid employment or become better dinner-table conversationalists. It is to instill in them a consciousness of what it means to be European -- a race consciousness -- and thereby to make racial patriots of them. Facts and ideas have a spiritual component, and this component must be emphasized in the educational process.

There certainly will be sexual and occupational specialization in the second area of educational activity, and sexual specialization in the third. Even in the first area, children undoubtedly will be separated according to ability: not every child needs to learn Greek and Latin and the infinitesimal calculus to acquire a feeling for his race and its ways. Nevertheless, a proper educational system should provide a common body of knowledge and understanding shared by everyone, so that every member of the society has a fully developed sense of peoplehood. The boy who aims at becoming a machinist should read Homer, at least in translation, and the boy who plans to teach literature should understand what it means to be a good welder, at least to the extent of trying his hand at it.

It is by pursuing the third purpose, however, that a new educational system will make the most radical contribution to Aryan society. Education that concerns itself with the development of the whole person and focuses as strongly on forming character as on imparting knowledge or teaching skills dates back to ancient Greece, and it enjoyed an all-too-brief revival earlier this century in National Socialist Germany, before being outlawed by the advocates of permissiveness. Today permissiveness rules throughout the Aryan world. "Education" is something which takes place only in designated buildings for a few hours on prescribed days, under conditions approaching chaos. Inside or outside these buildings, discipline is minimal. Children grow up in a world without standards of performance, without clear guidelines for behavior, without any strong source of authority. We see the products of this system all around us: too many weak, indecisive men and too many unfeminine women; a general lack of significant goals and self-confidence; a self-indulgent population without self-discipline or inner strength, restlessly seeking "happiness."

By ensuring that each child born to our race grows into the strongest, most capable, most responsible, and most conscious future citizen that his genes make possible, we will gain an enormous advantage over any race without such an educational system.

Of course, as a local candidate, the moment you begin promoting Dr. Pierce's vision for education, you will be met by cries of "neo-Nazi" and "white supremacist". But there are two counters available:

(1). If Dr. Pierce's vision for education would work well for Whites, how much better will it work for those minorities who are consistently underachieving. We've tried throwing money at the problem and dumbing down standards for minorities without consistent success; why not try Dr. Pierce's ideas?

(2). By considering Dr. Pierce's ideas, you can show you are the better candidate for the post because you're not willing to confine yourself to a narrow, dogmatic spectrum of ideas and proponents; you're willing to reach out to sources arbitrarily deemed anathema by the establishment.

Even so, you will still be savaged by local progressives, anti-racists, and self-appointed minority spokespersons. In 2005, when then-National Alliance member Kevin McGuire ran as a paleoconservative for a school board seat in Bozeman, Montana, he was savaged by the local intelligentsia and the Montana Human Rights Network once his NA connections became publicized. He finished with about three percent of the vote. So make sure you can handle the heat before jumping in.


apollonian said...

Remember: Political Formalization Is Mere Secondary Manifestation For Proper Leadership
(Apollonian, 10 Jun 10)

I'd agree Wm. Pierce was deservedly notable and well-regarded, but he was anti-Christ, and for this was actually surely subsidized by Jew money-masters and topmost conspirators to confuse and detract fm necessary Christian-led patriot opposition to Jew conspirators and master-minds, as Christianity is foremost anti-semitic organization, movement, and ideology, consisting of aesthetic with implicit philosophy, rationalism in svc to humanity.

And question has to be specifically what one seeks to accomplish by achieving political office--such achievement quite unlikely as Jews control things in USA and West, generally, by means of their COUNTERFEITING scam/operation, the US Fed--see and for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank. One will not easily fly past Jew radar--certainly not as long as their COUNTERFEITING fraud holds up and dollar remains world "reserve" currency, never doubt.

And what then should and must be political purpose for seeking elected office?--it must be overthrow of present Criminally-controlled ZOG-Mammon emp.-of-lies, led and dominated by Jews, masters of lies--see New Testament Gosp. JOHN 8:44.

So elected office should only be secondary for leadership purposes, for FIRST, one should and must work at bottom-most grass-roots level, and this can only best be done by Christian inspiration. FIRST, Christian and gentile people must be organized and united. Political office is then mere FORMAL sort of expression or recognition of this necessarily PRIOR organization/unity of the volk.

Meantime one may be "comforted" by irony that things will get easier for this anti-semitic organization/unity as things progressively get worse economically and politically in West and USA, as ZOG-Mammon continues to degenerate in Orwellian "perpetual war for perp. peace."

Specific historical parallel is with early 4th cent. Roman emp. as it suffered so horribly fm internal, highly Jew-affected turmoil then to being revolutionized so brilliantly by heroic anti-semite, St. Constantine the Great.

[------------see below-copied for part two to above entry----------A.]

apollonian said...

[---------here's part two to above entry----------A.]

* * * * *

So now only task is to understand that magnificent Christian theme and ideal in most meaningful expeditious way: TRUTH VS. JEW LIES AND CONSPIRACY, first and most of all.

The other great religious themes, love, peace, and "faith" are then best understood in accord with this TOP-MOST and supreme Christian virtue, TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

For thematic example, observe "faith" was quickly turned into a gross, horrendous buzz-word by which Jews eventually were enabled to TOTALLY taking-over establishment Christianity, "faith" so often and predominantly now understood as something mystical and mysterious, rendering Christianity to be understood as otherwise anti-rationalist.

Thus nowadays thing "Christian"-styled have degenerated such that we actually have "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) gross hereticalists who say Christ was Jew (Talmudist) and traitorously support enemy terror-state of Israel.

For "faith" was originally only meant as synonym for LOYALTY, but became corrupted for meaning as tool then of magic and miracles by way of intensity of belief, or obsession, even against reason itself, by which now God performs miracles at one's desire, one only having to profess and "feel" this mystic, obsessionate, psychotic, most intensive "faith," actually now mere expression of emotion--as of typical psychopathic Jew-like fashion of Old Testament (OT).

Same analysis goes for other primary themes like "love"--one must love God first and most, only then anything else, including Jews. But once one understands Jew Talmud and hatred of Christ and God, one then can only feel righteous negative "love"--thus hatred--for these Judaic monsters, this out of foremost Christian virtue of HONESTY in honor of truth.

CONCLUSION: Thus one righteously hates Jews (anti-semitism) out of love for God, reality, humanity and truth. Such then is Christian-styled means for organizing and leading the volk--political office is thus properly observed as mere secondary, derivative manifestation/formalization. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

In short, Dr. Pierce was a mean bastard. lol

Anonymous said...


Glenn Miller, Billy Roper, Tom Metzger, and Karl Hand are old dinosaurs of the pro-White movement and won't admit that each one failed in their life as a White leader and now they don't know how to die an honorable death without humilating themselves as write-in candidates because they don't have support to get on the printed ballot.

Anonymous said...

And then you take people like Taylor Bowles who just stick around for cointelpro and to rob people.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Jeffy, how are you doing? :))))

Anonymous said...

Yep, 1:54PM sounds like Schoep. Oh, right. I guess the NSM never rips off people. Or Aryan Nations either. Or Stormfront.

Anonymous said...

I doubt it. Taylor Bowles and his American Nazi Party represent the co-intel pro element in the movement today. They sit back without anything to show for themselves and spread lies and rumors against people who have led huge marches, sucessfully ran for office, written inspiring books, put together large groups of people and inspired millions. And don't forget, of all these true white leaders accomplishments, a lot of them have lost everything in the process. They take the bare minimum risks, if you notice. They try to call it some sort of new tactic. Retreat is not new. Setting up oportunities to "pass the hat" isn't activism either.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone read the ANP report on the American Nazi Party website? It looks like Rocky has already given Taylor Bowles the boot! He corrected that error faster than anyone thought he would.

Anonymous said...

I read the latest ANP report and it doesn't say anything about Taylor getting the boot - you assholes. Perhaps, Aryan Nations needs to give longtime career criminal Paul Mullet and once accused molester Gordon Young the boot. Or maybe the NSM needs to give race-mixer Schoep and his wife the boot.

Anonymous said...

I read it too. It sounded at least like Rocky was taking a shot at Taylor or hinting about kicking him out. Who knows?

Anonymous said...

Old pederast and slanderer traitor arsonist Taylor Bowles is finally on his way OUT of the ANP! Several high ranking ANP members, including their entire SA leadership, have demanded that he is removed from the ANP SA and the ANP! Members of the ANP Staff were especially troubled by Taylor's recent unprovoked attacks against decent White activists, like Dan Schruender and others. Three weeks ago Bowles was formally reprimanded by the ANP SA Leader, but he did not get the message, and continued his vicious campaign! He has already been relieved of his fancy but worthless title of the "SA political adviser" to the delight of all the "black shirts" of the ANP! This asshole should be out of the ANP completely before the weekend is over... Good riddance, Rocky!

Anonymous said...

The reason a lot of people thought Taylor Bowles was kicked out of the ANP was that Rocky wrote a long piece on "serious political activism." Taylor Bowles has demonstrated many times that he knows little to nothing about US politics. That doesn't stop him from claiming that he does. It would be hard for Rocky to sell "serious politicing" to anyone while he's got former presidential candidate Taylor Bowles on staff. Besides that, a lot of people are complaining that Bowles just turned the ANP into a cointel machine and diverted it from it's true cause.

Anonymous said...

That's funny....I am a ANP official supporter and none of the above has happened. It sounds like Kevin Brannen or Paul Mullet or Jeff Schoep writing these lies. Then again, lets not forget Jew looking John Schaefer that hacks websites or the Aryan Nations hatemaster that lives in Florida..

Anonymous said...

It's obvious that Rocky has also allowed in Jim Ramm. He doesn't care who he exposes his members to.

Anonymous said...

Used to be 'Rocky was a one-man' organization to his detractors. Now its looks like he's assembling quite a crowd! Knowing Rock, if he has recruited Jim Ramm, he will make sure that along with his tremendous talents, he also agree's to fit in to the ANP's agenda and those talents will be spent on more profitable actions than raging phase-one tactics. It would be great to finally see a real, accomplished NS org, not consumed with re-enacting the 3rd reich for the umpteenth time! Hail Rockwell! 88!