Thursday, June 03, 2010

Holocaustianity: More Proof That The Jewish Soap Story Was A Myth Emerges In Montreal; Bar Of Soap Found To Contain No Human Or Animal DNA

One of the most persistent myths about the Holocaust is the Jewish soap story. In the past, Holocausters frequently proclaimed that the Germans boiled down Jewish fat and turned it into soap. Despite the fact that respected scientists and historians have since debunked the story as a myth, as pointed out by the Institute for Historical Review's Mark Weber, the Jewish soap myth dies hard.

In March 2010, a bar of soap purported to have been made from Jewish fat was seized from a Montreal curiosity shop following a media frenzy. The shopkeeper, Abraham Botines, said he bought it from a former soldier and that it was from Poland circa 1940. B'nai Brith Canada sent a representative to the shop to investigate and filed a police complaint. Subsequently, in a March 2010 interview with The Canadian Press, Botines admitted he really had no idea whether the soap was actually made of human remains, but he wanted to sell it because he no longer wished to keep it.

Now, the Canadian Press reports that analysis performed by a laboratory in southern Ontario specializing in older items reveals the soap tested negative for human or animal DNA. Insp. Paul Chablo said police received the results this week, a few months after sending the beige bar of soap to be analyzed. "The results were negative and the conclusion is clear: no detectable quantity of DNA was found to be present within the bar of soap...It's just a regular bar of soap," said Chablo. No charges will be filed, and the soap will be returned to Abraham Botines.

Even a local Jewish supremacist admits defeat. Alice Herscovitch, the director of the Montreal Holocaust Memorial Centre, says there is no point in preserving such an item and that it has no historical value. "If anything, it was an object that glorified, rather than educated about, the Holocaust...What it shows is that people try to profit from the Holocaust as they try to profit from anything else."

The latter has got to be the understatement of the century. It is because of stories like these that many of us in the White Nationalist community believe the Holocaust is still worthy of discussion, even though there are more pressing issues. Too many lies about the Holocaust continue to be disseminated. Too many people in Europe are incarcerated merely for publicly suggesting variants. And Israel continues to perpetrate and justify provocative and even homicidal behavior by citing the Holocaust. More discussion of this story on Stormfront.

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Ha, what a GAS ! The Yitts started this crap in WWI.
BTW - has anyone heard any major "Christian" leader, including the Pope or any major Russian leader decrying the murder of 20 people on the relief boat ?? Wonder if they could be "owned".