Monday, June 14, 2010

Hearing For White Civil Rights Lawyer Edgar Steele Delayed One Day After "Suspicious White Powder" Found In Courthouse In Coeur D'Alene, Idaho

Note: All posts on Edgar Steele's arrest available HERE, with the most recent post displaying first.

The initial hearing for White Nationalist lawyer Edgar Steele, accused of solicitation of murder of his wife and others, was set for Monday June 14th, 2010 in federal court in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. But it was postponed until Tuesday June 15th after a letter containing a suspicious white powder was received at the courthouse, triggering its evacuation. Federal offices in Spokane and Bellevue also received suspicious deliveries, and the FBI is investigating. KSL Channel 5 also reported that Federal offices in Salt Lake City, Pocatello, Spokane, and Boise received similar envelopes.

Update June 15th: The Spokesman-Review is now reporting that Steele is being charged with "using interstate facilities for murder-for-hire". The maximum penalty is 10 years in prison, possibly accompanied by a fine. The Feds are also asking a judge to deny Steele bail, claiming he is a flight risk.

As described in this previous post, Steele is accused of drafting up a list of people he wanted dead, including his wife and her mother, six months earlier. A person who worked for Steele part time agreed to the plot and accepted travel money. The FBI concealed a device on the informant and recorded Steele allegedly planning the murders. It is not yet clear if the informant was sent in by the FBI to set up Steele from the beginning, or if he became an informant after Steele presented the alleged scheme. Steele was reportedly being held incommunicado at a secret location, but now we've learned he's at the Kootenai County Jail:

Incarceration Date: 10:54:00 06/11/10
Scheduled Release:
Arrest Date: 09:58:00 06/11/10
Arrest Type: Custody Arrest
Arrest Agency: US MARSHALL
Arrest Officer: S.SOTKA
Arrest Location: HOME

Offense Date Offense Description
----------------- ------------------------------
09:58:00 06/11/10 US Marshal Hold

I would suggest that local activists can better show their support for Edgar Steele by showing up at the courthouse and picketing the facility rather than sending envelopes with white powder to the courthouse. The fact that the envelopes were received could be used to further stack the deck against Steele. I wouldn't be surprised if anti-racist activists actually sent the envelopes.

Discussion continues to take place on Stormfront and the Vanguard News Network Forum. Most everyone believes Steele is being set up and framed. This is because Steele not only has no prior criminal track record, but there was no reported discord between him and his wife. Other pro-White sources known to be picking up the story include Northwest Front, TruthInOurTime, New Nation News, and NS Acumen

While I don't like to unnecessarily highlight anti-racist websites, here's a list of the leading anti-racist outlets picking up on and spinning the story:

-- Idaho 'Attorney for the Damned' Arrested in Plot to Murder Wife, Southern Poverty Law Center

-- Edgar Steele Charged In Murder For Hire Case, Anti-Racist Canada

-- Next On The White Power Chopping Block: Edgar Steele, One People's Project

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