Tuesday, June 22, 2010

American Third Position Party (A3P) Characterizes Their First Conference In Irvine, California "A Smashing Success"

The weekend of June 19-20, 2010 was characterized by extensive and varied activism within the White Nationalist community. On June 19th, Aryan Nations held a traditional agitprop rally in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania that received useful media scrutiny. On June 19-20, NSM activists led Operation Line In The Sand to deter illegal immigration and drug smuggling through the Vekol Valley in central Arizona.

But there also remains the need to build a solid intellectual foundation for White Nationalism and prepare the way for competition in the conventional political arena, so that White activists running for elective office in the future will have an organized party behind them rather than run as write-in candidates. And the American Third Position Party (A3P) stepped up to the plate and fulfilled that need by holding its very first national party conference in Irvine, California on June 19th, 2010. The timing was right; less than six months after it was launched, A3P is already showing signs that it may have the potential to become a major contender in the political arena. And with about 40 members signing up each month, that day may be closer for some parts of the country than many think. Note that A3P also engages in street activism; some A3P teams hold local outreach-events weekly which are generally well-received and which attract virtually no antifa thugs.

The 40 people who attended the conference were treated to speeches by Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Dr. Tom Sunic, Party Chairman Bill Johnson, and Mark Weber, all of whom addressed topics concerning the development of the party. Party leadership assessed the situation facing the White community and laid out plans to win back the country. Kevin McDonald noted that White Americans, particularly middle and working-class Whites, are very angry at the political system. They see the country being taken away from them — politically and culturally. Tom Sunic reminded party members that we must endeavor to highlight the uniqueness of American culture and the American identity, saying “The A3P is the last-ditch effort to reboot our race.”

But it was Chairman Bill Johnson who addressed what tends to be the most frustrating issue -- how to better attract ordinary Americans to the organization. He concluded his presentation with a call to action. “We must use the A3P as a gathering place to gain political and social solidarity. We must meet together regularly to exchange ideas and to render mutual support and improvement. We must call on our family, our friends, and our neighbors to join this great cause...We must be truth-tellers, when it comes to liberty, sovereignty, and identity. We must join together in the American Third Position and change the world”, said Johnson.

You can read the complete account of this conference on the A3P website, and read the discussion on this Stormfront thread, which contains a few photos. The League of American Patriots also cross-posted the A3P account. I've seen no mainstream media coverage of this conference. Organized audio archives are now posted on Voice of Reason; they're also embedded below:

Speech by Dr. Tomislav Sunic (32 minutes):

Speech by Dr. Kevin MacDonald (20 minutes):

Speech by A3P Chairman Bill Johnson (33 minutes):

Speech by Mark Weber (30 minutes):

If the embed fails or if you prefer to use your own audio player, you can go to Voice of Reason.

What was also noteworthy about this conference was that no one tried to get it shut down. Jared Taylor could take lessons from A3P organizers.


apollonian said...

WN-Ism And A3P Are Jew Fronts Designed To Subvert Gentile Unity Against Jews
(Apollonian, 22 Jun 10)

Well, I briefly ck'd out some of the "program" positions and details for A3P; they don't seem too bad on the whole, pretty common-sensical, I'd say--they're against Fed COUNTERFEITING (see RealityZone.com and TheMoneyMasters.com for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank [Fed] fraud), though they don't call it exactly that, unfortunately, but it's lacking a huge and obvious necessary thing--ANTI-SEMITISM--we need Jew-Expulsion, don't u see.

For it's by means of focusing on a NEGATIVE that immediately unites people first and most, and Jews are just what doctor ordered. But with money-grubbers and sell-outs like Prof. Kevin MacDonald, A3P is un-likely to feature this necessary anti-semitism, MacDonald encouraging Jews to imagine they can be "white" too (ck his site at TheOccidentalObserver/TooBlog).

For in truth, Jews and their suck-along cohorts, like "Judeo-Christians" (JCs--see Whtt.org and TruthTellers.org for expo/ref.) are PRIMARY enemies of all humanity, including Americans.

Next best thing then after explicit, overt, outright anti-semitism is to at least endorse CHRISTIANITY, which is at least implicit anti-semitism, but this also A3P seems un-likely to doing--and this is what's so troubling about A3P, in all truth.

For "white nationalism" (WN) is just a JEW FRONT, designed to take-away fm that necessary Christian leadership, WN-ism designed to subvert Christian anti-semitic coalition OF ALL GENTILES against Jews.

CONCLUSION: And this then is why A3P is UN-satisfactory and inadequate--lacking explicit anti-semitism, failing to endorse that rationalist-oriented Christianity, best designed then against not only Jews, but also primary Jew supporters, JCs. Remember necessary revolution is towards anti-semitism, and Christianity is that obligatory mediating aesthetic made to order. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Keep talking out of your ass, jewboy!

jimbo! said...

the way to gauge how effective a white/orientated political party is...how much do they upset the yooz?

(oh...and, of course, how many yooz are "front & centre" wrt their political profile?!?)

Anonymous said...

Another kosher-conservative organization.

Anonymous said...

“The A3P is the last-ditch effort to reboot our race.”

WTF! :))))))))))))))))))))))))
A bunch of worthless talkers led by a corporate attorney (!!!) Probably another example of the "controlled opposition" created by the System.