Sunday, May 16, 2010

Teresa Doles Splitting Up With Former National Alliance Activist Chester Doles, Alleges Chester Doles Having Affairs With Four Other Women

Update May 18th: I have just learned that the Stormfront thread referenced in this post has either been deleted altogether, or perhaps transferred to the private Sustaining Members sub-forum. This doesn't necessarily mean that Teresa Doles was lying, but it could indicate that perhaps, being upset over the situation, she may have exaggerated. I'll leave this post up for now, but remember we have yet to hear Chester Doles' side of the story.

On May 15th, 2010, American Nazi Party activist John Taylor Bowles published a post in which he decried White-on-White crime. While Bowles took the predictable swipes at Jeff Schoep and Paul Mullet, the larger issue is that although we decry disproportionate Black-on-White crime, and provide mounds of evidence showing that Blacks are more crime-prone than Whites, we also need to clean up our own house. He believes that too many Whites cater to the popular negative stereotypes about White Nationalists, and that sometimes we're too protective of misfits who use White Nationalism as nothing more than protective cover for personal hooliganism.

Well, it turns out that John Taylor Bowles showed incredibly fortuitous timing, because only one day later, I visited Stormfront and found a thread started by Teresa Doles, who is the wife of former National Alliance activist Chester Doles. Doles had been incarcerated for an alleged "gun violation", and we considered him to be a POW worthy of support because of it. The late "Yankee Jim" Leshkovich even organized a fund drive in 2007 so that Doles could buy a pickup truck upon his release from prison so he could resume his livelihood as a carpenter. We raised $4,617.82 and had it sent to Doles; he reported being quite appreciative of our generosity. More background about the Doles in this previous post.

But according to Teresa Doles, Chester did not remain appreciative, nor was he appreciative of the fact that Teresa waited patiently for him and kept the family of 12 kids intact while he was in stir. Teresa discloses that Chester bought a useless muscle car, a Corvette, instead of the work truck he had intended to get. Worse yet, Teresa alleges that Chester has had affairs with at least four separate women, including two who are married. Here's her story as posted on Stormfront (I split this into a couple of paragraphs to improve readability):

I haven't been here [on Stormfront] in a while. Wasn't allowed to associate with fellow White Nationalists while Chester was in my home. We split on March 27th, 2010 when I caught him out with his married girl friend Kelly. She's married with 3 kids and on probation for Crystal Meth, which Chester claims he didn't know. He has a girl by the name Natalie about 2 months pregnant. Flew Shawna around in his friends helicopter. Brandey was his married training partner that he had an affair with too. There are too many of them to name.

This was my reward for waiting for him while he was in Federal Prison for Felon in Possession of a firearm. He was taken down for being a White Nationalist. I just wish they would of kept him. I refused to take him back after all the girls he's been with. I even took all the STD tests known to mankind. I have the bruises and swelling to prove it. That was so embarrassing!!! I refuse to take him back, so he found out I was out with my daughter, so he went to another daughters home with the police and took my kids. My reward for not wanting him back. After this there is no chance in hell I will ever take him back. I'm a good mother and don't deserve this at all.

And a second post here:

Thank you for your response. I'm not here for sympathy or to belittle a jerk. I will prevail in the end. Unfortunately, My children have been put in the middle. He took the cops of all people to take my kids from my daughter's home. All I was doing was taking my daughter Jackie to pick up her husband at Midnight from work, her car was broke down. I let them stay at my daughter Julia's house so, that they could be in bed at a decent hour. They didn't need to be sitting in a car waiting for him to finish and be allowed to leave. I was being the good mom and they allowed him to steal my kids. I do have three different police reports in three different towns where he threatened to kill me in front of witnesses. The witnesses called the police. Hell, one was in a court house hallway. I was ordered to be there to testify; I had no choice. He was pissed, because I was going against his girlfriend. His (Chester's) girlfriend Kelly's husband (Ricky) had his lawyer serve me with paper to testify against her at a Temp. Protective Order hearing. She had him arrested for nothing. I told him that she was having an affair with my husband. She had him (Ricky) locked up for not getting her pregnant. She wanted to have a baby to make things up with him. She didn't want to lose the husband or Chester. She wanted to be with her husband and use Chester too! Chester bought Kelly almost $1000 worth of Jewelry for Valentines Day and I have the proof. Warmaiden saw the receipts a month ago. She's been a true friend to me.

This has been gone on for months now. The only thing I'm guilty of is being a loving faithful wife that has been scorn. Now revenge is going to be sweet. He will most likely end up back in prison this week and I will feel no shame doing it to him either. He used my kids to hurt me. He uses them to control me. They shouldn't be drug in the middle of this crap. He had the affairs and I was the faithful wife. I don't need anyone to justify me or to validate me and he's mad cause I don't need him. I am a good woman that deserves to be happy. I know in my heart I don't deserve any of this. I won't forgive a man that I waited 5 1/2 years faithfully for. He came home from prison got a 2004 Corvette, a job as a Personal Trainer at a gym and start going done the wrong path. He's not the White Nationalist everyone was so proud of. I'm not going to vent everything that I know, it wouldn't be fair to our older children that still read Stormfront. It will all come out in court.

It's a shame that it had to go like this. I tried to be a friend to him and move on. I even went to his bodybuilding show last weekend. (for our kids) I wouldn't sleep with him. I shared a bed with my daughter. It just gave him false hopes that I'd forgive him and take him back. He asked me to remarry him and start over. He begged me to just go out to dinner and movies with him. I can't do it. I have more self respect than that.

As for not posting here, I couldn't because it would [have] caused him problems with his probation. As you can see, he's still on Federal Probation and I just don't care anymore. I don't want anyone to turn on him or against him for what he's done. It's just nice to vent a little. I live in a small town without family. I moved 700 miles away from my family and friends 10 yrs. ago, so he could be close to his dad. His dad wants me to divorce him and take everything. At least he's on my side, not that there needs to be any sides. I showed his dad all the proof I had to go to court. His dad did ask me not to use it, [or to] try to win without it. He knows that his son is wrong, but he doesn't want him back in prison. In the end I'll probably end up dead, but at least life will go on for my kids. They'll be safe with my mom!!

Since we have not heard Chester Doles' side of the story, I'm reluctant to take sides. While I have no doubt that Teresa is telling the truth to the best of her ability, divorce is one of the most emotional experiences in the human catalogue, and so it is natural for such people to over-exaggerate events. The only thing I can think of is that when Chester Doles got out of prison, he had so much energy pent up that he decided to launch a second adolescence.

What irks me is that he took the money we generously raised for him, and used it not to buy a truck, but a useless muscle car instead. What the fuck can you do with a Corvette? Go fast - and nothing else. You can't haul tools with it. You can't transport a bunch of kids around with it. How many eight-foot 4 X 4 timbers can you fit into a Corvette? Zero!

John Taylor Bowles does make a point. It's a bit difficult to take issue with a welfare Negress who births 15 kids with no man in the home when a White man walks out on his wife and cheats on her after having 12 kids. We definitely need to clean up our own house and police our ranks if we want to be effective in winning people over to our side.


Anonymous said...

I just read the Bowles Blog and he is right. The American Nazi Party seems to be in tune with White people unlike the others.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100%

Anonymous said...

I agree. The American Nazi Party should be voted the number one eat-meet and retreat organization of the year.

Anonymous said...

I agree. The NSM and Aryan Nations should be voted the "ALL SHOW AND NO GO" organizations of the year.

Anonymous said...

At least there aren't ANY - not ONE - SCANDALS in, or about the ANP! NAME ONE - but - DOCUMENT IT please. Jewish "Big Lies" without PROOF doesn't count. BETCHA CAN'T COME UP WITH EVEN ONE! Where-as, Comrade Bowles DOES offer plenty of DOCUMENTED PROOF about the filthy cock-roaches in the movement that he exposes. Which one are YOU - Schoep, Miller, Mullet, Duke? The list could be ENDLESS unfortunately...LOL 14/88!

Anonymous said...

You better watch out Anchorage Activist - your sounding like Rocky and the ANP'ers..."clean up our house first"! There would be a LOT of "prominant movement personalities" MISSING! lol WP!

Anonymous said...

This righteous ANP had two pedophile members, Dan Schruender (a former public school teacher from CA!) and "Kevin Brannen" (not his real name!) from AL. Both of them are now happily with the "aryan nations" together with another INCESTUOUS pedophile, Gordon Young! Fuck you all, nazi punks!


Anonymous said...

I really hate commie scum like this, but unfortunately late NSALP Chairman Krebs told me that one of the reasons Kevin Brannen was asked to leave that group was his improper conduct with his three year old daughter. Disgusting! Mind you, Brannen was with the ANP BEFORE and AFTER his involvement with the NSALP Tells volumes about this great organization in my book.

Anonymous said...

NEITHER Schruender NOR Brannan were Full ANP Members - they were ONLY "pledge by mail" Official Supporters. One must be an OS for a full year in Good-Standing, and then vetted by ANP Staff, before one may become a Full ANP Member - if accepted. A BIG difference from these other outfits who take anyone and make them an "officer" immediately without ever even having met

Anonymous said...

You must be talking about Aryan Nations or the NSM. People join and are made a General automatically. lol

Anonymous said...

The late and noted Richard Barrett had Doles and his ilk pegged. As I recall, money raised for Doles defense on the weapons charges several years ago was used to pay a Jewish law firm. As Mr. Barrett noted, without character or intelligence one is not fit for leadership. Bear in mind, though, the FBI, ADL, etc pay many of these losers to infiltrate, knowing they will be busted for crimes like this and bring disrepute on the cause.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about deceased Robert Miles who had a nigger nanny watching his children.

Anonymous said...

Aryan Nations is a clone of the NSM. Look at the evidence:

Jeff Schoep has a felony for burglary. The NSM consists of thugs, rapists, child molesters.

Paul Mullet,the man who wants to create white supremacist homeland in Grant County has served prison time in two states for theft and burglary.The AN is criminally led bunch of child molesters.

Edward P Rich said...

It has been nearly 2 years since Teresa Doles split up with her husband Chester. While he was in prison in Kentucky he was sent a book called The Pazyryk Agenda. His motto for himself was 'Walk with a Purpose.' This book changed his view of himself. The book told the story of how the white race evolved on the steppes of southern Siberia 45 centuries ago. It was done by selective breeding, only whites seeking whites. Women had to bear children if it was possible for them. They often used surrogate biological fathers. Himmler used to call these men 'procreation helpers'. These were not affairs but part of a folkish obligation. He came out of prison a changed man. I don't know who decided he was to work as a carpenter or who organized the fund-raiser to buy him a truck. But Chester wanted to be and qualified to be a physical fitness trainer and body building instructor. These men are paid much better than carpenters. It is too bad Teresa didn't read this book. It would have explained to her what had taken place with her husband. The last three sentences of the final chapter in the book are: "Pazyryk women realize. Human relationships do not last forever. Only contributions to your race and your folk do."

Anonymous said...

So Tree was supposed to be a martyr while her husband used any excuse to sleep with skanky, drug-addicted women? I'm sure he was ONLY doing it to ensure the survival of his people. Riiigghhht...

Newsflash, Chester's genes aren't that damned great. He is neither a great man nor a great leader. He's doing bodybuilding shows? Really? In the over 50 class? He's NOT jacked. I've seen guys who have only spent a year or so in the gym who are a lot more built. What a self promoting scumbag he is.

If Chester had no intention of buying a truck and plying his trade as a carpenter then he should have said so up front. I'm sure no one would have been offended had he chosen to use the money to buy an reasonable vehicle, or support his family. In his arrogant and omnipotent mind I'm sure that he 'deserved' a Corvette - seeing how he paid such a great price for helping his people. LOL. Anything Chester does is for himself. Anyone who supports or believes a word he says is sadly, brainwashed.

Donald E. Pauly said...

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