Saturday, May 29, 2010

Swedish Nationalists Beaten With Hammers And Stabbed By Four Antifa Scum Now Recovering From Injuries, May Participate In Västerås Demonstration

From (Google English version HERE), we learn that around 9:00 P.M. Swedish time on Wednesday May 26th, 2010, two Swedish nationalists belonging to the Swedish and Nordic Youth Party and who had just finished distributing flyers advertising a demonstration against multicultural violence in Västerås on Saturday May 29th were attacked by four known antifa thugs in Hallstahammar. From this Stormfront post we learn that one of the nationalists was beaten and stabbed a few times in the stomach; had it not been for immediate medical intervention, he could have died from loss of blood. The other nationalist got stabbed three times in the legs, 1-2 times in stomach and in one of his arms; in addition, he was beaten in the face and body with a hammer.

The two nationalists are reportedly making a steady recovery, so much so that at least one of them may show up for the Saturday demonstration in Västerås. The march is allegedly taking place in an area heavily populated by non-white foreigners. Read the full Stormfront thread starting HERE.

Four of the antifa have been arrested. (Google English version HERE) has identified them as Oskar Peter Victor Degerfeldt of Köping, Fredrik Gunnar Björklund of Västerås, Adam Brice Heivert Taylor of Köping, and Dennis Miraballes of Köping. While Degerfeldt and Björklund are Swedish, Taylor is an American Negro with parents in the United States, and Miraballes is a prominent antifa activist whose father is Uruguayan.

This is quite similar to what happened to three BANA activists in San Francisco on May 1st. They were jumped by at least 10 antifa. No knives were used, but the three got roughed up, although they didn't need hospitalization. Nationalists and other White activists need to start carrying some disabling weapons as equalizers, and should not go about in groups of less than four when exiting a demonstration area. This nonsense will continue until we send a few antifa to the hospital.

Update May 29th: Demonstration takes place in Västerås on May 29th as planned; Google English report HERE, with NUMEROUS photos. Approximately 200 nationalists showed up, offset by an indeterminate number of antifa. Antifa threw eggs at nationalists. Several nationalists injured by police action.


Anonymous said...

Good advice, if these scum can get off with a minor fine they will escalate their violence. WN's must make believers out of these Judaeo Negro pigs. Personal conditioning is important. Young men should be doing 100 push ups a night plus taking or practicing some form of effective punching/kicking. Women should carry disabling sprays, the more expensive but effective products.

Usako-gi said...

Everyone talks a lot about this but nobody says that the Nazis were also guilty! There are prison sentences for the four guys and also for the 2 nationalists.