Sunday, May 16, 2010

Six Feral Negro Teens Mob-Assault Two Elderly White Men In Cleveland, Four Arrested

Relations between Blacks and Whites in Ohio can be bittersweet. On New Years Eve 2007, six black thugs mob-assaulted Kevin McDermott in Cleveland, beating him so badly that he had to have seven pins and a plate installed in his injured leg. Then on June 27th, 2009, an estimated 50 black teens launched a mob assault upon six white people in Akron, Ohio.

And now we learn from the Council of Conservative Citizens that there's another incidence of Black-on-White crime, this time back in Cleveland. On May 12th, 2010, a number of Black teens were loitering around a 73-year-old White man's home, blocking his driveway. When the man asked the teens to move out of the way, they chimped out. To escape, the 73-year-old, along with a 51-year-old White man who was with him, got into a car and drove to a nearby store to call the police. While the 51-year-old man went inside to call for help, the thugs stormed and trashed the vehicle, drug the 73-year-old white man from the car, and proceeded to gang-stomp him. When the 51-year-old man came to his friend's aid, the thugs set upon him as well.

From The Big Black News blog, we get YouTube videos of two local media reports. The first video is from WJW Channel 8, which shows the attack in its entirety:

The second video is from WOIO Channel 19, in which the reporter openly refers to the perpetrators as thugs, and catches up to one of the perps, 18-year-old Myreon Morsee, who claimed he was "intoxicated" at the time and mumbled something about "apologizing" while scratching his nose, but it's clear he shows no remorse:

Both of the victims were hospitalized, one with broken facial bones, but are expected to fully recover. Four of the teens have been arrested; police are searching for the other two. The editor of The Big Black News blog, a Black man named Fitz, seems quite put out over the conduct of the teens. He doesn't believe the two White men were singled out because of their race, because he states that they are the same brand of miscreants who threatened to attack his 70-something-year-old aunt, when she politely asked them to let her pass on the sidewalk. He further writes:

Okay. That’s it! I am sick to death of these ignorant ass savages! Sick! Sick! Sick! I am biting my tongue so fucking hard, I am practically biting it in two! I am sick of this culture of violence that young, black folks have submersed themselves in. I am fed up with apathetic, black parents, who pop out babies, and let the streets and the taxpayers, do the babysitting. I am sick of political correctness and the incessant hand-holding of savage offenders.

Too bad there aren't more Blacks who think like Fitz.

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