Tuesday, May 04, 2010

National Socialist Movement Regional Director Jeff Hall Interviewed By Corsair Newspaper Of Santa Monica College

The National Socialist Movement's April 17th Los Angeles rally continues to provoke media interest two weeks after the fact. And now the Corsair, which is the newspaper of Santa Monica College, has gotten into the act. They interviewed NSM Regional Director Jeff Hall (who holds the rank of Sergeant) and published it on May 4th, 2010. In setting up the interview, Corsair claims that the NSM wants to take away the rights of non-Whites, which they maintain invalidates the NSM's request for fairness. On the other hand, they state that by outright censure, the organizations that endorse the eradication of the NSM serve only to manifest the oppression claimed by the NSM, and to ostracize themselves as hypocritical.

You can read the entire story with the interview HERE. The interview portion is replicated below. In my estimation, Hall did a good job, keeping the answers short, succinct, and literate at the same time; I'd give him a "B". But there are a few points I would have added to some of these answers; they're included in red (interview begins after the jump):

Question: First and foremost, what is the purpose of this rally? Why is the NSM doing it?

Answer: To let people know we are here. We’re going to be running candidates soon, and they’ll be getting political seats. It’s going to be big, and [by electing government officials] that’s how we’re going to reclaim the southwest.

Question: Knowing that Los Angeles is predominantly cohabitated by what would otherwise be considered minorities, why would you choose to hold such an offensive protest here?

Answer: Because it’s a sanctuary city – that’s what we’re fighting against. Crime rates are out of control, and a lot of lives have been lost due to unregulated immigration.

Question: Why would now be a good time to protest immigration?

Answer: The NSM has been growing for over 35 years, and we keep growing. We have a lot of new growth in the West. It’s time to flex our muscles out here; to let the people know we’re here and that we’re going to get people into office.

Analysis: I would have added a couple of one-liners about the EFFECTS of mass immigration. I would have said, "An increasing number of Americans are finding it difficult to get a job in this part of the country unless they speak Spanish; American teenagers are being frozen out of starter jobs at places like McDonald's because they lack Spanish. This is reverse colonization".

Question: What exactly is the objective of electing NSM officials into office? How would nationalist socialists differ from other socialist candidates?

Answer: Here’s the issue: You can’t take money from one group and give it to another. There’s so many people – different religions, cultures, races, etc. – pushing and pulling in different directions, that it’s hard to have strong, widespread socialism [without nationalism].

Question: If America is the melting pot of the world, how can you claim any race has superiority over any of the others?

Answer: America is a white country; it’s always been a white country. We’re not just talking about the original 13 colonies, we’re talking about manifest destiny – we’re talking about the great white manifest destiny. We came and fought for this land. One race. One nation. It’s a lot simpler when you’re supporting your own people; people you understand, people you can relate to do.

Question: By your definition, the Aryan race would include Celts, Russians, South Africans, Australians, etc. How would nations as culturally diverse as these avoid influencing white American culture? Isn’t “American” culture already a mixture of numerous cultural contributions anyway? How would you separate yourselves?

Answer: We’d be happy with seceding – creating our own land. Why can’t we whites have a white nation? [Immigrants] keep pushing their cultures, influencing white culture – our culture. What would happen if all of us went to Japan and just waited around in the streets? What if we decided to start marching through their cities, demanding rights? Demanding reform from their governments and leadership? First and foremost, we are essentially a white civil rights group. We’re patriots.

Analysis: Excellent answer - this effectively rebuts any charges that the NSM stands for genocide of non-Whites.

Question: With the influence of American culture on virtually every other culture on the planet, how does the NSM rationalize that there is a violation of white civil rights?

Answer: There’s the ACLU. There’s the United Negro College Fund. There are all-black schools – we couldn’t have an all white school, they would call it “racist.” Anything we do is “pro-hate.” How many white boy or white girl college funds do you see? We are being discriminated against. There’s nothing wrong with being white. There’s nothing wrong with having our own nation.

Analysis: Good starter answer. I would have added, "What we have at this point is precursor discrimination; a double standard imposed upon Whites. Whites are held to a higher and harsher standard than non-Whites. Anti-racists stoke up people with false doctrines about white privilege and claim that non-Whites cannot be racist because they don't have power. Corporations and public employers alike act as proxy enforcers of political correctness and have lower hiring and retention standards for non-Whites".

Question: But you are imitating Nazis. Especially in a city as diverse as LA, you have to know how offensive that will be to people. Why Nazis?

Answer: The Nazis were National Socialists. The negative connotation is just propaganda. It was a failed war that failed the Nazis, not failed National Socialism.

Analysis: I would have expanded upon this, saying "until 1939, Germany had made remarkable progress under National Socialist, transforming itself from a prostrate beggar to an economic and military powerhouse. Only under the exigencies of a war that Hitler never really wanted did the National Socialist experiment unravel and ultimately melt down in tragedy".

Question: What about the swastikas, a symbol now associated with hatred and intolerance?

Answer: How many people that hate swastikas have even read “Mein Kampf?” Think about here in America: we had prison camps for the Japanese.

Analysis: I would have answered this differently, saying I recognize that many of our older and more prominent citizens fought against the swastika, some making supreme sacrifices. We honor their spirit. But the swastika has been wrongfully demonized and misrepresented by those who wish to do our race harm. Our mission isn't merely to motivate and activate the White community, but also to de-stigmatize an honorably-conceived symbol egregiously misrepresented".

Question: But we didn’t kill millions of them in these prison camps...

Answer: Millions? The Red Cross put the number at less than 275,000. I’ve heard six million. I’ve heard 50 million. You know why the number is never the same? It never happened. Most of the Jews in World War II died from Typhus, or disease, or hunger. I’m a denier. I don’t believe in the Holohoax. You know that sign that was recently stolen, at Auschwitz? Do you know what it said? “Work will set you free.” It was a labor camp, not a death camp. How could you get anything done if you killed six million of your workforce?

Analysis: I would not have said I was a "denier"; that marginalizes us. Instead, I would have said that we're Holocaust skeptics. And I wouldn't have used the term "Holohoax" in a serious media interview. We don't deny that millions of Jews and others were targeted, rounded up, incarcerated, worked under hard labor, and died; we just believe the Holocaust became deliberately exaggerated for political purposes. In particular, we dispute the singularity attached to the Holocaust, that Jewish extremists believe it to be the penultimate genocide and minimize other genocides, such as the 100 million who perished under world Communism and the 50 million unborn babies who've been slaughtered in America since Roe v. Wade became the standard in 1973. We take issue with the fact the Europe jails respectable law-abiding citizens for airing such doubts publicly.


Charles Wilson said...

The NSM is like a small worn torn country, surrounded by enemies. They have no allies and are universally hated by everyone in the movement. The anti-NSM parade started with bowles and ramsey after schoep shitted on them. They were just the vanguard, now a new collection of nemesis's have taken up the cause. The cause is the destruction of the NSM. Their "country" is facing intense assaults on all borders by all their neighbors. It's like the final week in the bunker, everybody knows how this will end but nobody knows when.

It won't be long before the group will shatter and splinter. Probably into several different factions like the AN.

Anonymous said...

The reporters should ask why Jeff Schoep married a woman with a nigger child, why he took a vacation to non-White Mexico, and what happened to the loyal Boswells of the NSM who dropped the NSM like a hot potato along with the NSM Missouri website.

Anonymous said...

I read the interview and it wasn't the best. It was littered with opinions and hope. Give it a little time and Schoep will BUST his HOPE bubble like he does everyone else.

Anonymous said...

If this is the best NSM can do, its pathetic - the guy was out of his league with the interviewer - and shouldn't have been given the job. He was always on the defensive, instead of pushing HIS agenda. As for NSM 'winning elections', who in hell would vote for the people in those pictures? Plus, once all the scandals about Shoep, Herringtom, etc came out - and if the media didn't publish them, it would be obvious NSM is a 'protected org' - they would be finished.

Anonymous said...

Its odd that this blog publishes so much about the NSM, while there must be hundreds of other people and organizations out there, doing more sensible activities. Is the owner a NSM member or something? I would hate to believe that in America, the ONLY activism being done is by these 'Blue's Brothers' wannabee's. If thats the case, its all over...

Anonymous said...

No brother, there's lots of positive pro-white work going on. This site has always had a hard-on for nsm and their shit. Dunno why tho, they're nothing more than a motley bunch of boneheads playing dress-up -

Anonymous said...

Is this Jeff Hall any relation to NSM'er Elton Hall who is supposed to be a registered sex-offender for exposing himself in public to a spic woman and her kid?

Fuck you said...

JT Ready is always ready...Ready to ram hot little boys...He should have been a catholic priest, then he could got away with his crimes...

Anonymous said...

PROVE IT YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE! where is the PROOF? Is it coward pedophile teach Schruender hiding here? Fuck you, mother fucker!

Anonymous said...


Before I say anything here, I want you people to know that I am not a Nazi or a racist, in fact I voted Republican all my life. But I must admit that living in California I have to agree with some of your views, though not all. But it is not the reason I am writing this. My son is a college freshman, and his professor in a political science class wants them to write an essay about "third parties in the US today." That's how my son learned about this blog, and started to read the posts and comments posted here. He was shocked when he found out that Mr Schruender was mentioned by you people! Our family knows this individual very well, he was my oldest daughters' high school English teacher back in 2002 - 2003. Not only he was a lousy instructor (he was actually teaching there part-time,) but he was also universally hated and despised by everybody in school, from his peers to students! His nickname was "weird Dan," and there were numerous allegations of all sorts of improprieties on his part. Our daughter on several occasions was complaining that he was giving her "strange" dirty lustful looks (and she was only 14 at the time!) In fact, my husband was so upset that he wanted to go to school and to beat this cretin up, we talked him out of it though. Instead, we complained about Mr Schruender to the principal and took our daughter out of his class. Later we found out that several other parents had voiced their concern over his conduct as well, and it resulted in him been removed from the school. I hope he will never teach again! My main concern is that he will continue this pattern of behavior where he lives. The parents in his neighborhood should be warned about his conduct, so that they could protect their children from him. This guy is bad news, there were some allegation in that school that he improperly touched a 15 yo Hispanic girl, and the only reason her parents did not press charges against him was their immigration status. That's who Mr Schruender is in a nutshell. I am surprised he has not been exposed yet, he should be. As parents, we are very happy that he no longer works in the school system.


Anonymous said...

For those of you who don't know - "general" Daniel Bernard Schruender is a second-in-command in the phony "aryan nations" which is a ZOG's operations set up by a career criminal informant Paul Mullet (a former NSM member who was expelled for race-mixing and theft!) This freak likes to use a handle "GHOST" in his political activities and also on his profiles on bondage websites www.alt.com and www.collarme.com He is also a good buddy of a snitch Jim Ramm (also expelled from the NSM for lying to Commander Schoep.) STAY AWAY FROM HIM!

Fuck the NSM said...

More bedtime fairy tales from the biggest race-mixer in the movement: Joanna Schoep. I would expect nothing less from a nigger fucking whore with a shitskin daughter.

Lies and libel won't hold your dying organization together. Bullshit won't bring back the sales to NSM records. Bankruptcy awaits and probably a bullet also.


It is simply amazing how people who make groundless accusations concerning Dan, are always screaming for proof concerning JT Ready's well known pedophilia. We have already provided proof but you repeatedly ignore it and scream for proof.

Ready is a fat faggot who likes little boys. We posted his prison records online. If you can't take the truth then shut the fuck up!

Anonymous said...

Do NOT dare compare Aryan Nations OR Director Mullet with NSM/Jeff Schoep! AN is a holy CHRISTIAN order. NSM is a devil worshiping den of SATAN. JESUS has FORGIVEN D. Mullet, and Dan Schruender too! Schoep and his devilmen will BURN IN HELL for eternity!!! Kevin Brannen

Anonymous said...

"Ready is a fat faggot who likes little boys. We posted his prison records online."

Very well. IF you posted his records online, provide the link, please.

"AN is a holy CHRISTIAN order." Led by two filthy perverts, one of them has been proven to be a child molester, another is a race mixer.

"NSM is a devil worshiping den of SATAN." Again, where is the PROOF??

Brannen, are you also with the AN now? Perhaps you and a pedophile teach "General" Scruender will find a LOT in common! Are you into THAT as well, mother fucker?

BTW, what is your REAL name? We suspect we already know what it is... ;)

Anonymous said...

Kevin Brannen is a troublemaker in every organization he joins. He fits right into the Aryan Nations with those assholes. How come the one's who profess to be Christian are the most hypocrites and lead hypocritical lives?

Anonymous said...

Uh Mr. Harryton (yeah I know it's not spelled that way) is married to Andrea Lily who runs the "Joy Of Satan". If that's not proof I don't know what is!

As for J.T. Ready I don't know if he's an ass packer or not, nobody can come up with any actual evidence. I wouldn't put it past him though. He's following the biggest phony in the movement.

Yes Jeff has a nigger step daughter, there's actual proof of that!

Keep lying under and rock and believing Schoep's lies.

Anonymous said...

I am a proud two seed lines Identity Christian, I was saved by Pastor Eli James of Chicago, his ministry turned my life around, he is a great Man! I am also a proud Member of the Aryan Nations. Now, any of you who talk shit about Director Mullet, I will say this to you: wait till you meet him in person, and you will change your opinion of him 100%! He is a good man and a good White Leader. Is he perfect? Of course not, he is not Jesus. Has he made mistakes in the past? Of course he has, but who has not? I myself have a criminal record, aggravated assault and battery, disturbance of piece, and illegal possession of a firearm, and I have been in prison several times. But I was saved, and so was Paul Mullet, we are born again, and we do right by our Brethren. That's who Director Mullet is, and anyone who knows him will agree to it.

Unfortunately, I cannot say this about Dan Schruender. I have heard some rumors about him even before this bull shit on the WR started, so I decided to do some checking myself. Unfortunately, some of the allegations (bondage fetish, improper behavior around kids, and welfare fraud) seem to be founded! I will confront Dan after we have a Rally in TN and ask him to explain what is going on. I will also present those facts and the proof that I got to our Director Mullet and ask for a Court of Honor to assemble to hear my accusations and to give Dan the opportunity to defend himself. I don't care much for bondage freaks and welfare cheats, but I really hate fucking child molesters! I hope Dan will be able to explain several things that will be presented to him, or I will kick his educated californian ass right there and then! This creep does not belong in any WP group, especially a Christian one, like we are. I hope he will be able to prove me wrong, and if he does, I will apologize in front of everyone!

See everybody at the Rally! WPWW!

Anonymous said...

JOanna Schoep is a nigger-fucker.
Point proven, Case closed.
Link has already been provided. I suggest you prove otherwise.

Rump Rider ready is a pedophile. Point proven, Case closed. Link has already been provided. I suggest you prove otherwise.

Chairman Herrington is a Satanist.Point proven, Case closed.
Link has already been provided. I suggest you prove otherwise.

Anonymous said...

NSM sure has a lot of non-Aryan cretins in it. If Hitler was in charge, I know where these people would be headed...

Anonymous said...

Jeff admitted on the phone that "his wife made a mistake"!?! WTF I told him that I wasn't down with that and he started raging - I then told him to fuck off and resigned from the NSM. What a piece of shit! Jay P. from California

Anonymous said...

That's a big mistake! Why did Schoep marry her and make a bigger mistake? He is guilty as well.

bleach cosplay said...

Nobody know when the end day will come so i'd rather see more proofs