Sunday, May 02, 2010

National Socialist Activist J.T. Ready Fires Back At Critics On Stormfront, Defends NSM Strategy And Tactics, Calls For Unity Of "Boots And Suits"

On April 30th, 2010, five members of the local National Socialist Movement unit showed up at the press conference of Bill Montgomery, a candidate for Maricopa County Attorney. Montgomery has formed a political alliance with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who also showed up at the press conference.

Among the NSM cadre present was their local leader, J.T. Ready. Ready has been a prominent pro-White activist in Phoenix for several years; he's even formed working relationships with conventional political figures such as State Senator Russell Pearce, the sponsor of the SB 1070 immigration enforcement law (now superseded by the more moderate HB 2162). Ready has even earned the grudging respect of a leading progressive "journalist", Phoenix New Times blogger Stephen Lemons, who once said in effect that he would rather break bread with an "honest Nazi" than with a "valuable intellectual property" who hides behind a gaggle of fifty-dollar words. The Phoenix New Times stories about J.T. Ready can be viewed HERE; while the New Times is anti-racist, it at least provides a summary of Ready's activism.

While I'm not sure why the NSM contingent showed up at this press conference, nor can I fathom how their presence there could benefit either Montgomery's candidacy or the pro-White Cause, Ready told the media that they not only wanted to show visible support for Sheriff Joe’s candidate for County Attorney, but also to show that Whites will not stand idly by while being "genocided" out of our own country. Of course, the NSM showed that most effectively and succinctly during the Los Angeles rally, which was specifically designed for that intended purpose. In contrast, showing up for a candidate's press conference in uniform and with firearms to show "support" could potentially backfire against the candidate. But since J.T. Ready lives in Phoenix, and I don't, I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt in terms of local expertise; he knows his community better than I do.

However, this is not the prevailing sentiment on a Stormfront thread dedicated to this story. J.T. Ready not only comes under strong criticsm, but also was targeted with character attacks. Because of the David Gletty legacy, once again suspicion about the NSM being run by Feds was voiced. One noteworthy activist, SuaSponte, who is associated with the American Third Position Party, wrote the following (view after the jump):

It's precisely because of the work of the NSM and groups like them that so many are so afraid to submit our ideas to neighbors, friends, and family. They are a group led by federal agents, and, clearly, they exist to reposition and demoralize us.

Throughout the whole of human history, it has always been entirely natural and healthy to take up the cause of defending one's homeland and one's people. It doesn't require any fat freaks in helmets, retards bearing bull horns, or any affrontery to the memory of the millions of Germans who fought to defend their country. It doesn't require crappy music, costumes, or having a lot of rocks hurled at you.

Until we come together as a movement and condemn these groups, it will be more of the same.

"Fat freaks"? "Retards"? That's getting a bit personal, and after a couple of more snarky posts by others, Ready finally had enough and responded as follows:

It thoroughly disgusts me reading some of these idiotic and vitriolic responses from keyboard commandos and net nazis. If you wonder why helmets are worn, perhaps you should march against the hostile non-white hordes sometime. Instead of sitting on your fucking ass like a coward at home pecking away at a goddamned keyboard against solid people you never even bothered to get to know. These non-white scum throw rotten eggs, limes, slingshot ball bearings, frozen water bottles, paint bombs, cans of beans, AIDS infected feces, and large rocks and concrete among other things.

In Riverside for instance, we had a serious concussion on a patriot not wearing a helmet. He showed up to the rally despite getting hurt by these scum before. And he stood like a trooper until the bitter end. So staunch was he standing against the angry tsunami of non-white refuse, that he even impressed some from the other side and some of the cops there too. But to be perfectly honest, all these internet postings slung our way hurt far worse than anything the filthy enemy could sling at us. Everyone who posted negative or paranoid comments here should redirect their attention to [a thread entitled] "Problems with our Movement- The Class Divide".

There are myriad ways to fight ZOG. We may never all agree on the exact same way to fight ZOG. But sitting back infighting for all to see, or smoking meth and sucking down hundreds of beers all tatted up while acting like white gang banger niggers with infighting certainly doesn't help our cause either.

A sincere White patriot.

JT Ready

SuaSponte fired back with a counter-response:

If you didn't publicize events months in advance, you wouldn't be getting your asses handed to you. This is, of course, calculated by the agents that run the NSM. It wouldn't be much of a repositioning effort on their part, if there weren't thousands of people protesting the handful of grotesque slobs who show up to hurl abuses at people who aim to conquer our country. And it wouldn't get the media attention it requires to successfully make us - the actual movement - look like the NSM, a government-sponsored repositioning effort.

Of the 50 or so events we've had over the course of the past year, we've needed helmets 0 times.

We'll likely be protesting you in future.

Valid points - until the LAST sentence. The American Third Position Party (A3P) and its members are quite free to dissociate themselves from the NSM. A3P is even quite free to publicly criticize the tactics and strategies of the NSM - that's acceptable discourse. But if A3P actually intends to show up and protest the NSM alongside anti-racists, then they are crossing the line, and will have to be viewed as an anti-racist asset from that time forth. The NSM is a legitimate, law-abiding organization by all accounts, even if one doesn't always agree with their tactics.

But rather than take the bait, J.T. Ready set his personal feelings aside and simply stated "Boots and Suits; it takes both".

If the A3P and its activists are so concerned about "freaks and geeks" within the WN community, perhaps they might want to direct their attention to the misfits who use White Nationalism as nothing more than protective cover for personal hooliganism, like a group called PENI down in Orange County. Or perhaps they might want to denounce the amount of "Order-worship" which takes place on WN boards. Yes, the Order had guts, and Robert Matthews sealed his testimony with his own blood. And David Lane was clearly the spiritual force behind the Order. But the Order also murdered a loudmouth Jewish radio host, Alan Berg, in cold blood without any provocation. That precipitated their downfall. We are not murderers, and we have no business glorifying murderers. All Bruce Pierce and Richard Scutari have done since going to prison is bitch about Glenn Miller. Meanwhile, Miller is capturing national attention with his U.S. Senate campaign.

And therein lies the value of the NSM; their continuing ability to capture mass media attention. Their activism shows the White community that there is a visible opposition on the ground. While the A3P engages in positive grass-roots activism, sending activists to people's doors two by two to look the homeowners in the eye and hand them literature, the fact is the NSM gets more media publicity in a month than the A3P gets in a year. That's the reality - the media are addicted to sensation. And the NSM knows how to play the media. Like it or not, the NSM still adds value to our Cause.


Fudge You said...

Ready should have been executed in prison for all those Boy Scout brown eye's he hungrily popped. But this is Cali, the land of San Fransisco... were lucky this pedophile didn't receive a award of appreciation from the local GLAD chapter.


Anonymous said...

I heard also from the AB that ready cut a deal with the FEDS. They let him out early, to infiltrate the NSM. Hh then targeted Sheriff Joe with his insane protests, to further discredit him. Ready is doing the work of ZOG and he fits right perfectly into that group if freaks, misfits, drunks, criminals, satanists and liars.

Anonymous said...

What is so damn funny about most of these nsm uniformed clowns, is the fact of how OUT OF SHAPE they are! Trying to look bad-assed while OBVIOUSLY not walking the walk, is too damn funny...

Anonymous said...

The nsm is nothing more than a 'honey pot' set up to draw in people, to act like ass's, to discredit WN. An obvious alternative National Socialist organization is the American Nazi Party, which operates looking normal and refuses to out its members on unproductive activities as does the nsm. WHAT was gained by the LA "rally"? NOTHING. Once more, the masses saw a few dysfunctional looking people, dressed-up like the Village People, and marginalized in the press. Victory? I hardly think so. Unless, it was for the "other side" who LOVES such rediculous behavior. I attended the May 1st ANP National Conference, and enjoyed the comradery of NORMAL people, who ARE real NS, and not simply costumed re-enacters.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

The NSM is the laughing stock of the movement. Jeff may have a few freaks left, but that's it. From now on anytime the NSM does does something the fact that he has a nigger step daughter is going to be thrown in his face.

If you are a current NSM member I suggest you run. You really think your doing your race a favor by following a fraud?

Fuck JT Ready For Boy Raping said...

Ready is a ass packer, that's for sure. I also heard from some brothers he spent 7 years in PC in San Quentin. Hell, just look at him, he looks like a fag!

Anonymous said...

Ready is a costumed clown, who is more interested in jews-media coverage than real political organizing. By his current actions it is clear that his agenda is to offend everyone with his presence, whether they want him there or not. Would a simple "courtesy call" before just trumping the camera's and STEALING THE SHOW have been too much to ask? All I can say, is that if I was a pro-White candidate, I WOULD NOT WANT COSTUMED KOMMANDO'S showing up at my press conference uninvited. But, of course any INTELLIGENT person would KNOW that. UNLESS - they were SENT there for a PURPOSE,eh?

Anonymous said...

anybody besides me notice that these costumed media whore groups usually turn out to be system set-ups?

Anonymous said...

Stormfront better watch out if J.T. Blimper BENDS OVER and "fires back" - after all those TACO BURRIDO'S he's loaded himself with! Lose some fucking weight fatso! Aren't you ASHAMED when you look in the mirror? Some "ARYAN"...

Anonymous said...

"BOOTS"? When was the last time you even SAW YOUR TOES lardass, much less your boots? Why would I or any other NORMAL WN want to embarrass ourselves by association with such a clown. These types ought to join the circus

JT Ready said...

I think the low brow, gutteral, jew type crudeness level of insults in opposition says all we need to know, to any reader of the comments, of the type of deranged scum we are up against in this struggle for White Liberation. Meanwhile, internet troll postings remain exactly that. Nothing more. For the latest White victory, however,

Please watch the free video links here:

Thank you for remaining objective and patriotic during these times which try White men's souls to the limit.

Victory or Valhalla!

JT Ready

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I don't see any great victory in silly street theater. WN has been doing stunts for decades with no progress to show for it. Quit whining and mature yourself and your goals.

Anonymous said...

Most of the nasty comments in White reference are done by Aryan Nations.

Anonymous said...

Brother Ready

When are you going to take over the NSM from this little fuck boy Jeffy Schleup? You are the only White Leader today that can unite all WP groups in this country and lead us to Victory!!

Anonymous said...

I resigned from NSM. First satanism and now race-mixing was too much for a decent NS to accept. I would join the ANP but I'm afraid that because of my membership in NSM they wouldn't take me. Their loss, I'm a damn loyal brother and down for the cause. Any ideas brothers? Brad from Cali WPWW!

Anonymous said...

Just write them. They have several ex NSM members, including Taylor Bowles, who is one of their top officers now (and no, he is not a faggot, he was never sodomized, and he was not married to a race mixer either. He even takes care of his children! Damn...) Jeff expelled him from the NSM for telling the truth, which was probably the best thing that ever happened to him!

Anonymous said...

Gentlemen, I was at the ANP National Conference, a lot of damn fine White people who are SERIOUS about what they're doing. I left the NA after Pierce died and jug-head took over and drained it dry for his high living, and stripper wife. The ANP has the same quality people the NA had before the 'skinheads' came in, and I like belonging to an OPEN NS organization that isn't 'hollywood nazi' like nsm. 88

Anonymous said...

Three cheers for the ANP. Death to the fake Aryan Nations and the race-mixing NSM.