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Is WorldNetDaily Becoming WhiteNetDaily? Vox Day Publishes Openly Pro-White Column On Immigration In Response To Ron Gochez "Mexican Revolt" Video

After reading this May 10th, 2010 essay by Vox Day, you'll understand why I wonder if WorldNetDaily may be slowly becoming WhiteNetDaily. Much of his essay, entitled "The revoluciónary is right", looks like it could have originated at American Renaissance or the Council of Conservative Citizens.

Day comments about the 2007 video showing Ron Gochez calling for Mexicans in the United States to revolt. In case you've forgotten, or haven't seen the video, it's embedded below:

But Vox Day doesn't necessarily look upon the video as a bad thing. In fact, he seems to view it as an explicit wakeup call to White Americans. He notes that, throughout history, when an occupying power has wanted to destabilize and destroy a nation, it has settled a foreign people in its midst, citing the Turkish transplantation of Albanian Muslims into Kosovo to destabilize Serbia, a process which continues to this day, as a prominent example. However, Americans until recently had not viewed the mass migration of Mexicans into America through a similar prism, because of the myth of the melting pot and the enshrinement of equality as official dogma. Americans are told "we are all immigrants". But the fact is that progressive notions about equality are falling by the wayside. Here's the pertinent excerpt of Day's essay:

Despite the best efforts of the academic thought police and pop literary fantasists, such as Jared Diamond and Malcolm Gladwell, various scientific disciplines have quietly, but inexorably been demolishing the equalitarian hypothesis with regard to race, culture and sex. There is, quite simply, no such thing as human equality in any material sense. In fact, the latest genetic research on potential Neanderthal genes found in humans of non-African descent suggest that it is not entirely accurate to even assert that homo sapiens is not divided into various subspecies.

As for the myth of the American melting pot, it should suffice to point out that the idea was popularized by a Russian Jew who emigrated to England, never lived in the United States and was a fervent believer in the cause of establishing a Jewish homeland. Basing immigration policy on the idea of the melting pot is about as rational as setting foreign policy on the basis of the example set by the United Federation of Planets in Star Trek. It is not only fiction, but ignorant foreign fiction at that. The reality is that from the mid-17th century to the mid-19th century, the New England states had almost no immigration for 200 years. And, it is important to note that when the Irish did finally come to America, they were fewer, more culturally similar, and they came in a more gradual manner from farther away.

That is why Mr. Gochez is essentially correct, his ideological absurdities and devotion to an outmoded theory of political economy notwithstanding. The reality is that America will proceed on one of two paths. The first is to embrace the conflict. If Americans can find the courage to consciously reject the myth of the melting pot and expel the Mexicans from the American Southwest, the Arabs from Detroit and the Somalis from Minneapolis, they can reclaim their traditional white Anglo-Saxon Protestant culture. This is highly improbable because so many descendants of that culture have rejected it in favor of the vibrancy of diversity while those who haven't are far too frightened of criticism and social rejection to even articulate their thoughts.

Since no one of national stature is willing to openly defend traditional American society, that leaves only the second path of conflict avoidance. White Americans will continue to vote with their feet, retreating slowly but continuously before the inexorable wave of migrationary expansion. Encouraged by the frailty of American society and the fragility of myth-based American political culture, what are still currently the fringe views of the Aztlan revolutionaries will rapidly become the mainstream opinion of Mexican irredentists in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada.

Californians are already fleeing Southern California en masse. There is no way the elderly snowbirds of Arizona and the ex-Californians of Nevada are going to provide serious opposition to the ongoing migrational transformation. Only Texas, with its unique and expansive view of itself, combined with its history of violent conflict with Mexico, is likely to take action over time.

Although Vox Day speaks of Americans rising up to expel foreigners from various parts of the country, he talks of reclaiming traditional white Anglo-Saxon Protestant culture. This is an open admission in a mainstream reference that White culture not only has been the predominant culture, but should once again become the predominant culture. Of course, this has already attracted the attention of naysayers like Media Matters, who referred to Day's column as a "racially-charged rant".

Of course, Vox Day does not address the Jewish Question in his column. But even if he did believe there is a Jewish Question, if he attempted to address it publicly, Joseph Farah would probably cut him off, because Farah has Zionist tendencies. It is enough for now that Vox Day has made serious inroads into racial populism, which is what has catapulted the British National Party into broad public awareness and 563,743 votes nationally in the May 6th British election. We need people like Vox Day doing the preparatory spadework above ground. An archive of all of Day's WND columns is available HERE.

According to his own website, Vox Day is a novelist and Christian libertarian. He is a member of the SFWA, Mensa and the Southern Baptist Convention, and has been down with Madden since 1992. His weekly column is syndicated nationally by Universal Press Syndicate. His blog, Vox Popoli, is updated regularly. A Wikipedia entry on Day reveals that his real name is Theodore Beale,

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