Thursday, May 06, 2010

British National Party Contends With MP Candidate Bob Bailey's Dustup With Three Asians And Simon Bennett's Defection On Eve Of May 6th Elections

If the British National Party ever makes it to the top of British politics, no one will be able to say they had it handed to them on a silver platter. They've had to struggle and scrap for every success.

And on the eve of the May 6th elections, the BNP has a couple of new challenges to contend with. Candidate Bob Bailey, campaigning to represent the Romford district of London in Parliament, got into a scrap with three Asian men who confronted him. The men came over to heckle him as he was canvassing for votes. When he told them to move on, one of them spat in his face, provoking a flurry of punches which floored the assailant. Fortunately, Bailey was not alone, or the outcome might have been more serious for Bailey. The Daily Mail published a report with several still photos; a YouTube video shows the confrontation:

Meanwhile, the Guardian reports that the BNP's website was closed down and replaced with a posting from Simon Bennett, the party's website manager, stating he had been in dispute with some elements of the management of the party and claiming there had been several attempts to steal his work. Bennett originally posted the complete statement on his own website but later took it down, but by that time, it had already been cross-posted on the Vanguard News Network Forum. You can view the entire thread starting HERE.

The BNP website was later reinstated in part, and Bennett explained that "the website was reinstated upon request from decent people who would have been affected by this (the members). It will remain online until after the election. I have stated on numerous occasions that the party can have the website, domain and their legally owned aspects of it at any time and without cost - they have only to ask". On his own blog, Bennett added that there had been a number of highly questionable shenanigans going on at BNP HQ with which he was unhappy. Surprisingly, this issue is not discussed on Simon Darby's blog; he's the BNP Deputy Leader.

Results of an Angus Reid poll of 2,283 randomly-selected British adults, released on May 5th, show that nationwide, Conservatives are at 36 percent, Liberal Democrats 29 percent, Labour 24 percent, United Kingdom Independent Party (UKIP) 4 percent, British National Party 2 percent, Scottish National Party 2 percent, Green 1 percent, Plaid Cymru (Welsh) 1 percent, and Other 2 percent.

Up to the minute results will be posted on the BBC Election Constituency Page. Click on the area of interest or type in the applicable postcode.

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