Friday, May 28, 2010

Blood And Honour Distributes Pro-White Flyers In Somerset County, Maine

On May 28th, 2010, the Portland (ME) Press-Herald reported that flyers originating from the Blood And Honour American Division were distributed in the Somerset County communities of Anson and Madison sometime during the early morning of Sunday May 23rd. Among the recipients was a Somerset County sheriff's deputy.

The flyers, entitled "White Americans Awake!!!", included the following message: "The time for true change and social progress is now! Too long have we passively sat by and merely watched as our communities have fallen victim to the failed social experiment of multiculturalism. Too long have we stood by and stoically observed the destruction of our heritage and nation...As illegal Third World immigrants stream across our borders and overwhelm our already limited job market, lower the quality of public education, exploit public services, destroy neighborhoods, and add to 'minority' crime rates, we do nothing."

One person was a bit distressed. Colby Seams, 66, of Anson found the papers on his lawn. "It's only one step removed from white hoods and the Ku Klux Klan," he said. Of course, I'm not sure just how much Seams knows about diversity, considering that Anson is 97 percent White. Perhaps if he live in Lewiston and had to put up with the full-throttle "diversity" provided by Somali trash in that city, he'd have a different attitude towards the flyers.

Although police and the district attorney are aware of the flyers, no outright violence is suggested, and no crime has been committed, according to Somerset County Lt. Carl Gottardi. Gottardi also opined that the flyers didn't seem to be targeting anybody in particular, but were merely an expression by someone stating their personal views or their beliefs.

Thomas Harnett, assistant attorney general for civil rights education and enforcement, said he had no idea whether or not Blood And Honour is active in Maine. But a simple check of this Stormfront thread indicates they're gearing up for more activity. A meet and greet/cookout/activism outreach event is scheduled to take place on private property at an undisclosed location in Maine on June 26th, 2010. By the way, while I don't normally like auto-start videos or audios on website, Blood And Honour auto-starts a great song on their website, but they don't identify it. Never fear - my research led to Micetrap records, where I found it to be a song by Spearhead, entitled "For The Blood". Great guitar work - MP3 embedded below.

Or you can copy the MP3 link below and put it in your own player:

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Anonymous said...

Coby Seams is in the age group of the discredited "60's" generation - a generation of utter crap - without intelligence or inspiration - easily and thoroughly indoctrinated with shallow Jewish Hollywood hype (read much of what these old farts have written and you invariably get something like "I always wanted to be Atticus Finch" - a make believe character in a make believe world of the 60's, defending poor, innocent and inoffending Negro's.