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Bay Area National Anarchist (BANA) Activists Roughed Up By Anti-Racist Scum At May 1st San Francisco Immigration Reform Rally

Three members of the Bay Area National Anarchists (BANA), including the group's founder Andrew Yeoman, were roughed up by at least ten anti-racists following a so-called "immigration reform" rally in San Francisco on May 1st, 2010. "Immigration reform" is considered a synonym for amnesty for illegal aliens. Full story published by SF Weekly; discussion threads on Stormfront and Occidental Dissent.

Thousands of demonstrators marching for immigration reform down Mission Street Saturday afternoon were mostly preaching to the choir in San Francisco, which is openly acknowledged by the media as a sanctuary city. But once the marchers arrived at the Civic Center Plaza for the rally, they were greeted by a small phalanx of counter protesters standing on the sidewalk in front of City Hall, including the Golden Gate Minutemen and four members of the Bay Area National Anarchists (BANA). Some of the pro-amnesty demonstrators marched up to the police barricades in front of the Minutemen where the two sides engaged in a shouting match, but police moved the protesters back to the Civic Center Plaza.

But as Yeoman and three other BANA members were leaving the rally and walking near Market and Van Ness, a group of three guys started following and yelling at them. Yeoman believes he was personally targeted by the group, who may have known him from his videos. The group of attackers quickly swelled to ten, all white except for one black man. Yeoman crossed the street to get away from the group but they followed him and yelled things like "Why do you hate immigrants?", and "Why are you conservative?"

Two of the attackers had brass knuckles, yet it was a female who started the attack by macing Yeoman in the face. Yeoman says his sunglasses kept it from getting in his eyes. Two men then pushed Yeoman to the ground and kicked him, causing welts on his head. The attackers also hit BANA member Parker Wilson in the back, and pushed a female member. The fourth BANA member had apparently gotten away. Then a plainclothes cop rushed up and pulled his gun. Yeoman and the attackers were all told to lay on their stomachs and were handcuffed and questioned. After questioning, the anarchists were let go by the police. At least two of the attackers were arrested.

This pattern repeats itself endlessly -- wherever White activists are confronted by anti-racists, it is the anti-racists who break the laws. It is the anti-racists who initiate physical violence. And, on those rare occasions when anyone is arrested, it is the anti-racists who get arrested. Yet it's the anti-racists who claim to stand for tolerance, diversity, and brotherhood.

But Andrew Yeoman says that he doesn't want to push his views on others. "We support them to live in areas they want to live in for themselves, if its multicultural or whatever it is," he says. "They attack us because they disagree with members of our tribe and how our tribe wants to live their lives. We feel that's totally unjustified."

Andrew Yeoman lives in San Francisco and is an avid bicyclist, martial artist, and gardener. In 2007, he started the Bay Area National Anarchists, which is the first National Anarchist network to appear in North America. Andrew is involved in community service programs to assist the homeless, environmental cleanups, and community building efforts in the Bay Area. National Anarchism is a unique expression of White racial activism which promotes tribalism in an effort to blend in with the prevalent hippie counterculture environment of northern California. The protective coloration has ensured some degree of success.

To get the bigger picture on National Anarchism, read a two-part interview with Andrew Yeoman conducted by TOQOnline back in August 2009 (Part 1 HERE, Part 2 HERE). Yeoman also introduced Occidental Dissent readers to National Anarchism on April 21st, 2010, and published an article on Alternative Right on April 27th. You'll find Yeoman's YouTube channel HERE.

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