Friday, May 14, 2010

Another White Victim Of "Diversity" Sounds Off; Growing Up In Southern Connecticut And Dealing With Negro Predation

Another White victim of forced diversity and multiculturalism sounds off. In this thread on Argue With Everyone, the individual grew up in southern Connecticut during the late '60s and early '70s; because his family were not people of means, they remained trapped in an aging neighborhood when Negroes began swarming in. By the age of 10, his family was able to move into a better neighborhood, but unfortunately the school he attended bussed Negroes in, so more of the same problems. Here's his story:


I think it is useful to let the facts come out about us Whites that have endured the terror of Blacks. we aren't allowed to talk about it publicly but it's a story that needs to be told. I was born in 1965 during the height of the civil rights movement. I grew up in Southern Connecticut. Out of Lyndon Johnson's policies many Low income housing projects were built. At first there were a fair number of poor whites living in them but by 1970 they were predominantly Black. I lived in a working lower class white neighborhood that was deteriorating. My father an alcoholic and gambler made good money but because of his habits we lived in that crappy neighborhood. Within a few blocks poor Blacks were encroaching into our neighborhood. There was low income housing project about a 1/4 of a mile away and blacks were quickly overtaking it. Groups of young black kids would drift into our street and they would attack my sister and I if we were alone. They were fucking brutal. None of the White kids were like this. They would humiliate and intimidate us. Threatening us with violence if we didn't do push-ups or jumping jacks. We were totally unprepared for this.

By the age of 10/11 my family was able to move into a better neighborhood. No Blacks for at least a 2 miles. They had this great neighborhood elementary school. Unfortunately 3 buses would arrive from the SouthEnd. Every kid that got off these buses was Black. I was in 6th grade and we got stuck with this loudmouth, nasty looking Black Bitch in our class. She intimidated the White females because she was much larger, louder and obnoxious than the other girls. I have a feeling she was held back a year or two. She should have been put back bus and sent home but some judge whose kids would never have to endure the effects of busing forced April the Black Bitch into our lives.

Middle School/Junior High it gets worse. You come to school to learn but instead you are bullied, humiliated, and in intimidated. The Black kids are the most ruthless. They incessantly pick on the weaker White kids. For some reason Black people seem to be more aggressive. In the insect world you have European Honey Bees and you have super-aggressive African Bees. It seems to be the same with people. What is worse is that the White Kids in order to survive imitate the Black kids the best they can. We all do it. We do it today. Look at what we've become. Those damned teachers stood by and mouths agape as the Black kids took over the classroom. I remember one White Female teacher asking this Black kid why do you call him that. He retorts "he's lucky I don't call him ______" This is a 13 yr old kid talking to a grown woman..!!! What kind of upbringing produces this obnoxious behavior. Everyday, every hour Black kids disrupt the teaching process. The wasted minutes add up to hours. The hours add up to days. This is the main reason America has fallen behind in education. it is the constant and incessant unruly behavior that is a direct result of desegregation. It is the Africanized Bees mixing with the Honey Bees. Well the honey production has fallen......HASN'T IT?

Now I remember, ROOTS came out when I was eleven. Everyone watched it but me. Then I got to go see the Author Alex Hailey speak. He was awesome. Acted more like a White Man than a Black Man. He was articulate and didn't speak in ebonics. They aired Roots again when I was 13 and i still refuse to watch that shit. no one is going to make me feel sorry for these mutherfuckers that make life miserable everyday. Everyday Blacks threaten and intimidate you if you are alone. They destroyed our Middle School. Teachers were constantly having to stop and scold these idiots for their outbursts and antics. One day as we were walking home from school their were these Black Bitches yelling ROOTS..ROOTS. Getting up in White People's faces. One Black Bitch took a snowball and smashed it this grown White Woman's face. The lady could have knocked the shit out of her but stood there with white Guilt and blurted "Why did you do that".. The Black Girl started yelling ROOTS....ROOTS.

It looks like this individual may post more in this thread; if so, I will cross-post his accounts here. Argue With Everyone seems to permit relatively uninhibited discussion about race and the Jewish Question. But it just shows that everywhere Blacks move in, problems arise. Zimbabwe, South Africa, Detroit, Philadelphia, London...the list goes on and on. Separation is the only answer.

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