Sunday, April 11, 2010

Terre'Blanche Killer Chris Mahlangu Defaming Eugene Terre'Blanche By Alleging That He Got Them Drunk And Made Homosexual Advances

As if it wasn't bad enough that the international media is misrepresenting the late Eugene Terre'Blanche as a "white supremacist", the media is now prominently publicizing the allegation put forth by one of Terre'Blanche's killers, 28-year-old Chris Mahlangu, that Terre'Blanche had plied him and his 15-year-old cohort with alcohol and made sexual advances to them on April 3rd, the night of the murder. Media stories published by the Guardian, South Africa's Sunday Times, and City Press.

Puna Moroko, attorney for Chris Mahlangu, said his client's defence would be that the attack on Terre Blanche was triggered by sodomy. According to Moroko, Terre'Blanche had informed the workers that he would pay them after the long weekend. Moroko then claimed Terre Blanche drove to his house where he picked up the two accused and the three of them went to the bottle store, purchasing a bottle of Smirnoff, and about 30 ­Savanna ciders and three packets of cheap cigarettes, then went to the farm about 10km away. Attorney Zola Majavu, who is acting for the unnamed teenager, took a similar line, saying "I have consulted with my client and I am satisfied that something shocking happened on that day. I will disclose fully what my client told me happened during trial."

Further fueling the speculation are police statements. On Friday, police spokesman Captain Adele Myburgh said: "The court will decide why Mr Terre'Blanche was killed as well as why his trousers were below his knees. The court will also establish what exactly happened before he was killed." But Myburgh denied reports that a used condom was found at the murder scene.

The Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB) has rejected any suggestion of a homosexual link to the murder of its leader. According to City Press, the AWB will ask the police to allow a forensic investigator appointed by the organisation to examine evidence on the murder, according to spokesperson Andre Visagie. The organisation dismissed the idea that the murder could have been preceded by a sex orgy. “The media,” he said in a statement, “must choose now whether they want to ­regard Terre’Blanche as a racist or as the rapist of a black youth.” Visagie said Terre’Blanche had not taken his heart medicine on the day of the murder. It would have been impossible for him to rape people who had broken in without possibly triggering a heart attack. Meanwhile, Residents of Ventersdorp reacted with shock to the claims of sexual assault. The majority of White residents stated they refuse to believe the claims.

Another story being used to further besmirch Terre'Blanche's reputation is an account about Terre’Blanche’s relationship with a young member of the AWB who spent a lot of time on his farm. Referring to allegations that the boy slept in Terre’Blanche’s arms during his visits to the farm, new AWB leader Steyn van Ronge said Terre’Blanche took pity on the lad because he came from a ­broken home. The boy’s uncle said the boy had since been moved to a place of safety and that he was not aware of allegations that the boy had been sexually abused.

Mahlangu and the teenager have already appeared in court once, each being formally charged with murder, housebreaking, robbery, and crimen injuria as a result of leaving their victim half-naked after the attack. They have yet to enter pleas, and are scheduled to appear in the Ventersdorp Magistrate's Court on Wednesday April 14th for a formal bail application. The matter will be heard in camera to protect the teenager.

MySASucks weighs in and vigorously condemns the South Africa media spreading these stories so enthusiastically. They report that Naspers, which owns Media 24, Mweb, DSTV and Mxit, is dominated by Afrikaner names and faces. Two highlighted include Ruda Landman, who is apparently trying to destroy the Afrikaans language as the medium of education at Stellenbosch University, the last Afrikaans University in South Africa, and her partner and fellow director, Russel Bothma, also the Rector of Stellenbosch. But although they may have Afrikaner names, I wouldn't be surprised if some of them were actually Jews; if the links to the Media 24 and Naspers Board of Directors were available, we could find out. But the point made by MySASucks is that the multiculturalists destroying South Africa are getting a lot of inside help from South African whites.

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