Saturday, April 10, 2010

South African Boer Patriot Eugene Terre'Blanche Laid To Rest, Julius Malema Throws Out White BBC Reporter, Blacks Cheer As Suspects Brought To Court

Tensions remain high in South Africa as Boer patriot Eugene Terre'Blanche was laid to rest on Friday April 9th, 2010. Helicopters hovered overhead and police were out in force today as thousands of mourners gathered for the funeral in Ventersdorp, South Africa. Over 500 people alone attended the church service. Nearby, South Africa's largest trade union, COSATU, called a meeting of the black farm workers and other poor blacks living in Ventersdorp to try and ensure there would be no racial confrontation. Supporters of the Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB), some wearing their paramilitary uniforms, lined the streets of Ventersdorp as the hearse carrying Terre'Blanche's body drove slowly to the burial site on his farm 10 kilometres outside the small town. Family members and friends carried his wooden coffin, draped in a red-and-white flag with the black swastika-like emblem of the AWB. Mourners, some sobbing, threw flowers and rose petals into the grave. As it was filled, supporters gathered to sing Afrikaans songs, including the country's apartheid-era national anthem, Die Stem, which was followed by a few cheers.

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The AWB and other political opposition leaders blame Julius Malema, the African National Congress ruling party's youth leader, for stoking racial hatred by singing an apartheid-era struggle song, "Kill the Boer (white farmer)" at the party's rallies. While President Jacob Zuma condemned the murder as a "terrible deed" and called for calm in the country, critics say that's not enough.

YouTube video of Al-Jazeera report embedded below:

Not only did Julius Malema do absolutely nothing to alleviate tensions, but he may have inflamed them further by his own behavior. On Thursday April 8th, Malema preemptorily and abusively ejected a White BBC cameraman from his press conference. YouTube video of ITN report embedded below:

But tensions were even higher earlier on Tuesday April 6th when the 15-year-old and 28-year-old suspects were brought in and charged. Each one was charged with murder, house-breaking and aggravated robbery. They did not enter any pleas at the time. Many of the Black onlookers were cheering on the suspects, although they claimed they weren't approving of Terre'Blanche's murder. Police used razor wire to separate supporters of Terre'Blanche from supporters of the two black men accused of killing him.YouTube video of Al-Jazeera report embedded below:

Read additional on-the-spot analysis from MySASucks. Censorbugbear believes South Africa is on the verge of "Uhuru" - the mass murder of Whites by Blacks - which could start after the World Cup and the departure of the tourists. He thinks South Africa could become vulnerable to exploitation by Communist China.

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