Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Six High School Students In Chamberlain, South Dakota May Be Disciplined For Wearing "White Pride World Wide" Shirts To School

Updated April 30th post HERE.

Overt White racial consciousness may be spreading in America's heartland. On April 28th, 2010, reports that six Chamberlain (SD) High School students may face discipline after they came to school on Wednesday April 28th wearing what administrators call inappropriate t-shirts.

According to Superintendent Tim Mitchell, the students were wearing white t-shirts with the words "White Pride World Wide" written across the back in black lettering, along with the word "cracker" and a Celtic cross. On the front was a peace symbol and the word "peace." Mitchell said the "white pride" reference isn't the problem; it's that the word "cracker" is a derogatory term toward White people, and he considers the Celtic cross to be a "nationally-known white supremacist symbol". The latter is, of course, ADL and SPLC propaganda; there's nothing hateful about the Celtic cross. But at least the superintendent has no issue with the phrase "white pride", and he also considers "cracker" to be a racial slur.

Two of the students agreed to change their shirts on the spot, but the other four chose to leave campus with parental notification. Although no one has yet been suspended, administrators say it's a possibility because they committed a dress code violation. The district's dress code is specified HERE. Most likely only the four students who chose to leave campus would be subject to additional disciplinary measures.

According to Schoolbug, Chamberlain High School, with a reported student population of 279, is 82 percent White and 17 percent Amerindian. There are ZERO Blacks on campus. The city of Chamberlain is 86 percent White.


apollonian said...

This is outstanding news--really radical. Excellent job by WhiteReference. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

I want to make afew corrections for you.
1. Tim Mitchell sort of sounds stupid in this article of yours...but he's really not.
2. There are atleast more than 400 students on campus. Really? 279? Yeah the 50s...
3. There is way more than 17% Native American. More like... 50%
4. Wth is an 'Amerindian'?
And number 5 I believe there is ateast one black on campus, my friend.
These 6 peers of mine were stupid for it, so please people...Don't jude the little town of Chamberlain, SD by these doucebags.

Anonymous said...

Hire lawyers - sue the Principal and the school board !

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 6:13 P.M. - Thanks for your input. The number of students reported at your school is based on information provided by Schoolbug, so that tells me they're not keeping their database up.

"Amerindian" is a anthropological designation for "American Indian". I don't use the term "Native American" because I was born in this country and am just as "native" as any so-called "Native American". To restrict the term Native American to Indians only is an insult to all Americans of other races who were also born in this country.

Thanks for opening up an opportunity for me to expound on more of my thinking on this issue. That's why I have a fairly liberal comments policy.

Brian McFarland said...

The White Community Alliance while not knowing of these childrens actions we completely support the showing of pride and in their race.

If any of those students wish to contact us through the above website we would be greatful for the interaction. We have many local racialist that would be willing to help in any future problems.

Anonymous said...

the 6 students that did this just made our school look bad. they were suprised to get on the news, but why? why would you wanna be on the news for 'racial slurs' instead of academic or athletic wise. the reason why i wear Native Pride is because its my culture. Native American is a race & culture. White/Caucasian is in my opinion just a race. when you see ur school on tv you wanna see the good part. not just the bad of it!

apollonian said...

"Native Pride"--Stupidity Expressing Itself
(Apollonian, 29 Apr 10)

Anon at 7:04: What exactly was the "racial slur"? And how did the "6 students" make school "look bad"?--stupid ass. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

John said...

I can see the racial slur part of it from the school's point, although it seems silly to write cracker across your tshirt.. maybe silly isn't the right word, just not constructive. White pride would seem antithetical to calling oneself a cracker which has always been meant to be a derogatory word. But on the other hand, we live in a society where white kids(wiggers, at least that's what they called themselves when I was growing up) spit the word nigga(and other variations) around like water, applauded and encouraged by eMpTyV and nearly all other "mainstream" media/entertainment outlets, would hardly seem worth suspending someone over or otherwise making a big deal of. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if they play "that music" at their school dances either, be it DMX or whomever.

When I was in high school I had a "Yo MTV Raps" tshirt I wore around, with the word "raps" crossed out and replaced with "sucks", kids have been doing that sort of thing for decades.

Honestly, these kids only "offense" is going against mandated social constructs and conditioning. Which again, is part of growing up. (not to mention is what schools primary role is now, not providing an education). If the kids had just worn the shirts as is, it probably wouldn't have given the school something to grab onto and make "stick" for punishment.


re: 7:04 anon, yes white/"caucasian" is just as much about culture as it is a race. The concept of race isn't strictly genetic, or blood, a peoples are defined by their culture and traditions. Destroy their culture, traditions, their history and heritage, and you've destroyed them as a race and as humans. Nothing left but empty shells walking around.

Statements like yours show you as a culture killer, just as whites are accused of being killers of *your* (I presume) native culture. You may not even realize it, I don't mean this as an attack on you, but again it's part of America's social conditioning, which you take part in, and which sadly most take part in, dutifully(slavishly, rather), whites included. However, culture killing is culture killing, whether it's with our(sic) own media, or amerisrael's military bombing archeological and cultural sites in Baghdad(or firebombing entire cities full of non-combatants and non-military targets in Germany during WW2 such as Dresden, again for that very same reason). All the same war, just waged with differing intensities. It's been long decided that whites aren't supposed to have any culture, which is meant to destroy as a race both from without and within. Why take part in it, when (again I presume) you'd be incensed if someone were to do it to you and yours, let alone told you it's eseentially a crime and "hate" to have pride in your own race and culture? Who are the "HATERS" here? Who as a people are Creators and who are Destroyers? (let's face it, if it weren't for whites you wouldn't have a school there to begin with. Not saying this to be rude, I grew up just off a reservation as well, and went to school with many "amerindians", spent much time on their reservations. I respect them, but they do have a completly different way of life, contrary to ours. Their's a reason much of the world is perpetually in 2nd and 3rd world status, unable to lift themselves out of it, and it ain't because "white people keep them down as oppressors". America specifically is a land of ample opportunity for all, and while individuals may rise above their conditions, as a race or people they simply do not.) But I digress, who are Creators and who are Destroyers? People who take pride and awareness in their own culture and traditions or those who would rather that pride and culture(s) not exist let alone be acknowledged at all?

John said...

Good article on Julius Evola and his views concerning whites & race, @7:04 anon and any of you other kids who might be interested.

I think the introduction to his Men Among The Ruins makes a great primer, as well. His world views, including those on race, largely hit the mark.