Thursday, April 15, 2010

Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee Rejects Membership Bid By Derek Black 87-19; Black To Press On With Lawsuit

Derek Black (pictured at left wearing the hat; to the left of him is Jewish Republican boss Sid TapirsteinDinerstein), the son of Stormfront webmaster Don Black, pledged to continue his fight to become part of the Republican Party's inner circle after his 2008 election as a committeeman was arbitrarily invalidated by local Jewish Republican boss Sid Dinerstein. And he attempted to live up to that pledge by continuing to aspire to membership on the Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee.

But alas, Derek Black's latest attempt fell short. The Palm Beach Post reports that on Wednesday April 14th, 2010, the Committee overwhelmingly rejected Black's membership bid by an 87-19 vote, according to minutes published by the Republican Club of the Palm Beaches. An official tally from the party itself was not immediately available.

While the county GOP has technically based its rejection of Black’s 2008 election on so-called "procedural grounds", county Republican Chairman Sid Dinerstein has said he does not want Black on the REC because of his “white supremacist associations.” Derek Black has repeatedly said he’s not a white supremacist and has described himself as a “a White person who is concerned about discrimination against White people.” Derek Black is also being penalized because he is the son of Don Black.

The dispute originally centers around a loyalty oath. Before 2008, candidates for the Republican Executive Committee had to sign a loyalty oath before taking office. But the Republican Party of Florida issued a June 12, 2008, memo saying candidates had to sign the oath by the June 20 deadline for qualifying for the ballot. The change was widely seen as an effort to prevent supporters of Ron Paul’s failed presidential bid from winning party posts and then working against GOP nominee John McCain. The county GOP said in 2008 that five or six other candidates besides Black were disqualified because they didn’t sign oaths before the new deadline.

However, in a similar situation in Miami-Dade County, in 2009 a court ordered the local GOP to seat 19 members who hadn’t signed oaths because the court determined the local party hadn’t given the candidates adequate notice of the new deadline. Thus Derek Black's lawsuit against the Palm Beach GOP, when it reaches the courts, could be promising.

Additional information has been posted on this Stormfront thread. E-mail traffic posted on the thread shows a local Tea Party activist is also behind the effort to exclude Derek Black. Don Black weighs in with a couple of cogent observations. First this:

Derek has supporters in the local Tea Party movement, as he does among REC members. That email, if sent to regular Tea Partiers, is likely to have the opposite of the intended effect.

When all this was getting massive local publicity early last year, public sentiment, as evidenced by radio call-ins, blog comments and people recognizing him on the street, was mostly in favor of his being seated. Even a black girl movie ticket clerk recognized him and said he'd been "chillin'" on tv. I'm told that's a compliment.

And then this:

The good news is that 19 members of the Republic Executuve Committee had the courage to defy Sid Dinerstein and his Kosher Nostra last night, voting to seat Derek. That wasn't nearly enough, of course. This was the first time Dinerstein had ever spoken against a candidate for the REC. This time he spewed his bile against Derek, his mother, me and our entire family, most of whom were present in the room, declaring once again his contempt for the voters who elected Derek in his district.

The lawsuit will continue and is separate from last night's vote, though this further demonstrates the Republican establishment's contempt for election law. And of course, Sid Whinerstein will return as in studio guest on this morning's [Thursday April 15th] Derek Black Show on WPBR 1340AM, though staying funny could be a strain.

The audio archive of Derek Black's April 15th radio show is now available and embedded below:

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