Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Neo-Nazi" Activist Bill White Sentenced In Roanoke To 30 Months In Prison, With Credit For Time Already Served; Release As Early As December 2010

Updated with some additional information and a video embed.

On April 14th, 2010, Federal Judge James Turk sentenced national socialist activist Bill White to 30 months in prison for his conviction on two counts of making threats to harm people and one count of intimidation. He will be given credit for 18 months time already served, and with possible good behavior, could be released as early as eight months from now, by December 2010. He was also sentenced to three years supervised release after his prison term; during his probation, he will be banned from using the Internet for business or hobbies such as blogging. In addition, he permanently loses the right to bear arms.

This post combines and summarizes reports from WDBJ Channel 7, the Roanoke Times, and WSLS Channel 10. News video embedded below:

Federal prosecutors had recommended an enhanced range from 57 to 71 months because they claimed White had "targeted children". A probation officer had recommended a more moderate range, now revealed to be between 24 to 30 months, while White's lawyer had asked that he be sentenced only to time already served. Judge Turk disregarded the prosecution's harsh recommendation, but threw them a bone when he sentenced White to the high side of the probation officer's guidelines. Judge Turk did so because of the fear White instilled in many of his victims. Judge Turk told White that when he gets out of prison, "You can have any thoughts that you want to have, but you ought to keep them to yourself. I hope this will teach you a lesson, I really do". White declined a chance to speak at today's hearing.

Bill White had previously filed appeals of his three convictions, and has even hinted at the possibility of suing the Federal government, but did not specifically react to the sentence today. U.S. Attorney Timothy J. Heaphy held a news conference this afternoon to speak about White's sentence and the importance of prosecuting civil rights cases. The Department of Justice has now released an official statement on the case; a couple of excerpts replicated below:

"Our nation will not tolerate the acts of individuals who, fueled by bigotry and hate, threaten or intimidate individuals because of their race," said Assistant Attorney General Thomas E. Perez for the Civil Rights Division. "William White tried to disguise his hateful behavior as speech protected by the First Amendment. The jury rejected this defense in December, and this sentence demonstrates that all threatening and intimidating behavior, no matter how a perpetrator tries to mask it, will be subject to the same punishment under the law."

"Racial prejudice has no place in a civilized society. No one who lives in this community should feel at liberty to threaten or intimidate others as an expression of that racial animus. While the First Amendment protects everyone's right to free expression, it does not protect hate-mongers like Bill White," said U.S. Attorney Timothy J. Heaphy for the Western District of Virginia. "The Department of Justice will react swiftly when anyone attempts to threaten or intimidate other people due to their race. The White case demonstrates our commitment to vigorously prosecuting anyone who commits a hate crime in this district."

Who in hell is Timothy Heaphy to say that "racial prejudice has no place in a civilized society"? That's not his call to make; his call is restricted to passing judgment on one's actions. Attitude and philosophy should never go on trial.

All previous posts on Bill White's trial can be viewed HERE. Ongoing VNN Forum thread HERE, and Stormfront thread HERE. Previous Roanoke Times coverage HERE.

Lessons Learned: This trial established a new standard of legally-acceptable activism. The verdicts revealed a distinction made between public and private personas. White was acquitted on the charges involving Leonard Pitts and Richard Warman because they were public personas presumed to be willing to tolerate the greater risks attendant to public activism. Where White stumbled was in targeting private personas the same way.

But the Feds did not specifically move against Bill White until after he published the edition of National Socialist magazine showing Barack Obama through the crosshairs with the caption "Kill This Nigger?". At that point, it didn't matter to the Feds whether or not he intended to carry out the threat, which he clearly did NOT intend to do. The Feds decided they could not tolerate the risk, and so they rolled him up.

Bill White's sentence was undeserved, but unfortunately our opinion doesn't count with the Feds.


Anonymous said...

It's good that you put "neo-nazi" in parenthesies. The man is a fraud. Since when can someone self-proclaim something like that and not be called out for it? At least he is banned from the Internet for many years and the world won't have to put up with his impersonation any more.

Mark this down. When he does get out (if he's not killed in there) and his probation is up, we'll never hear a peep from him again. That will be further proof that he has been a fraud and a pansy all along. Same as Alex Curtis, the big-bad "neo-nazi" who vanished after doing a few years.

Anonymous said...

Matt Hales sentence vs the fat kosher toads', smells to high heaven. Can anybody say "D E A L"? He OUGHT to have received a hell of a LOT more, for simply being a freak who totally tainted the WN cause!

Anonymous said...

the feds didn't move against White because they loved how he was smearing the NS/WN movement by his stupid antics. It was only when he put the Magic Mullato in the crosshairs suggesting "someone" KILL this NIGGER that were ordered to move. Everyone I have talked to in WN circles feels that not only did White ask for it, but GOOD RIDDANCE as well! 14.88

Anonymous said...


Hooch said...

"""When he does get out (if he's not killed in there) and his probation is up, we'll never hear a peep from him again. That will be further proof that he has been a fraud and a pansy all along"""

What a piece of dog shit you are...

So if he decides he wants to live an easier life with his wife and be a dad for his little girl he's a pansy?

You're the pansy you little candy ass fagot.

Kyle said...

Yes, quoted for truth :

"Bill White's sentence was undeserved, but unfortunately our opinion doesn't count with the Feds."

Unless you're Hal Turner with some license to spew, they'll get you one way or another, even if it means making new laws or breaking our commonly understood procedures.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 5:01 - There's a difference in the Matt Hale case. A judge was perceived to be threatened, which is a reason why Hale got a heavier sentence (although 40 years is ridiculous). The system takes an extremely dim view of threatening judges.

Bill White was smart enough not to threaten judges. And if Bill White had taken a deal, the case would have been resolved long before now.

Thanks to Hal Turner, we know what a REAL informant looks like. Bill White doesn't particularly fit the mold, IMO.

Anonymous said...

No, Bill White is just an asshole who loved insulting and attacking both friends and foe. Now we are supposed to forget & forgive this fat lump of shit? No wonder we lose, the jews believe in "NEVER FORGET", we on the other hand tolerate or worse - welcome back proven provocs...

apollonian said...

Bill White Ordeal Shows Power Of ZOG-Mammon, Cowardice, Weakness Of USA Citizens
(Apollonian, 15 Apr 10)

AA, I agree w. much of what u say regarding Bill White. But Hal Turner was not un-covered as "informer," as u falsely say, utterly without any evidence; he was simply an agent provocateur for FBI, used evidently against the SPLC and ADL to un-cover their agents, as we see fm Family of Hal Turner. So far as we know, Hal Turner is still loyal to whites and Christians, don't forget--regardless of his work for FBI, which was surely un-wise.

Regarding Bill White u did good work. I must say I'm extremely bitter myself regarding this suppression of White, as his blog, for example, was one of my favorite and most reliable outlets for publication of commentary, even though White censored my stuff several times, esp. when I attacked that Jew-scum "Hooch," who fooled White. White's still young man, relatively, in his early 30s.

And it's great tribute to White and effectiveness of his activities that ZOG-Mammon was sooooo desperate for his persecution and suppression--and as confirmed by the amazing number of brainless queers and Jewwy punks we see posting here on these blogs of urs regarding White and Hal Turner.

White's only real mistake was getting sooooo far out in front of any large or significant group of allies and friends, thus allowing ZOG-Mammon to ISOLATE him and pick him off.

It's gross foolhardiness to be so challenging to ZOG-Mammon who didn't hesitate to murder 3,000 US citizens on 9-11. White had to expect ZOG would duly attack him--what did he expect?--and what was he planning as counter?

CONCLUSION: The way to fight ZOG-Mammon is through and by means of a rationalist Christian movement which specifically TARGETS the Jews' greatest allies and asset, the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who say Christ was Jew (Talmudist) and treasonably support enemy terror-state of Israel. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:28 has it completely correct. (Kudos to Anon 5:47 as well). Thanks for saying so. Bill White is NOT -- and never has been -- a neo-nazi, white-supremacist, racist, ns, wn or whatever the news-media wants to call him -- or even what he tried to label himself.

The proper term for White is "Nihilist" -- somebody who has NO beliefs, NO ideology, and NO purpose except to promote himself and tear others down. That seems so evident. I wonder why it hasn't been picked up by genuine right-wingers?

A dictionary definition of "Nihilism" is the "doctrine of the absurd." What could better describe Bill White?

As for the rumor that White is Jewish, although he frankly acts the part, I haven't seen any hard evidence. Until there is some (which is doubtful), I would say lay off the baseless name-calling. There is plenty to tag White with, without losing credibility.

Anonymous said...

After the Skokie case so many jews pulled funding from ACLU in protest that after that the ACLU DROPPED defending the First Amendment if Whites were involved. Otherwise they would have been all over this and other cases like white on rice.

The FRAUD that the ACLU is has been clearly demonstrated by their failure to assist in the defense of the 1st Amendment in this case.

This is, now, the USSA, with Bolsheviks controlling the apparatus, which is why AIPAC alleged espionage agents had their cases DROPPED by the Justice Dept. same as the NEW BLACK PANTHER PARTY's voter intimidation case was DROPPED by the Justice Dept.

The entire law enforcement and legal apparatus of the govt. is POLITICIZED.

Now, now we know.
This is not a free country anymore, it is not a constitutional republic it is a Bolshevik Sham.

Which is about to collapse due to forces beyond their control. Whites don't have to do a thing, just sit back with the popcorn and enjoy the show.

Anonymous said...

Bill White was a DETRIMENT to the WN cause pure and simple. I see no reason why anyone would wish to show sympathy for this clown.

Hooch said...

One shouldn't applaud unconstitutional attacks from the government on ANY person in the United States. Only a fool would do so.