Monday, April 19, 2010

National Socialist Movement Publishes Official After-Action Report Of Los Angeles Rally And National Meeting; Rumored Dissension Did Not Materialize

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The National Socialist Movement has published its official after-action report of the April 17th "Reclaim the Southwest" rally, along with the national meeting and the banquet which followed. Rumors of possible internal dissension at the meeting proved groundless. You can read my previous post for more details on the rally.

The NSM reports that a total of approximately 100 White activists participated. They included 75 NSM members, along with a couple dozen additional supporters, ndependents, and members of other groups. They sounded off in the sanctuary city against illegal immigration, corrupt politicians, and the businesses that hire illegals. Noteworthy speakers as follows:

-- Commander Jeff Schoep: Spoke about the NSM's continued commitment to an America First policy as patriots, and as a possible third party alternative. To the Mexicans embedded in the anti-racist crowd, he recommended that they should embrace their own form of nationalism by returning to their homeland to reclaim their own destiny, rather than imperialistically imposing their nationalism on Americans upon American soil.

-- Jimmy Marr: A special guest speaker who has ably promoted and defended national socialism at the Pacifica Forum, he announced his support of NSM efforts and spoke eloquently on White civil rights.

-- Jeffrey Hall: As the leader of the local NSM unit, he announced future participation in local and national elections and promised additional street level activism. He said this rally against sanctuary cities and illegal immigration was just the beginning of our mission to reclaim the Southwest.

Another person in attendance, Harry L. Hughes III, reported there were other speakers, including Chairman Cliff Herrington, who described in more scientific terms how the problem of illegal immigration can be interpreted as biological warfare against White people. As Chairman, Herrington is the titular head of the NSM, but Jeff Schoep exercises operational command and control.

At the end of the rally, as the White activists arrived at their parking area, glass bottles, rocks and concrete rained down from the sky at the southwest corner. The Daily Titan separately reported that feces may have also been thrown. Several activists immediately responded by raising their shields to protect the vehicles and members entering their cars. If not for the men who raised the shields and charged to the front of what was starting to develop into what could best be described as the start of a riot, a number of people could have been hit with large chunks of concrete and brick. The rally was a complete success and the solidarity amongst those whom attended was second to none in the face of such violence. The NSM looks forward to future activism in the area.

Afterwards, the group convened the National Meeting, where internal party business and future plans for a National Socialist party were discussed. They report enjoying a fantastic meal cooked by two of the female cadre, Krista and Beverly. Unlike some WN organizations, the NSM values the contributions of the women as much as the men.

Also noteworthy was that none of the rumored dissension about a so-called "Ambergate" scandal, further discussed HERE, materialized. This means that if it is an issue, it will be handled behind closed doors in a professional manner rather than airing dirty laundry in public. This is not only the right way, but the WHITE way.


LMAO said...

This was good for quite a laugh. What really happened was that about 30 to 50 Nazi jackasses showed up playing dress up in black boots and helmets. A few of them spoke. What was intelligible was comical, paranoid, and insane hate and fear mongering clap trap. But mostly, no one could hear them except for themselves because the crowd of countless Angelenos (including many decent and sane white folks like myself) were chanting for them to go home and that their racist hatred isn't welcome in this city. The NSM should have considered it a pathetic embarrassment (but if they were able to perceive properly they wouldn't be the NSM would they?). But the fact that they consider it a success and went on to play more dress up for the rest of the day and play 'National Meeting' later on is further evidence how ridiculous and out of touch with reality these kooks are.
Thanks again for the laugh.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Don't ask, Don't tell.

Anonymous said...

This is what the Vinlanders have to say on this subject.

John said...

LOL, Who cares what the Vinlosers and Bowels has to say? I think both groups are jealous because they could NOT pull off the same event in the same area. The NSM is the largest pro-White group in America and your groups can continue to take a back seat. The NSM does more in one week than both your groups could do in a lifetime. Go cry on your own sites because you come off as petty and childish. Its really sad your need to attack fellow White men and women to make yourselves feel better. Not the work of White men if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree with John. You people make me sick! This is exactly why your groups do not receive new recruits. We shouldn`t be tearing each other down... leave that to the Jews!

Anonymous said...


you got a problem with Vinlanders, moron? What's up? You haven't had enough by now, you stupid nsm bitch??

Anonymous said...

LOL "fellow white men" Schoep is fucking a race traitor! I would die before I would work with such a piece of shit. I actually have honor something that Schoep will never have.

"Leave that to the Jews" Yeah Jeff acts Jewish alright. All he cares about is his damn record company. The rallies are just a front to gain more money. Are you people fucking stupid?

Anonymous said...

Jeffie and his whore is total trash.

His bitch is the trashy-est cunt in the entire the NSM sewer. Sluts that fuck niggers should swing, no doubt about it.

Jeffie would say this is all lies. Everything is all lies and if you don't do your own reasearch you might believe him. Jeff relies upon the idiots and satanists to fill his membership. No matter what scandals appear he will always have idiots that will believe his lies.

People are so stupid.

Anonymous said...

The simple fact remains that neither the Vinlanders or ANP could hold the same event in the same area. Instead you sit behind your computers talking trash while the NSM hits the streets. Its sad.

And should we believe Bowels. Did you not give the estimate of 30-40 at the LA event? Although there are conflicting reports the LA Times reported that approx. 100 NSM members were in attendance and the anti`s videos show about 100.

I guess Bowels thinks if he repeats a lie enough times it makes it true despite the physical evidence. Your a sad little man.

Anonymous said...



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Anonymous said...

Hail the NSM! I think Amber is my favorite member! Jeff must be so proud to be a new Step daddy. After all his white children weren't good enough for him.

Wilson is one fat fuck. Oh what about the new guy in the SS. He couldn't save a doughnut if his life depended on it.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Boswell left because Schoep was putting the make on his wife.

Anonymous said...

from '40', to '70', now '100' - boy, how the numbers grow, as the days go bye! lol the fact of the matter is, that even if there were a fucking thousand of the same types, they would still be a collection of dysfunctional freaks. look at the pictures - these shuffling, obese, undiciplined losers are nazis?! only in fantasyland...when are people going to realize that it 'quality', not 'quantity' that is important!

Anonymous said...

An investigation has recently been launched into the untimely death of former NSM Southern States Leader Wild Bill Hoff. It has been widely suspected amongst the NSM that John Taylor Bowles may have drugged Wild Bill the morning he was killed. A number of current and former NSM members have been questioned recently by authorities in light of this investigation.

Bowles lengthy criminal history, and other matters draw a giant guilty spotlight upon him in the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of Wild Bill. Including the fact that within hours of his death, Bowles was inside of Wild Bill's house ransacking his belongings and taking whatever he could find of value, including his coin collections and literally anything he could get his hands on of value. Bowles also cleaned out $1,000.'s of dollars of NSM merchandise and as almost everyone knows was selling NSM REc cds for $5. on his website awhile back, the proof of that is saved as per this investigation.

Bowles is also currently squating (he was long ago evicted by the property owner Nick C) at Wild Bill's former home, and refuses to vacate the premises. So it wasn't enough for this worm to potentially be in on the death of a great leader, he also robbed the man of his home, and possesions, and has spent the last 3 years disrespecting and degrading Wild Bills Comrades and the Organization (NSM) of whom Wild Bill was a life member of. One could say Bowles lives in a glass house and likes to cast stones, but the truth is he is lucky the NSM or the spirit of Wild BIll have not taken revenge upon him, nor do they publically comment upon his vile ways. Bowles much like the openly ara activist Jim Ramm (Matt Ramsey) are both well known for their treason, and what is coming to them is not coming on the internet. A jail cell is what could be coming for Bowles if it can be proven about what is suspected that he did to Wild Bill, and for Ramsey his open collaboration with the anti-racists, ADL, etc is well known, those whom affiliate with him should expect whatever fate has in store. Only God knows what his plans are for these untermensch!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe anyone would accuse Bowels of killing one of his best friends? Is this the best lies the NSM can come up with? LAME

The real problem here is Jeff Schoep married a fucking race traitor! Not only did she marry him but she fucked out a niglet!

Anonymous said...

A comment from a NSM member on Stormfront.

It was kind of upsetting the amount of pro-white people who refused to show up (and I'm not talking about those who can't because of work, expenses, etc.) because they don't like the NSM or, even worse, they don't like specific members of the NSM. We had a lot of "Oh, well, I was going to go but then I found out that so-and-so was going, so now I'm not going, and I'm going to tell all my friends not to go." Or, on the flip side, "Well, I was hoping to hang out with so-and-so, but then I heard he wasn't going, so now I don't want to go."

Lots of groups don't like the NSM...that's fine. Stand slightly to the right of us and wear your own patches and fly your own flags...I think the cause should be more important than the group or the people who compose that group. I mean, I'm not a Klan member, but if they had a rally anywhere near me, I'd sure be there!

Sounds like true white nationalists wised up and refused to follow the race traitor Schoep.

Anonymous said...

Those lies and bad remarks are made by Shannon Chappell who is the biggest trouble maker and porno-queen in the pro-White movement.