Saturday, April 24, 2010

National Alliance Chairman Erich Gliebe Distributes Flyers At Cleveland Tea Party Gathering; Teabaggers Got Uneasy At The Words "White People"

National Alliance Chairman Erich Gliebe decided to take a day off from running the organization and go back into "grunt mode" temporarily. On April 15th, 2010, Gliebe, along with another unidentified Alliance member, decided to visit the Tea Party Tax Day rally occurring in Cleveland and distribute flyers. These flyers were strictly pro-White; no criticism of non-Whites was contained. Yet when the Tea Partiers saw the words "White People", the light of enthusiasm perceptively dimmed, and the fear of "racism" glazed over their eyes.

Gliebe's account of his visit is part of the discussion on the April 24th American Dissident Voices (ADV) broadcast entitled "There Is No Easy Way Out" (audio archive will be available HERE later this week). Here's the pertinent excerpt from the broadcast:

I, along with another National Alliance member, brought a handful of flyers to distribute to the nearly all-White crowd. The flyers we handed out contained a positive, non-threatening message: “Stop Affirmative Action – White People Need Jobs Too!” However, when some of the recipients read over the flyer and saw the words “White People,” a very timid, cowardly, and uneasy look took over them.

The reason for the cowardly display by some of the White Tea Partiers is that they are still holding out hope for the System; a System that is the Enemy of our people. That is why the Tea Partiers still like to walk within the confines of Political Correctness. They don’t want the System to end they enjoy being consumers in it.

The Jews aren’t stupid. They understand that what mass man holds dearly valuable are not his personal honor or racial pride, but rather his trinkets. That is why the White masses are still hoping – albeit foolishly – for a nice conservative solution; you know, vote for the lesser of two evils on Election Day.

The Tea Parties are so much in tune with the current System, that mainstream politicians such as Sarah Palin are often keynote speakers at these events. Mrs. Palin, who is married to some sort of mixed-race male with Inuit lineage, has made millions of dollars from a book she wrote entitled “Going Rogue.” Going rogue? Unless she calls for the end of sending billions of dollars and up-to-date military hardware to Israel annually, and the deployment of American troops to our nation’s borders with shoot-to-kill orders against anyone entering the country illegally, she is not going rogue… she is going to the bank, with money garnered from gullible Whites.

At the Tea Party, I saw a middle-aged man dressed as a Roman gladiator, a White U.S. Marine with an Asian bride, a 400-lb. guy wearing a pirate hat, and a young White woman who sprinted over and removed a National Alliance flyer from a local television network news vehicle because she didn’t want the Tea Party to have a “racist image.”

The only reason several hundred White people showed up at this event, is because the Tea Parties are “comfortable.” The System is giving Whites sandbox to let off a little steam, while it continues to promote the destruction of our people.

I also observed that very few of the Tea Partiers are even on the same page on a number of important issues. And their solution to the woes of America? Voting out the incumbents, and voting in new lawyer-politicians.

The last paragraph is so true. Right now the Tea Party reminds me of a body looking for a head. Perhaps this is an opportunity for us to become the head.

But before that can happen, the Tea Partiers need to grow a pair, man up, and quit running away from "racism". The fact is, many of the Whites who are a part of the Tea Party Movement already have racial instincts. Many of them live in mostly or even exclusively White neighborhoods. If diversity is so great, why did they buy their way out of it? Why do they live in more expensive suburbs and endure hour-long commutes every workday if diversity is so wonderful?

Tea Partiers are going to be denounced as racist by the hard left regardless of what they say or do. If they bring in more Blacks, the Blacks will be denounced as Uncle Toms. Continuing to waste time denying they're racists will merely ensure that the Tea Partiers will remain "stuck on stupid". This means they have another choice. They can either choose to ignore charges of "racism" and press on fearlessly.

Or, in a case of psychological warfare, they can choose to embrace it - and deny the opposition a psychological weapon used against them. We're not asking them to ditch their non-White friends, spouses, or children. We're merely asking them to consider reality.

Which way, White man?


Harry L. Hughes III said...

I found that many in the the tea party crowd are pro-Israel neo-cons. I was actually kicked out of a tea party last November. Although mostly White People, this crowd needs to wake up and get educated.

Anchorage Activist said...

The key is to get them to overcome their fear of the designation "racist". This is why I still believe we need to re-define and de-stigmatize "racism", although in his latest explanation on Stormfront, Dr. David Duke thinks it's sufficient merely to deflect the racism charge back upon our adversaries.

Actually, Dr. Duke's deflection tactic is also good, but I don't want antis and Jewish supremacists to be allowed to preferentially define "racism" unopposed.

Armed With Knowledge said...

The only way to win is to deflect the negative that the press accuses you of being!!! There are too many people, aware of their race's plight, conscious of their identity and interested in the preservation of their people and culture, who play into the system's hands by accepting the labels the press throws out...

It reminds me of those who thought they could fight the taboo against racialist awareness and anti-anti-white by defending the racialist and pro-white NS Germany or the German WWII war cause when the media lies about either of them. This is a mistake, because the system WANTS you to sympathize with the NS state and identify with it so as to portray you as an evil person who also wants to start wars and kill 6 million Jews. And that is how the anti-white multicultural neo-con system wins and why the people who see what is going on never can.

Anonymous said...

WoW! The NA sure has fallen on tough days when they can only put out Gliebe and one other person for an activity! To think that before Gliebe assumed command they were a huge group. Sure says something about Gliebes ability to be in charge of anything, to run a multi-million dollar operation into the ground.

Anonymous said...

I find it hard to think of Erich getting off the couch and doing much more then taking a crap. this guy is a liar and a loser, he was not there, I would have seen his stroke face and smelled his IBS as he ran for the bathroom, he was not there folks it's another Gliebe lie, well he may have pulled over while driving by to take a picture of himself.