Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Missouri U.S. Senate Candidate Glenn Miller Hits The Big Time; Radio Interview With Jewish Shock Jock Howard Stern

Note: All posts on Glenn Miller's 2010 U.S. Senate campaign available HERE, with the most recent post displayed first.

Just when you might be tempted to think that the write-in U.S. Senate campaign of White civil rights activist Glenn Miller may have peaked out, another media outlet calls. Only this time it was someone with national stroke - Jewish shock jock Howard Stern, whose average audience numbers about eight million listeners.

According to this VNN Forum thread entitled " I Was On The Howard Stern Show (7 Apr 10)", the manner in which it came about may have been a fluke. Someone representing himself as Stern producer Gary Delabonti phoned Miller on April 6th, 2010 and invited him on the show. Naturally, Miller accepted, but when Miller called back the next day, Delabonti denied having extended the invitation. But then once Delabonti realized who Miller was, he huddled with Stern, who extended the invitation. So Glenn Miller spent about 30 minutes or so on Stern's program on April 7th. The interview is also discussed on a second VNN Forum thread entitled "Audio of Glenn Miller vs Howard Stern - I Kicked King Kike's Ass !!!".

Two different audio embeds are available below; if one doesn't work for you, the other should. If neither work, go to this link to download the audio archive:

Of course, Stern's primary goal was to toy with Glenn Miller as a cat would toy with a mouse. But what Stern found out was that this "mouse" could roar, and even deploy some fangs of his own. Stern even tried to bait Miller into saying the word "nigger" over the air, but Miller refused to take the bait, saying that it was a word he no longer cared to use. Once again, Glenn Miller remained totally focused on the Jewish Question, saying that the Jewish problem is most important, other problems being mere distractions. Again, Miller cited a wide variety of U.S. and foreign leaders who expounded upon the Jewish Question. When asked by Stern about those who are only part Jewish (one grandparent), Miller showed a bit of flexibility, saying that it would depend upon which side of the family they identified with.

What I have noticed is that with each successive interview, Glenn Miller becomes more polished in his delivery. While he retains his distinctive North Carolina accent, Miller's syntax is beginning to sound more and more like Dr. David Duke. This will further build his credibility with the White working class.

The Vanguard News Network has now created a special archive page with all his interviews and campaign ads. We've definitely caught lightning in a bottle - none of us thought that the Glenn Miller campaign would trigger such a feverish interest. In terms of sheer publicity value, this has been a Godsend; it would take tens of thousands of dollars to buy the publicity that Miller has gotten for free so far. Those who are interested in supporting Glenn Miller's campaign so we can press the advantage further can send check, cash, or money order to:

Glenn Miller for US Senate
PO Box 3861
Springfield, MO 65808

Tel: 417-463-7703

Campaign website:


apollonian said...

Miller Needs More Coherent Program Founded In Ready Principles And Steps
(Apollonian, 8 Apr 10)

Yes AA, I agree old Glenn was much better in this little episode vs. Howard Stern, who nonetheless was able to press Miller a good deal on the FBI informant issue, unfortunately. Miller needs to come up w. a conclusive explanation, or whatever, by which he can close-out for that issue and get on w. his own program and agenda.

Jews were nervous, hysterical, and desperate, the one demanding Stern get Miller OFF the show as he was doing too well.

But Glenn has to get slicker and more cogent for his political-sociologic analysis: (a) Jews are essentially criminals and supreme frauds and liars in accord w. their psychopathic Talmudic religion (see and

(b) Jews then rule as practical matter by chief means of their COUNTERFEITING scam at the very top, the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see and for expo/ref.

(c) By means then of that primary COUNTERFEITING mechanism, Jews are literally able to control and dominate everything else of culture and economy, all the Jews, even in the middle and lower echelons, allowed thereby to obtain choice, strategic positions as long as they merely stay loyal to their criminal leaders in their typical collectivistic fashion, this in the midst of confused, dis-oriented, de-moralized, and dependent gentiles. Obviously then Jews MUST keep gentile in-fighting against one another.

(d) Thus Jews dominate the mass-corporate "Jews-media" as Miller is so astute for noting. Incidentally, Miller needs to simply remind people Rupert Murdoch is a Jew descended fm a Jew female whose maiden name was "Green," I believe--which should be fairly easy to research.

So yes, Miller comes off pretty well against stupid, patronizing Jews like Colmes and Stern who aren't as well prepared for Miller as he is for them.

CONCLUSION: (e) Miller ought to be prepared w. his own program for general Jew-Expulsion fm USA and the West--this by Christian means of arrest, confiscation, internment, and separation by sex, Jews dying out in natural, peaceful fashion--all for the good of human kind. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Glenn Miller: Ultimate race-traitor.
See this: