Tuesday, April 06, 2010

"Racist" Missouri U.S. Senate Candidate Glenn Miller Interviewed By Alan Colmes On Liberaland, Addresses The Jewish Question Full Throttle

Note: All posts on Glenn Miller's 2010 U.S. Senate campaign available HERE, with the most recent post displayed first.

On April 5th, 2010, Alan Colmes interviewed Missouri U.S. Senate candidate Glenn Miller on his Liberaland radio program. Colmes wrote up this introductory article on April 3rd. Fox News has made an embeddable video of this interview available (the segment is about 10 minutes long; I only played the first half).

This embed has proved temperamental; if it doesn't work, go HERE to watch the video:

As usual, Miller was well-organized and loaded for bear. The two stated objectives of his candidacy are to free White people from Jewish bondage, and save the White race from extinction. Miller rigorously took Colmes to the woodshed for claiming that he (Colmes) is White, since Colmes is also Jewish, because Jews have been disproportionately involved in so many socially-destabilizing movements such as civil rights, feminism, and gay rights. But Colmes expressed respect for Miller because he's up front about his racial advocacy. Colmes tried to cite Rupert Murdoch as "evidence" that Jews don't control the media, but Miller was ready and cited a reference from the Israeli newspaper Haaretz asserting Jewish control of the American media.

Glenn Miller disclosed that he became Jew-wise in 1974 after the Six-Day War and the subsequent Arab oil embargo against the United States. It was at this point that he found out just how deeply Jewish interests controlled the mass media, promoting a Middle East policy which imposed deleterious economic consequences upon the American people.

When Colmes reminded Miller that the last time he ran for Congress in 2006, he got 40 votes, Miller correctly pointed out that a lot has changed since then, citing the election of the mulatto President Barack Obama and the fact that millions more White men are now out of work as primary examples of change. But when Colmes tried to entrap Miller into saying that he wanted to violently overthrow the government, Miller astutely denied it.

Unlike in the April Gaede interview, it doesn't appear that Alan Colmes deliberately turned down the volume when Glenn Miller spoke. I could hear Glenn Miller quite well, and I've suffered some mild hearing loss.

Discussion and reaction on this Vanguard News Network Forum thread as well as on this other thread. Great job by Miller in staying on the attack and not allowing Colmes to derail him. If there is anyone in the White Nationalist community worthy of support right now, Glenn Miller is it. No one else comes close to delivering a bigger bang for a buck at this time. Those who are interested in supporting Glenn Miller's campaign can send check, cash, or money order to:

Glenn Miller for US Senate
PO Box 3861
Springfield, MO 65808

Tel: 417-463-7703

Campaign website: http://www.whty.org


apollonian said...

Miller Isn't Too Bad, But Could Surely Be Much Improved Upon
(Apollonian, 6 Apr 10)

AA, I disagree w. u about Miller--he's certainly not too bad--but he doesn't really seem to have much of a plan for things political/cultural, and he has very little in way of a theme which he can fall back on. David Duke could easily do much better.

And Miller was caught hemming and hawwing a bit about Berg the talk-show kike who was executed--we're at war w. these stinking Jews, and that's certainly how the brotherhood saw it at the time. We need another Jew-expulsion, for sure.

Note Colmes paints himself as "liberal"--he's the typical "MORAL" crusader for all the queers and Jews--and he just has Miller on in order to whip up some liberal righteousness among his Jew-queer fans. So I'm sure Colmes scored a few pts.

What we need, very simply, is that large, overall, general Christian program favoring truth against the rampant, absolutely putrid Jew-sponsored and encouraged corruption and decadence--against the "Judeo-Christian" traitors who support Israel, for one thing--and featuring honest free market policies economically.

It would be far better to maintain the Christian theme, be willing to ally in reasonable way w. other races, AND CONCENTRATE AGAINST THE JEW.

I agree w. u Miller scored big when he caught Colmes in the typical Jew lie about USA, and mass-media especially, not being controlled by kikes. But we REALLY NEED most pertinent INFO to be dramatized--like especially how Jews rule by means of that COUNTERFEITING fraud, the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see RealityZone.com and TheMoneyMasters.com for expo/ref.

CONCLUSION: But this is still significant story to be covered for white folks who could do a lot worse than a spokesman like Miller who at least shows some spirit of some kind. Do continue w. ur good journalistic work, by all means. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

LeRoy James said...

Man, white people are devils.