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Holocaust® Hysteria Breaks Out In Kalispell, Montana; Flathead Valley Multi-Faith Coalition Shows Up To Protest Holocaust Revisionist Film Screening

An outbreak of "Holocaust Hysteria" took place at the Kalispell Branch of the Flathead County Public Library in Montana during a showing of the film "The Holocaust Debate". Media story from the Flathead Beacon, while Kalispell resident April Gaede posted discussion threads on Stormfront and the Vanguard News Network Forum.

A local resident named Karl Gharst decided to organize the showing of “The Holocaust Debate” in order to broaden local perspectives on what the American Free Press once described as "the most exaggerated event of the 20th century". The movie features a debate between Holocaust revisionist Mark Weber of the Institute for Historical Research (IHR), and Michael Shermer, a science writer and editor of Skeptic magazine, who considers the official Holocaust account to be inerrant theology. During the film, Weber quite literally takes Shermer to school with a litany of examples, statistics and sources to back up his arguments, while in contrast, Shermer dissembled, spoke haltingly and seemed to lack confidence in basic facts of the Jewish Holocaust to effectively rebut Weber.

But the local controversy began at the point where Shermer said in the film, “Did the Nazis intend to exterminate European Jews? Even that question cannot be answered.” Four people got up and walked out in protest. One of them, a white-haired woman whose husband was a pilot during World War II and declined to give her name, said “It’s a pack of lies in there, that’s all it is. He’s a supremacist if I’ve ever heard of one”. It is unclear if the lady was referring to Mark Weber or Karl Gharst. But then she went on to criticize the 10 people who remained for the film. Most of them belong to a group called Kalispell Pioneer Little Europe (PLE), dedicated to encouraging White nationalists to move to the Flathead because of its high population of Whites. Members of the group routinely post job openings and housing information on the White nationalist website,, to entice others to move to the valley.

But this was just the tip of the iceberg. Prior to the movie being shown, about 55 people gathered on the sidewalk in a protest organized by the Flathead Valley Multi-Faith Coalition, holding signs with messages like “God is Love,” and “We Honor WWII Vets.” Because it was the first night of Passover, the Jewish holiday commemorating the Hebrews’ Biblical escape from enslavement in Egypt, no members of the Flathead’s anecdotal Jewish community were present. Prominently involved with this coalition are Darryl Kistler, pastor of the United Church of Christ in Kalispell, and Bill Baumgarten, the retired priest of Christ Church Episcopal. Baumgarten complained that the film was tinged with racism and anti-Semitism. Some of the opposition are also objecting to the use of a public facility to "promote" Holocaust Revisionism.

But while both ministers bridle at Holocaust Revisionism, both represent Christian denominations promoting Christian Revisionism. Both denominations have been at the forefront of ordaining women and queers to pastoral positions, neither of which are sanctioned by the Bible. Both denominations were categorically targeted (although not by name) by Glenn Beck when he recently condemned church involvement in political "social justice".

April Gaede was quoted in the story (and participated in the discussion in the comments section). Gaede said she was upset that her daughters were shown the film, “Schindler’s List,” in high school, where the teacher described it as a documentary. “This is just one aspect of history; you’re not putting that much interest into other aspects, like the bombing of Dresden or the internment of Japanese,” Gaede said. “It’s a way to vilify the Germanic people.”

Kalispell resident Brian Gray said the Nazis did not imprison innocent people in the concentration camps. “The Germans were very meticulous in their record-keeping,” Gray said. “Most of the people were in there for crimes against the state.” Ten days earlier, Gray posted on Stormfront his hope that the film would change viewers’ minds as to whether the right side won World War II. “If people start seeing that the basis of the U.S. being the ‘good guys’ saving the world from evil Hitler was based on a lie, and that the good guys actually lost that war, maybe it will be easier for them to come forth with some racial identity,” Gray wrote on March 19. “In order to debunk the Zionists, we must show them to the white masses for the liars and murderers they really are.” And Greg Gerdes, who identified himself as president of the National Association of Forensic Historians, passed out fliers offering a $10,000 reward for anyone who could show proof of certain mass graves from the Holocaust he said were fraudulent. He added that he planned to bring Weber, one of the country’s foremost Holocaust deniers, to the Flathead to give a speech in June.

Karl Gharst plans a follow-up. Gharst told everyone he had reserved the library’s basement room for April 29th, where he planned to show another film titled, “Epic: The Story of the Waffen SS,” which presents a more balanced perspective about the combat arm of the Nazi party – found guilty during the Nuremberg trials of crimes against humanity.


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Anonymous said...

Weber is no longer a revisionist, he claims now the "Holocaust" happend, read his Jan 09 article "How Relevent is Holicaust Revisionism." In that article Weber states, "something happend to the jews, because after the war they were gone."

Fritz Berg, Paul Grubach, Robert Faurisson, Arthur Btuz, Bradley Smith to name just five revisionists have stated that Weber is a lazy, shiftless, indolent, do nothing- non producer, using the IHR mailing list as his personal sinecure. April Gaede should be ashamed of herself using Weber's old 95 tape, when he has, more or less, recanted on Holocaust revisionism. As he stated in that Jan 09 article, "Holocaust revisionism has been more a hinderance than a help."

Weber has outed himself as a fraud.

Kyle said...

To anonymous, when somebody says something is IRRELEVANT, it's usually refusal to discuss it, not denying, recanting or denouncing it.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 10:06 P.M. - I read the article you cited, and it does appear Weber is backing away from Holocaust revisionism. But I wouldn't say he's a fraud. He still is serious about confronting Jewish power.

But as long as European countries continue to jail people for publicly disputing the Holocaust, Holocaust revisionism will continue to be relevant. What we need to hammer away at, more than the demographics and the methodology, is the singularity the Jews attach to this event.

Anonymous said...

Weber, Marcellus and others of a peculiar, possibly Scientology connected ADL controlled group hijacked the IHR way back, in the late 80's as I recall. The founding control was through the old Spotlight, finally destroyed by the system, and was legitimate. IHR is controlled opposition and Weber appears to be an agent for ADL or equivalent.

Anonymous said...

It true Weber IS bilking the IHR for his own personal sinecure. He has slowly dismantled the IHR from a successful, vibrant organization, to a shadow of it's former self. Ingrid Zundel, wife of revisionist Ernst Zunel, stated that, "Weber is driving the IHR into the ground."

Since Weber took over he has stopped the Journal of Historical Review, the yearly conferences, the monthly newsletter,no new books are published, no reports issued. Weber's made duty it seems is to send out other people's news clippings.

A former employee Eric Owens stated in 2001 that he over heard Weber plotting on selling the Liberty Lobby mailing list to the ADL.

The IHR is nothing more than a second rate website, posting other people's news stories. Read Robert Faurisson's article, " Mark Weber Must Resign from the IHR" on

Anonymous said...

Weber is stealing from the IHR mailing list to further himself financially. He lives in a $500,000 condo in the plush area of Irvine California. Weber learned really quick he could make a nice living from the 'revisionist community'. As revisionist Paul Grubach stated," Weber has taken in millions of dollars over the years, and what does he have to show for it ? ..... Answer - zero - NOTHING !

Weber types up an article and good decent people send this loser money. They and you AA can't seem to grasp that Weber is taking you all for a ride.

Anonymous said...

April should have her eyes gouged out by cranes.