Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hemet Police Provide Names Of The Alleged "White Supremacists" Arrested During Massive April 20th Raid Throughout The San Jacinto Valley

Police in Hemet, California have released the names of the 23 people arrested during the massive coordinated raid on 35 different locations in the San Jacinto Valley on April 20th, 2010. Media story from Southwest Riverside News Network (SWRNN). Additional background on this continuing Stormfront thread.

Hemet Police Capt. Dave Brown said none of the arrests are directly connected to the series of booby-trap style attacks against police that started December 31st. Brown said that some of those taken into custody have gang affiliations, but he declined to identify which ones. He said the focus of the investigation is to determine whether the attacks have been the work of individuals acting separately or part of a larger conspiracy. The nature of the attacks and the different methods used could mean that more than one person or group is involved. Brown further explained that the fourth attack was different in character than the first three, implying a different person or group was involved. While the first three attacks were clearly booby-trap attacks, the fourth attack on March 23rd was straight-up arson.

But although Brown won't go into specifics about gang affiliations, Riverside County District Attorney Rod Pacheco continues to maintain that all of those arrested are "white supremacists", and secondary sources are echoing this theme off the record. A Los Angeles Times blog reports that one possible group may be a local skinhead crew known as the Comrades of our Racist Struggle Family, four of whose members are scheduled to begin trial in May 2010 for attempted murder in the beating of a Latino man in November 2008.

The felony arrests (also reflected on this city of Hemet press release):
-- Joseph Zito, weapons, drugs
-- James Tielens Jr., weapons, drugs
-- James Tielens Sr., stolen property, drugs, narcotics
-- Ronald Potter, weapons
-- Patrick Nugent, weapons, martial arts weapons
-- Ryan Stobaugh, drugs
-- Jessie Reynolds, weapons
-- Darren McGraw, misdemeanor warrant
-- Christian Lewis, drugs, narcotics
-- Anthony Ross, parole violation
-- Rhonda Thomas, drugs, narcotics
-- Derrick Yates, drugs, narcotics
-- Alfred Morris, parole violation
-- Sheri Dillon, parole violation
-- Kelley Jackson, drugs, narcotics
-- Brandon Garciduenas, weapons, drugs, narcotics
-- Christopher Felber, parole violation.

The misdemeanor arrests:
-- Jon Felgen, misdemeanor warrant
-- Erin Kaiser, misdemeanor warrant
-- Ryan Gray, misdemeanor warrant
-- Keith Garron, misdemeanor warrant
-- Jarett Mejia, probation violation
-- Chris Burton, misdemeanor warrant.

Among the items confiscated: Twelve handguns, three rifles, 13 computers, a cellular phone, numerous martial arts weapons, gas masks, drugs/narcotics paraphernalia (pipes, syringes), ammunition for examination, gang paraphernalia.

The description of all of these individuals as "white supremacists" cannot be trusted until it is verified.


Anonymous said...

I don't know about the other people but Ronald Potter was in the NSM Riverside unit.

Anchorage Activist said...

Whoa, that's interesting. A commenter to my previous post hinted that some of that group liked to experiment with explosives.