Friday, April 23, 2010

Former Pro-White Blogger Curt Maynard Kills His Mestiza Ex-Wife, Then Caps Himself During Police Chase In Lake Jackson, Texas

Yes, Curt Maynard (pictured at left) turned out to be his real name, although he posted as Melcur on the Vanguard News Network Forum. Unfortunately, Curt Maynard ended up in the same predicament as James "Yankee Jim" Leshkovich, although the reaction of the White Nationalist community, as recorded on this VNN Forum thread, is not nearly as sympathetic towards Maynard. A poster on the anti-racist OPP Forum was uncannily prescient about the possibility of this occurrence back in February 2009.

The Houston Chronicle and and KHOU Channel 11 (with video) report that 42-year-old Curtis Boone Maynard, a registered nurse, shot and killed his mestiza ex-wife, 34-year-old Melissa Meza, a Dow Chemical engineer, in the front yard of her home in the 100 block of Post Oak in Lake Jackson, Texas around 8:20 P.M. on Wednesday April 21st, 2010. Maynard then shot and wounded his 16-year-old stepdaughter, Celeste Morales, in the face inside the home before fleeing in his car. But before he could harm his other two kids that he sired by Meza, the 12-year-old girl picked up the 2-year-old girl and ran to the neighbor's house. Maynard left a shotgun in the front yard, then got in his 1994 Lincoln sedan and drove away. A neighbor followed Maynard's car while on the phone with 911, giving police information on which direction he was heading.

The final act of the tragedy unfolded when Lake Jackson police caught up to Maynard's car heading northward on Texas 288. Maynard shot himself in the head with a semi-automatic rifle while he was driving. Maynard's car then veered on to the highway shoulder, where it struck an SUV occupied by a mother and her two children that had pulled over to yield to the emergency vehicles. Maynard's car then veered into the grass and back across the highway's two northbound lanes before stopping on the inside shoulder.

Maynard obviously had issues with his ex-wife stemming from a divorce just a year ago. Maynard first met Melissa Meza in 1996; they married in August 2005, and produced two children of their own. But the marriage soured in just three years, and Meza filed for divorce in December 2008. Although the divorce became final in March 2009, but Maynard would not let go, even though Meza had a boyfriend. They had a contested temporary hearing concerning the custody of their children that went against Maynard; in an angry blog railing against his divorce attorney Joe Silvas, Maynard claimed that he and Meza had agreed during their marriage that he would not work on weekdays so he could stay home to care for their youngest daughter, and that he would work only on weekends, which he said put a significant dent in his income. He referred to himself as the “primary caregiver” of the youngest girl and said he had sought sole custody of their two daughters. As recently as Wednesday, Maynard was still cyber-stalking his ex-wife, sending her text messages throughout the day.

There are no immediate indications that Maynard's action was premeditated. Police said they have not found anything in writing to indicate that Maynard had planned on taking violent action against anyone, but said they still must review his and his former wife's cell phone records. Meza and Maynard's daughters are now staying with a close family friend, and Child Protective Services caseworkers are meeting with the children's maternal and paternal grandparents about making more permanent living arrangements.

Personal Observations: I first became familiar with Curt Maynard when he started blogging about the same time I began this blog. He ended up editing three different editions of PCApostate, the first two of which were ToS'd by Blogger because of political incorrectness. A similar effort on Wordpress was also ToS'd by Wordpress. He then started his latest blog, CurtMaynardsNewestBlog, which was abruptly privatized just about a couple of months ago. While Maynard spoke out on racial issues from the pro-White perspective, he was particularly prominent for "naming the Jew", which is the process of identifying and exposing examples and perpetrators of Jewish supremacism worldwide. Maynard's essays were cross-posted by a number of prominent sources, to include Jeff Rense and David Duke. Rense has purged his link to Maynard's essays.

But it was on VNN Forum that Curt Maynard sounded off the most. Maynard first registered as Melcur on the Vanguard News Network Forum in January 2007, where he published posts critical of non-Whites, and particularly of Jews. VNN Forum posts by Melcur are accessible HERE. He initially developed a solid pro-White reputation for naming the Jew without fear or favor. But with the passage of time, he became increasingly domineering, abusive, and obsessive. Anyone who didn't suck up to him was targeted with a torrent of abuse, in particular, national socialist activist Bill White. But there was at least one worthy target of Melcur's invective, the infamous troll Jett Rink, who's now the "bottom" in a partnership with another ex-VNN troll, "Wagonburner" Mike Jahn; together they run the JahnAndJett gutter website, devoted primarily to taking cheap shots against VNN Forum and some of its leading limelights.

But Melcur took two hits to his credibility which precipitated his demise on VNN Forum. First, he became a leading proponent of "lunar denial". This means he joined the group of batshit insane fucktards who believe the 1969 moon landings were faked. But the final nail in his "coffin" was when Bill White exposed his marriage to a mestiza in 2008. So here we had a guy posing as a hotshot White Nationalist who was actively race-mixing at the same time. He was subsequently banned from the forum after 5,217 posts.

First, Yankee Jim. Now, Curt Maynard. Who will be next? One person I'm concerned about is Scott Roberts, who runs TheForbiddenTruth website. Roberts exhibits many of the same signs of domineering, abusive, and obsessive behavior echoed by Maynard. Roberts has been particularly obsessed with Stormfront webmaster Don Black. Roberts needs to be watched, for the sake of his own family.


Willem said...

Jerry A. has a brother who, at one time, was married to an oriental, think they had kids. Apparently he turned it around. I tend to be concerned about the people who engage in miscegenation, something wrong somewhere.

This guy seemed nice but you just don't know.

Yankee Jim was a good guy, not to be compared to any of these fellows, again, not that I disliked the poor soul who just capped himself.

YJ now there was a good man who was a fool.

Can't afford to lose guys like YJ.
Sure hope he is in a better world.

Kyle said...

Anchorage Activist, PLEASE STAY ALIVE, do you have a twitter or facebook page that if your blogspot is gone, we can still find you & your sources of news?

What is this? Death week? Anthony Flew, Iceland volcano, then Dick Barrett, now Curt Maynard?

Anchorage Activist said...

Kyle - I ain't planning on going anywhere, but I don't hire black people to do my scutwork, and I've never even had sex with a non-White woman, never mind married one.

No Twitter or Facebook page yet. I may decide to open a Twitter account.

I also zapped Michael Burks' troll comment, since he's now an anti-racist turncoat.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance to Curtis Maynard, one of the biggest frauds and buffoons out there. Bill was basically right about the guy.

Anonymous said...

The part they didn't tell you about the situation was the fact that Maynard had REMARRIED and had a baby on the way with his current wife. SO not only did he kill himself, and his ex wife, and forever scar his stepdaughter, as well as his own two children with Meza(who now don't have a mother), he also left them, and his unborn child without a father. Noone's going to get any financial support for life insurance because he commited suicide. Maybe SS if THAT lasts. And it had to of been somewhat premeditated, he has 2 guns with him locked and loaded. I think it's a little funny that he claimed to be a rasist and blogged or responded on a white reference site when he was married to someone who was not.

Anonymous said...

Maynard lost whatever shred of credibility he may have had once he got on the lunar landing hoax bullshit. All I ever got from him was that he was an arrogant, stupid (for the fake lunar landing belief), and a hypocrite. Anyone who kills, or tries to kill their own children should be dead. I'm just glad he spared the taxpayers the burden.