Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Federal Prosecutors Gunning For A 71-Month Sentence For Roanoke National Socialist Activist Bill White Because He "Targeted Children"

Update April 14th: Bill White sentenced to 30 months imprisonment with credit for time already served; could be released for good behavior in eight months. Three years of supervised release after his prison term. Updated post HERE.

On April 14th, 2010, national socialist activist Bill White will appear before Judge James Turk and finally learn his fate, and if Federal prosecutors have their way, he'll be sentenced to anywhere from 57 months to 71 months because, in their opinion, he "targeted children". So reports the Roanoke Times.

Prosecutors John Richmond and Cindy Chung claim that White is worthy of an enhanced punishment because of the letter he sent to Tasha Reddick, who has two children. Even though her two children are not believed to have read the letter, prosecutors claim that they were frightened by its effect on their mother, who responded by moving them to a relative's home for a week and forbidding them from walking to and from school. Sentencing guidelines used in Federal court allow for additional prison time if a defendant picks victims who are "unusually vulnerable" due to their age or mental or physical condition.

However, a probation officer calculated guidelines for White and came up with a sentencing range that is less than the one cited by prosecutors. So Judge Turk's first task will be to choose between the harsh guidelines proposed by prosecutors vs. the more moderate guidelines proposed by the probation officer. But the guidelines are merely advisory; Judge Turk could in theory give White anything from time served to the maximum of 35 years in prison.

Meanwhile, White's defense attorney David Damico said he plans to ask that White be sentenced to the time he has already served while awaiting the resolution of his case, about 18 months. After all, White did argue, with some success, that his words should be protected by the First Amendment. Of eight charges brought by the Federal government alleging threats and intimidation, five have been dismissed. To refresh your memory, here's the count-by-count outcome from the December 18th, 2009 verdict (based upon the presentation on pp 17-19 of the indictment):

-- COUNT ONE (refers to Jennifer Petsche) - FOUND GUILTY
-- COUNT TWO (refers to Jennifer Petsche) - FOUND NOT GUILTY
-- COUNT THREE (refers to Section 8 Negro tenants) - FOUND GUILTY
-- COUNT FOUR (refers to Leonard Pitts) - FOUND NOT GUILTY
-- COUNT FIVE (refers to Kathleen Kerr) - FOUND GUILTY
-- COUNT SIX (refers to Richard Warman) - FOUND GUILTY (verdict dismissed by Judge Turk on February 5th, 2010)
-- COUNT SEVEN (refers to Charles Tyson) - FOUND NOT GUILTY

All previous posts on Bill White's trial can be viewed HERE. Ongoing VNN Forum thread HERE. Previous Roanoke Times coverage HERE.

Prognosis: Judge Turk has shown he is not a complete tool of the system. He was independent-minded enough to set aside the guilty verdict in the Richard Warman case. So I expect that he will accept the more moderate sentencing guidelines proposed by the probation officer.

Unfortunately, I don't think Judge Turk is likely to sentence Bill White to only time already served. He'll want to throw a bone to the prosecutors. So my prediction: Bill White will be sentenced to 36 months at the most, with credit given for the 18 months time already served. So he'll be a free man by October 2011 at the latest.


Herman miller said...

Free man to do what? HE claims he will never get involved in the bowel movement again.

I hope this slimeball gets the full 35 years in prison and dies in prison after being gang raped by the gang.

Bill white is trash, trash that needs to be disposed of.

Anonymous said...

How can anyone refer to Willy Weiss as a "NATIONAL SOCIALIST"? Hell, he is no more of an NS than Frank Collins/Cohn, the kosher-jew pedophile. Just because some loud mouthed, ego-driven freak puts on a Swastika, doesn't make him a Nazi. Some very confused people in this WN movement.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the previous two posters. Bill White is only a poser, who was out from the git-go to give us a bad name. He is clearly nuts, as well. Giving him the max will teach others to (hopefully) quit these kinds of Dan Burros freak shows.

Anonymous said...

Bill White in nothing more than a egotistical media hungrey JEW! Thank zog for cleaning house for us as we somehow just can't seem to discard any garbage - their all "brothers" bullshit. He's NOT MY BROTHER, I ain't a JEW!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ever wonder WHY everyone of these so-called "nazi" groups, EXCEPT the American Nazi Party is always caught up in some kind of DRAMA?

apollonian said...

White's Effectiveness Well Measured By Hatred Of Jews, Queers
(Apollonian, 14 Apr 10)

Previous posters, above, are obviously all Jews and or queers, and it goes to show how effective Bill White was and is. Puke make it such a pt. to come on and post their nasty little faggy commentary, as we see.

Yet another sign of the Jewwy-queer nature of above posters is they say nothing about issue of freedom of speech or actual details of the case which was typical travesty.

One of the counts for which White was found "guilty" was an alleged statement made to effect he went about killing Jews or queers--or something of that nature. Pt. is it's obvious joke as no sane person would do this (killing) and then at same time tell folks about it. Further, such statement was made to no less than a college president or provost, if I'm not mistaken.

Poor Bill White only made mistake of letting himself be ISOLATED, esp. fm a solid Christian foundation which he always made fun of, saying as he did that he didn't feel "guilty" of anything--as if he thought that's what Christianity is all about.

CONCLUSION: So good work, AA, for ur keeping us all up on this Bill White case--as well as that of our more successful hero, Hal Turner, who was/is guilty of disturbing the Jews for their monopoly over that joke of so-called "white-nationalist movement." Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

"Appolonian" you are amongst the NUTTIEST of the NUTTIEST that I have ever seen - no wonder you are Bill Whites pal! EVERYTHING to you is about some mixed-up, convoluted "jewish/christian" angle, with always "queers" somehow lumped-in together. You know something - I have often found that people who constantly harp on "queers", are folks who have a "dark secret" in their own lives. This movement MIGHT be taken seriously for once, IF creatures like Bill White and YOU were GONE... What a loon! PS - I hope the kosher fat boy gets the max!

Anonymous said...

I thought that White stated in court that all his bullshit was just that - made up "national enquirer" type bullshit. He didn't believe in anything - running the gamute of "anarchist, marxist, libertarian, conservative, neo-nazi" - anything that got him paid notice of. In the end, his insanity and big mouth got the better of him. Like any member of the tribe, he thought he was untouchable. The fat coward loved abusing people who were out of arms reach of his ugly kikish face, a real internet warrior. Pretty sad that it took zog to shut his filthy mouth, rather than one of the many people he loved to abuse - behind the safety of the computer of course! Lets not forget that he too was an officer of the mighty NSM at one point, along with that other jew Dr. Pluess. Jeff sure could pick'em...

Anonymous said...

From Bill White to Hal Turner to Glenn Miller to Jeff Schoep, anybody wonder why our side is derided as self-delusional? Not only do we let the nutballs in, we even ADMIRE them?!

Anonymous said...

For those who claimed that Bill White was "on our side" (he just got 2 1/2 years for making death-threats) consider that he was given a chance to speak at his sentencing but kept silent. Now, if he was seriously for Hitler, as he once claimed (although he hasn't lately), instead of some attention-seeking wacko, he would have done like Hitler himself did.

Hitler used his trial to announce his views and plans, closing with the fateful words, "You may convict, but history acquits." The whole country rallied to his side. But, what were White's views and plans? To call for killing people he claimed he didn't like and, possibly, get an honorable-mention in the Anarchists Hall of Fame.

Come on, people. Are you awake, yet? By the way, what about that Mexican lawyer he has?

John said...

re: 12:05 anon, unlike Hitler, Bill also has a family(wife and young kid) to worry about, and really should come first.

Of what use is he in prison? The short sentence and a couple years supervised release really isn't that long in the grand scheme of things, it allows him time to focus on family, business, and building for greater things from there. As well as providing the relative safety from informants, backstabbers, and ever-projecting nutjobs such as the usual anonymous 1st responder parrots above. He's both an intelligent and decent enough man to come away from this with a good, strong foundation.

Anonymous said...

Hey John, you must be either a butt buddy of Wiess, or a coward who can feel for a similar turd. Need we mention ALL the various WN who HAVE families, yet stay the course? You sound like Glenn Miller who says that he ought to be forgiven for testifying at Fort Smith against Butler, Miles and the Order Comrades - because "you weren't walking in my shoes" - hell, nobody FORCED these creeps to put themselves up as "mighty leaders". Bill Weiss is NEITHER "intelligent" nor "decent" in any Aryan sense of the word.

apollonian said...

[Commentary by Apollonian in below-copied text, capped, bracketed. A.]

* * * * *

Anonymous said...


"...that I have ever seen - no wonder you are Bill Whites pal! EVERYTHING to you is about some mixed-up, convoluted "jewish/christian" angle, [CHRISTIAN VS. JEW IS REALLY QUITE SIMPLE, IGNORANT JEWWY SCUM-PUNK-MORON.]


"You know something - I have often found that people who constantly harp on "queers", are folks who have a "dark secret" in their own lives. [RIGHT QUEER--AND IT'S ACTUALLY QUEERS WHO THINK THIS MOST AND MAKE IT PT. TO TALK ABOUT IT TOO, EH?]


"...MIGHT be taken seriously for once, IF creatures like Bill White and YOU were GONE... [PUNK--JUST U TRY TO REMOVE ME, PIECE-OF-SHIT. MAKE MY DAY, QUEER PUKE.]


"PS - I hope the kosher fat boy gets the max!" [OF COURSE--AND THAT'S WHY WE KNOW BILL WHITE WAS SOOOO EFFECTIVE, DON'T WE?]

8:03 AM

Anonymous said...

Effective at WHAT? Making normal Whites want to AVOID the struggle because of weirdo's like HIM? The guy above is OBVIOUSLY a crackpot, or a provoc trying hard to make us all look like nuts... "Applasshole" is more like it! LOL

Anonymous said...

Leave "Apollonian" alone! He is a very sick man... Probably just another self-hating kike claiming to be... "christian" :))))))))))))))))))))))