Sunday, April 04, 2010

Even After Eugene Terre'Blanche's Murder, ANC Youth Leader Julius Malema Calls For The Seizure Of White Farms In South Africa; A Precursor To "Uhuru"?

Although South African President Jacob Zuma has called for calm and reason following the murder of AWB activist Eugene Terre'Blanche, African National Congress youth leader Julius Malema (pictured at left) apparently didn't get the memo. Voice of America reports that during an appearance at a ZANU-PF rally organized by Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe in Harare, Zimbabwe, Malema renewed his call for the seizure of White farms in South Africa.

Mulema was in Zimbabwe at the invitation of ZANU-PF Indigenization Minister Saviour Kasukuwere, who has decreed that black Zimbabweans must own 51 percent of all Zimbabwean companies. Before several hundred ZANU-PF youth members, Malema praised Zimbabwe's program for taking over thousands of white-owned farms, and says his country will follow Zimbabwe's example and soon take over white farms in South Africa.

Malema said people must embrace indigenization. He explained that ZANU-PF and the ANC "fought together in the trenches" for liberation and must continue to fight against what he called Western imperialism. Malema also said he would not be meeting the MDC, the other main partner in the power-sharing government that won the 2008 elections, because it had not taken part in the 1970s anti-colonial war. The Movement for Democratic Change was formed in 1999, and ZANU-PF accuses the MDC of being a product of Western imperialism.

Malema surprised some ZANU-PF members when he told them not to engage in violence during elections. Hundreds of MDC supporters have been killed and tens of thousands injured since the MDC fought its first election in 2000. "This rumor that you are using violence in Zimbabwe, is going to make ZANU [PF] lose elections," he added. "You must engage ideologically. This is an ideological warfare. We must be prepared to change the minds of our people and educate them to understand where do we want to take this country to, not through violence." This, of course, is the same strategy Mugabe used to lull Zimbabwean Whites to sleep after he took power, and the same strategy being used by the ANC and other Black nationalists in South Africa to lull South African Whites to sleep as well.

Malema told ZANU-PF youth members he would continue singing the ANC struggle song, "Kill the Boer," or the white farmer, even if it meant being sent to jail. A South African court last week banned the controversial song as a ploy to keep Whites off balance and to nurture false hopes that they can live in a Black-dominated society. It should also be noted that although a considerable number of Blacks want to get along with Whites in South Africa, if for no other purpose than to leech off the Whites, a considerable number of more radical Blacks proclaim that only Nelson Mandela is holding them back from doing what they really want to do. There have been numerous anecdotal reports of Blacks telling Whites that when Mandela dies, "Uhuru" will be unleashed. "Uhuru" is a synonym for the mass murder of Whites in South Africa. A White South Africa explains more about "Uhuru" in the video embedded below:

A slow genocide against Whites can be said to be already taking place in South Africa. RightsPundits points out that over 3,000 White South African farmers have been murdered since the Black takeover of South Africa in 1994. Censorbugbear uses a slightly different standard; they claim 3,150 since 1987. While not specifically orchestrated by the South African government, South African officials have not investigated these with much vigour; many remained unsolved.

If Julius Malema doesn't actually desire the mass murder of Whites and he's engaging in these tactics merely to expand his power base, then he's playing a very dangerous game. He's pouring petrol on hot coals. Are South African Whites willing to bet their futures -- and even their very lives -- on Malema's intentions?

MySouthAfricaSucks and ILuvSouthAfrica continue to be good pro-White sources of on-the-spot information and analysis of the racial situation in South Africa.


Anonymous said...

Poor dumb Boers - they're being set up for the Big Kill - did their forbears really whip the Niggers and civilize SA ? That history almost sounds like fiction. Today's Boers seem confused, unwilling to see the obvious and take action with no real racial pride or desire to survive - they need to make the Nigger afraid, very afraid or face extinction.

Anchorage Activist said...

If the American government hadn't sold them out, they might have resisted. But the American government threatened to boycott them and harass them in every possible way. This created just enough doubt for the multiculturalists to win.

The Boers didn't help themselves by employing so many blacks for domestic labor, either.

Anonymous said...

In the event that "Uhuru" occurs, who wants to bet that the international media gets less upset over it than they did over those Canadians who beat that nig teen to death in Somalia back in 1992?

But seriously, that "Worse is Better" theory that the Lone Wolfers love sure is working out great in SA, huh?

Anchorage Activist said...

Hell, the media would probably cheer on "Uhuru"; they'd probably call it "reparations". :-(