Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Dreaming Of A "White" Easter? Aryan Nations Distributes "Racist" Easter Eggs In Idaho Falls On Easter Sunday

Both KIDK Channel 3 and KIFI Channel 8 report that Easter eggs distributed by Aryan Nations throughout Idaho Falls on Easter Sunday April 4th, 2010 contained racist and anti-gay messages.

While KIFI reported that the eggs were dropped off in people's yards at the Stonebrook neighborhood south of Sunnyside, KIDK reported that the Waterford community was targeted. In both cases, flyers were found within. One of the flyers was entitled, "Earth's Most Endangered Species: The White Race". You can view the Aryan Nations' entire library of flyers HERE; download and distribute as desired. KIDK news video embedded below:

Reaction was mixed. One man, who wanted to remain anonymous, said he thought it was terrible and didn't think his neighbors needed to be exposed to the hate crime on a holy holiday. Luke Erwin, who has lived in his neighborhood for three years, said "I was a little disgusted by it and I definitely don't condone any of those actions. I think it's pretty bad that someone would go around and pervert such a christian holiday". But in KIFI's comments section, someone posted a more sensible reaction:

Steve - April 5th, 8:29:25 PM
Ohhh noooo! "It's scary to say the least." that is funny. Holy crap dude, we have MS13 gang members dealing drugs over on the West Side of I.F. [Idaho Falls] and you are scared by an Easter Egg with candy in it! Pull your head out of the sand!

Local police obviously feel the same way, although they try to humor the community by pretending interest. "If they are in an area in which they have the right to be and they are passing out Aryan Nations-type stuff, then that's their free speech by the first amendment," said Captain Ken Brown of Idaho Falls police. "Historically, through Idaho Falls, especially in the last 26 years, we haven't had a big instance of hate crime," he further stated. But police are undoubtedly more concerned about the MS-13 wankers in their town.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work ARYAN NATIONS. I have to say this is the MOST active group out there. They are getting the White Message out.

Steve in I.F. said...

It is a pleasure to Educate the people of Idaho Falls.

Anonymous said...

The Aryan Nations also seems to be the only group that talks too you. I called the other day and the Director actually answered the phone. Now that is nice