Thursday, April 22, 2010

Black Male Arrested In Murder Of White Nationalist Richard Barrett; Vincent McGee Arrested In Mississippi Along With Three Other Suspects

Update April 23rd: Post retitled to reflect the arrest of three other suspects. New information posted in green.

The house fire claiming the life of Nationalist Movement leader Richard Barrett was not an accident. It appears it was set to cover a murder. And a black man has been arrested for the murder. New stories from the Associated Press and WAPT Channel 16 amd WLBT Channel 3. See my previous post for background on Barrett's life. A brand-new Stormfront thread available HERE and a VNN Forum thread HERE.

The Rankin County Sheriff's Department has arrested a possible suspect, and has now identified the suspect as 22-year-old Vincent McGee (pictured at left). He will go before a judge on Monday April 26th. Police said McGee was arrested in the 100 block of Holmes Street in Pearl after investigators with the Sheriff's Department and the Mississippi Bureau of Investigations executed a search warrant three doors down from Barrett's home. Barrett was last seen there before his death. Investigators took four items from the house, including a pair of shoes, but other items were not identified. No one was at home during the execution of the warrant.

Update April 23rd: The Jackson Clarion-Ledger and WJTV Channel 12 report that police have now arrested three more people in connection with this crime. They arrested 22-year-old Michael Dent and 38-year-old Vickie Dent, and charge them with being accessories after the fact and arson; investigators believe the Dents picked up McGee at Barrett’s house following the murder. They also arrested McGee's stepfather, 42-year-old Albert Lewis, who lives three doors down from Barrett's home, and charged him with accessory after the fact; police say Lewis picked McGee up at Barrett’s home following the fire.

A neighbor reported seeing smoke coming from inside Barrett's home on East Petros Road and Highway 469 on Thursday April 22nd, 2010 at around 7:45 A.M. When firefighters responded, they discovered Barrett's body near the back door, which was closed but unlocked. A preliminary autopsy report indicates that although the fire burned most of the clothes off Barrett's body, he had been stabbed to death before the fire was set. Investigators found several stab wounds, blunt trauma to the head, broken ribs and burns over 35 percent of his body. This indicates Barrett put up a fight against the marauding Negro. It appears the Negro then set the fire in an attempt to cover the murder.

More information continues to filter in. From another WLBT Channel 3 story, we learn that Vincent McGee was released from Parchman State Penitentiary in February 2010 after serving five years for assaulting two Rankin County officers and grand larceny. "He should have remained in prison until December of this year, but because of jail overcrowding and other issues he was released," said Rankin/Madison Counties District Attorney Michael Guest. In addition, McGee was allegedly upset over money; according to McGee's stepfather Alfred Lewis, McGee and Barrett had gone to do lawn work at Barrett's home in Utica on Wednesday April 21st. After six hours of work, Barrett paid McGee $26; McGee expected to get $60 or $70 for the work he did.

Almost sounds like an American reenactment of the Eugene Terre'Blanche murder, which also allegedly centered around a financial dispute with black workers.

Reaction from a couple of sources was forthcoming. Dan Hall, the chief strategic consultant to Mission Mississippi, said "What (Barrett) stands for was hate and was wrong. That he was murdered is no more right than someone who would be against abortion murdering an abortionist. That is not something we should take into our own hands. We exist to be able to have conversations in times like this. This is a great opportunity for Mission Mississippi. We don't shy away from it. We don't take stands, as much as we create opportunity for Mississippi."

Black civil rights leader Charles Evers, the brother of the late Medgar Evers, said he got to know Barrett over the years. "I hate to know he was murdered, No. 1, and No. 2, when you got to know Richard, he was not that type of guy. I hated when he talked all that stuff," Evers said. Evers also speculated that Barrett was only marketing racism for the money.

Barrett's death surprised area residents, who described the neighborhood as quiet and safe. Henderson Craig, who lives a few houses down, said Barrett mainly kept to himself though he was often seen riding his bicycle. Craig also thought it odd that Barrett had picked a young black man who just got out on parole to work for him when he had no prior track record of hiring blacks for casual labor.


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