Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Black Broodmare Angel Adams Has 15 Kids By Three Different Men, Says "Somebody Owes Her" And Demands More Services In Tampa, Florida

A poster child for personal irresponsibility is revealed on this Stormfront thread. A Black broodmare with 15 kids sired by three different men is homeless, and is imperiously demanding more services, claiming "somebody owes her". Media story published in Tampa Tribune.

Angel Adams has 15 kids. Only 12 of them live with her, as the oldest three left after reaching the age of 18. Ten of the children were fathered by a man named Garry Brown, currently serving a five-year prison term for dealing cocaine. Her problems began two years ago when Brown was arrested and the cocaine money dried up. Afterwards, her children were taken away and put into foster care over allegations of neglect; incredibly, the kids were subsequently returned to her even though she can't pay her own way. No information is provided about the second man who sired kids by her, but Angel Adams' current fiance guessed prison.

Adams and her brood became homeless after being evicted from their two-bedroom apartment. She obtained the apartment under spurious pretenses. Whe she first showed up to sign the lease, Adams brought only one child with her. It wasn't until complaints mounted thereafter from other tenants and police that the landlady found out there were 11 other children. The sheer number of people in the apartment created plumbing problems which resulted in flooding for downstairs tenants (they probably tried to flush chicken bones, watermelon rinds and diapers down the toilet). When the landlady investigated, she found out that Adams' apartment was trashed, with clothes and food scattered everywhere, and screens broken out. The landlady began eviction proceedings, but Adams and her brood bailed before they could be completed.

Now Adams complains that "nobody is hearing her" and that "somebody owes her". But get a load of her attitude towards parenting. In regards to pumping out kids, Adams said, "I can have as many as I want to". All her kids, she added, "are gifts from God." Perhaps if she read God's Bible, she would know that God didn't intend for her to have them all out of wedlock.

And furthermore, the 37-year-old broodmare doesn't work. "This is my work," she said gesturing toward the bunch. "I do this all by myself. I don't know what I'm going to do. This is a revolving door going nowhere."

In January 2009, I reported on a similar Black family in Flint, Michigan. Latrica Ryan has 10 children sired by 4 different men, and is also a welfare magnet. But at least Ryan worked part time outside the home, and was actively trying to better her circumstances.

In contrast to these poor examples is the family of Jim Bob Duggar, who are White. They have 19 kids, and live in Tontitown, Arkansas. Both Jim Bob and Michelle are licensed real estate agents. They often host and facilitate Jim Sammon’s Financial Freedom Seminar. The Duggars receive no public assistance and are debt-free. They live off the rental income from commercial property they own, also debt-free. In addition, they live within their means. Mrs. Duggar is a stay-at-home mom who takes the lead in home-schooling the children. While they don't have a precise budget, it takes about $5,000 a month to operate their household. They don't use credit cards. They purchase their clothes at a thrift store that benefits the homeless in northwest Arkansas. Thus the Duggar Family is complete and self-supporting, with both a father and mother in residence, and the same father sired all of the kids.


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