Monday, April 05, 2010

AWB Reports 600 New Membership Enquiries In The 48 Hours Since The Murder Of Eugene Terre'Blanche, But Backs Off From Revenge Vow

Note: The Star has a gallery of 15 photos HERE. They include a photo of the farmhouse, with plywood covering the broken window where the thugs entered, and two photos of the bloodstained bed. Photos are copyrighted, so I won't post them here without permission. Another Star gallery of 16 photos of Eugene Terre'Blanche available HERE.

According to the Star, AWB secretary-general Andre Visagie said on Monday April 5th, 2010 that the organisation has received about 600 membership enquiries since the right-wing leader's death. He claimed the movement had well in excess of 150,000 supporters. But he would not disclose the number of actual card-carrying members, saying many people did not want to be identified for fear of isolation and retribution by the government.

For those bold enough, a membership form, available in Afrikaans only, can be downloaded from the AWB website ( Still, Visagie said potential members are first scrutinised to ensure they were not sent to be planted among them, before the application is approved and a membership card issued. Visagie explained that to become an actual member, "You have to be a member of the Afrikaner Boer nation...You have to be Christian and you have to be acceptable to the rest of the nation. We have our own culture, our own religion and our own language".

The Sowetan is reporting that the AWB has now changed its tune and is no longer calling for revenge. Addressing a large crowd of local and foreign journalists outside Terre’Blanche’s farm in Ventersdorp, the movement’s spokesperson, Pieter Steyn, said no member of his organisation would engage in any form of violence. “We would like to urge them to refrain from any form of violence and racial slandering. Though our members are shocked and horrified at their leader’s murder, we won’t tolerate any violence,” he said, and that an earlier call for people to take up arms was made in the heat of the moment. But Steyn also insisted that Terre’Blanche’s killing was politically motivated and called on President Jacob Zuma to get off his backside and start governing. “The murder weapon was left on top of Mr Terre’Blanche’s body to send us a clear message,” Steyn said. Here's a video of Steyn giving his statement:

Steyn also renewed Terre'Blanche's quest for a White homeland within South Africa, saying that the AWB was in a process of engaging the United Nations with a view to securing their own sovereign territory within the borders of South Africa. “We want our own piece of land where we can govern ourselves. If people want to have six wives that is their own business. We want to have our own space so we can practise our own values,” he said. A number of White South Africans have spoken of making the two western Cape provinces the prospective White homeland, although some have speculated it might be open to Coloureds as well.

Meanwhile, angry residents and right-wing Afrikaners from other provinces laid bouquets at the gate to Terre’Blanche’s farm. “He fought a lot for us and our language. And if we have more people like that in every community, things in South Africa would be much different,” said Rean Olivier, an AWB member who travelled from Johannesburg to North West with his wife Isabella to pay their respects. He said ANC Youth League president Julius Malema needed to be killed to “prevent” a war between blacks and whites in South Africa. “I personally think Malema has to be taken out to level the playing field.”

Other details about the crime continue to filter out. According to another Star article, the mother of the 15-year-old said from her home in Tshing township in Ventersdorp that her son admitted that he and the other man did the killing. She said she had spoken to her son at the Ventersdorp police station after the pair had turned themselves in. She said that when her son and his co-worker asked Terre'Blanche for their money, he told them to first bring in the cows. After they had brought in the cows, they again asked for their money, which he then refused to give them. According to the Sowetan, the 15-year-old also told his stepfather that Terre’Blanche owed him and his accomplice three months’ wages.

But Terre'Blanche's daughter Bea said that it's not true that he didn't intend to pay them. She said her father had been unable to pay his workers because it was the Easter weekend and he could not get to the bank. She said her father had good relations with his workers, treating them like he would like to be treated - as human beings. She also said she didn't know the arrested workers well.

The Sowetan also reports that the 15-year-old was doing community service after he was arrested with his friends for a break-in at a biscuit factory two years ago. The boy, who was brought up by his grandmother, stopped attending school at primary level. He is said to be a very quiet child who started working for Terre’Blanche towards the end of 2009.

Censorbugbear reports that there has been an explosion of racist hate speech against South African Whites on the Internet. ILuvSA has a new post which reports how CNN and other international news outlets smeared Terre'Blanche as a "white supremacist". Primary Stormfront thread available HERE.

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I want to underscore a seldom made point. It's nearly impossible to not do business with blacks in a southern city, such as Charlotte, NC for example. It would be impossible to not do business with Mestizos if one lived in Mexico. Those co-intelpro types who immediately started pissing on the grave of this long fighting white activist even know those facts. They are liars to say they do no business with non-whites.

So far, the only ones to insult this dead fighter are those unfit to shine his shoes. Everyone knowing the players know that. It's like a man who has been once participated in a bar fight laughing at a dead soldier in Afganistan. We have even seen Taylor Bowles hint at defending the blacks for this man's murder. He did business with blacks, which made him a bad person, but Taylor Bowles commented that perhaps the blacks were justified in his murder. Take note, people.