Sunday, April 04, 2010

AWB Promises To Avenge The Murder Of Afrikaner Patriot Eugene Terre'Blanche; Afriforum Says South Africa At Boiling Point

On April 5th, 2010, the Mail and Guardian is reporting that the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB) has vowed to exact revenge for the murder of Eugene Terre'Blanche.

AWB spokesman Andre Visagie said: "The death of Mr Terre'Blanche is a declaration of war by the black community of South Africa to the white community that has been killed for 10 years on end." Visagie warned other countries to avoid sending their teams to the Soccer World Cup in June as they would be travelling "to a land of murder". He added: "We will decide upon the action we are going to take to avenge Mr Terre'Blanche's death." More specifically, he told the Weekend Post that “We are going to finish with funeral arrangements and thereafter have a summit conference on May 1st in Pretoria, where all our leaders and members of AWB will come together and decide what actions we will take to revenge Terre’ Blanche’s death".

The AWB also accused African National Congress (ANC) Youth League leader Julius Malema of having blood on his hands. It blamed the killing on his recent apartheid-era protest song Ayesaba Amagwala [The Cowards are Scared]. Malema himself has refused to comment. The ANC has defended the song as no more than a way to remember a history of oppression, but a party spokesperson said it would now re-examine the issue in the light of recent criticism. Jackson Mthembu, the ANC spokesperson, also denied any causal link between the protest song and the murder of Terre'Blanche. But he also appeared to shift the party's position: "The ANC is prepared to look at whether it is appropriate to continue singing it in this manner. We will ... look at what we can do."

Terre'Blanche was murdered as he lay defenseless and sleeping in his bed by two farm worker kaffirs who claimed that he refused to pay them their monthly salaries of R350 rand each. The workers, aged 21 and 15, reportedly smashed a window to enter Terre'Blanche's home and killed him with a knobkerrie and a panga. Now the two kaffirs are pleading self-defense, claiming that Terre'Blanche had threatened to kill them when they went to his farm for their money. After killing Terre'Blanche, the two kaffirs waited for police to arrive and arrest them. They are due to appear in court on Tuesday April 6th.

Meanwhile, on Sunday at Ventersdorp in the North West Province, AWB followers clad in paramilitary khaki laid flowers at the gate of Terre'Blanche's farm.

Afriforum chairman Flip Buys reacted, saying "Boiling point. These are the only words with which the political climate in South Africa can be described this afternoon after the umpteenth barbaric murder in the country". Buys, who is also general secretary of Solidarity was speaking at a joint media conference between Afriforum and Solidarity, hosted by the National Press Club in Pretoria.

Buys said the two organisations would take several different actions following the weekend's events. This included approaching the United Nations (UN) Genocide Watch. "We will ask the UN's Genocide Watch to monitor murder, violence and crime in South Africa preventatively to ensure that levels of such incidents do not escalate even further", said Buys. He also wants to explore levying hate speech charges against Julius Malema for singing the "kill the Boer" song while on a visit to Zimbabwe to find out how to confiscate farms from Whites; the song had been declared illegal in South Africa.

The Democratic Alliance in the North West has expressed its outrage and concern about Terre'blanche's murder as this has happened in a "province where racial tension in the rural farming community increasingly is being fuelled by irresponsible racist utterances by the leader of the ANCYL Leader Julius Malema and the North West Cosatu Secretary, Solly Pheto". DA member of parliament Juanita Terblanche says the party does not share the AWB leader's political conviction but an attack of this nature can be regarded as an attack on the diverse components of the South African democracy. The country's national opposition expresses their condolences to the Mrs Terre'blanche and his family. The DA called for people to "remain calm" and on the ANC to strongly condemn racist utterances.

The South African blogosphere continues to sizzle with rage, as 173 comments have been posted to the story on MySASucks. Similar outrage is being expressed on Iluvsa and Censorbugbear-Reports.


Anonymous said...

What a shame this happened. I noticed the Bowles Blog mentioned this website in a positive way and delved into the issue.

Anonymous said...

"Once again we find a hypocrite pro-White leader whose talk didn't matching his walk. If you are a White leader in America or South Africa don't depend on niggers or illegal non-Whites to do your dirty work. If you do, you'll end up like Blanche and perhaps worse. Practice what you preach!"

I've had enough of Taylor Bowles's bullshit. He's been on the opposite side of all things pro-white for some time now. Remember how Taylor Bowles is Mr. Anti-Activism? Terre'Blanche was murdered for being a pro-white leader in a black country, you piece of shit. What have you done? When you're not busy making a mockery of everyone's common sense with your presidential campaign, you are bad mouthing everyone under the sun that is making an effort.

This latest from Taylor Bowles shows his true colors. The man fought hard and died for what he believed in a hostile African nation. Now we see him torn to shreds by a so-called white activist in a country with some of the most liberal free speech laws in the world.

Anonymous said...

People get mad at Bowles not because he is not pro-White. He exposes the others as being not pro_White. Whats a Nazi South African leader doing hire nigger workers?

Anonymous said...

His own daughter said she didn t know the two guys well.So they were probably not his employees,just some spin from the press to cover the hate-fueled murder.