Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Aryan Nations Allied Group Distributes "Racist" Flyers In Pocatello, Idaho; Group Linked To The "Victory Forever" Website

The Aryan Nations seems to be making literature drops a weekly occurrence. The Idaho State Journal reports that flyers were distributed in Pocatello, Idaho early on Saturday April 10th, 2010. The flyers proclaim, “Missing — A future for white children.” The Journal not only provided a photo of the flyer, but thoughtfully provides a direct PDF link so others can download and distribute the flyer. The Aryan Nations flyer library is available HERE.

Ritika Sharma, an international student from Nepal who lives in the university neighborhood, became visibly shaken and alarmed when shown one of the flyers. “It obviously scares me since it’s against people with color,” she said. And a group called the College Neighborhood Association said they're going to try to organize a “not in our city” campaign.

But it was actually a pro-White group allied with Aryan Nations that distributed the literature. Paul Mullet, national director of the Aryan Nations, confirmed the group that disseminated the literature in Pocatello was aligned with his group. He said it was the groups’ constitutional right to distribute the literature and they'll do it in any area they want to. “We’re not violating any laws ... or the rights of any people,” he said during a phone interview from the Aryan Nations’ headquarters in Ohio. “I want people to know the white race is dying. People need to wake up and see that.” He denied the group was being hateful or targeting anyone. “‘Missing white race’; how is that hateful?” he said. “We’re not targeting anybody in particular or any group.”

Mullet further stated that the group has received death threats because of its message, but the group is adamant in its belief the white race is in danger and people need to be warned. “How come people can walk down the street with ‘black pride’ or ‘gay pride’ shirts and nothing happens?” he said. “But if people walk down the street with a ‘white pride’ shirt, they’re attacked as being racist. Why? Because they’re proud of their race? It’s a double standard.” Mullet added that it is not a message of hate. “It’s a message of love,” he said. “Love who you are. Love your race and help preserve it.”

The allied group is described as having a website that sells several books, including Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf,” and “white resistance music,” including a CD titled, “Fetch the Rope.” Another book for sale through the website, entitled “Did Six Million Really Die?” questions the Holocaust. Two books by white separatist Dr. David Duke, a former presidential candidate and former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, are also for sale through the site. The site, which is separate from the Aryan Nations’ site but links to it, also criticizes Jews and homosexuals and says it is the duty “of every white man and white woman to fight to regain our position on this Earth.” The description best corresponds to the Victory Forever website, which has been active in taking out ads in high school and college newspapers offering pro-White music CDs. Victory Forever has a boatload of MP3's available for free download HERE.

I commend the Journal for correctly describing Dr. David Duke as a White separatist rather than a White supremacist.

It appears they also distributed flyers in nearby Chubbuck. A follow-up Journal story revealed that the Mayors and City Councils of both Pocatello and Chubbuck, in conjunction with the Bannock County Commissioners and the Greater Pocatello Chamber of Commerce, are expressing their extreme disappointment that the Aryan Nations has recently made literature drops in their communities. Thus the inclusion of Chubbuck officials implies that flyers were distributed there as well.

Aryan Nations has also published some rather startling information about National Socialist Movement Commander Jeff Schoep on their main page. Because this information has also been published by other sources, including Raymond A. Smith and John Taylor Bowles, it can no longer be ignored. Nonetheless, I recommend NSM members don't make an issue of this until after the Nationals on April 17th; to disrupt the Nationals over this issue would give aid and comfort to the enemy. A Klan organization has already given us a black eye by staging an embarrassing one-man rally recently. We don't need any more public black eyes.


Willem said...

Anchorage Activist that is good advice. The rank and file NSM folks don't know anything about this and when they march on the street they need to be supported not trashed. The $PLC better not call Jeff a racist after this.
Good Lord where is Lincoln Rockwell when you need him.
He was the real deal.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"The rank and file NSM folks don't know anything about this..."
We know more than you think about this so called "commander" of ours! You are right about the $PLC though... LOL


Brant thursson said...

Commander liar.
Commander race-mixer.
Commander convicted burglar. Commander family abandoner. Commander Kike.
Commander satanist.
Commander alcoholic.
The commander without honor.

Plenty of titles for that trash.

Schoep and his non-white bitch vacation in mexico, put the pictures all over jew saxon and now they are rallying in LA against mexicans?

I'm sure the AZ Times article will rip them a new one!

Anonymous said...

I think that the items were placed on aryannations88.com to inform the NSM I know for a fact that they are not (Aryan Nations) going to do anything til after the 4-17-2010 function in California. But I thank the Aryan Nations for opening my eyes as a NSM member. I never knew any of this. I will resign after the NAtionals and I will be joining the Rank and File of the Aryan Nations.

Anonymous said...

No, the NSM ought to cancel the nationals, rather than stand beside a race-traitor like Jeff! Instead they should choose a new leader, of course since Jeffy Poop controls everything NSM, from the website to the nsmrecords ( his personal cash cow ), they will never get it from him. What they really should do, is take a long, hard look at the only other NS org out there, the American Nazi Party which is squeaky clean and has leadership with no skeletons like race-mixer Jeffy and devilman Herrington. It may be difficult to have to admit your wrong all these years about ANP, but they have been correct every time they broke and exposed a new scandal at NSM, dispite Jeffy screaming that its all lies! How many dramas do you need, before you accept that NSM has been corrupted by these two since its formation by another creep who was thrown out of the NSWPP for being an agent provocature,( Brannen )?

Anonymous said...

"AA" get real - this is going to be a very long struggle - the time to clean house in NSM is clearly more imperative NOW than LATER! If Shoepe see's things collapsing around him, who knows WHO he would be willing to take down with him? I have long thought that after Jeff pleaded guilty on that felony/burglary charge and got off with probation ( a big, bad, racist nazi no less ) that he had cut a deal with zog. And after Hal Turner and others have been exposed as provocatures, can you really say 100% it isn't possible? I would rather ere on the point of security, that give shady people a pass. The WN monement has done that too much in the past already.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Jeff thinks when he looks into the eyes of his girlfriend when he's porking her? lol

Anonymous said...

If one is a real National Socialist,AN isn't an option, as they are NOT a NS organization. AN is a "RELIGIOUS" based group, who's website is filled with the same old "HATE" crap that shows the average person perfectly that they are steriotypical "BIGOTS". That sound ok to you? Think that THAT is National Socialism - well, it ISN'T. NS Germany had good relations with the non-Aryan world, while the Communists and Capitalists were exploiting them and oppressing them. Real Aryans don't feel the need to denigrate "others" simply because they are unfortunate being born non-Aryans. We simply seek SEPERATION with our own kind. Over on the AN website, they have that old zogsnitemare website - chock full of stupid nonsense - which TURNS OFF the average White person. Maybe, thats what its MEANT to DO, eh? Surely, instead of confirming to our White brothers and sisters that the enemy profile of us as mindless haters is correct, we could instead strive to prove them wrong? This Mullet character also has a hazy background, maybe thats "WHY" he's being showered with press over a few piddly leaflet drops, the system is preparing a new honey-pot for suckers to fall into...

Anonymous said...

I'm leaving NSM over all this continous drama crap. This Amber was the last straw, especially after SS Leader Bronson was thrown out for simply asking Jeff about her. Now that fat turd Corporal No Neck is taking his place. I've had enough of this shit. Comrade Taylor Bowles seems to have found the American Nazi Party a good org and I have always valued his opinion and experience, so I'm checking them out instead. Since Shooep has turned out to be a mud-mixer I figure all his lies about these guys are just that - LIES

Anonymous said...

jeff told me last night that hes afraid to attend the nationals so hes gonna make an excuse about sick kids or some shit and stay home

Anonymous said...

Jim Ramm must be Schoeps' worse nightmare ( pun intended ) if Jeff hadn't stolen Ramm's website when he threw him out of the NSM, none of this dirt would have ever surfaced. Now it looks like Jeff's income might be threatened, if NSM falls apart, and word is his girlfriend is wanting to kick him out of the house again ( it happened a month or so ago ) and WHERE would he GO ( he tried to move in with a follower in Ohio last time...) and WHAT would he LIVE on? Maybe he could move back to Papa Herringtons and they could run the Satan Scam together? Its enough to get him recertified for that SSD check he got for so many years.

Anonymous said...


Fack them said...

The NSM is no longer part of the NS movement...except as a bowel movement. Jeff must resign otherwise he could end up boot-partyed. Get out now jeff and save your skin.

Willem said...

This is the only true lineage to Lincoln Rockwell's NSWPP, it is headed by the man Lincoln Rockwell picked to succeed him: MATT KOEHL

"I knew I would not live to see the victory which I would make possible, but I would not die before I had made that victory certain."
- This Time The World, Chapter 15, George Lincoln Rockwell

Anonymous said...

Willem, get your facts straight. Rockwell NEVER "appointed" Koehl even as Deputy Commander - he was a "Major", and fell into the job on Rockwell's death. Koehl was even PASSED OVER several times, by Welch and Allen whom Rockwell did appoint Deputy Commander - Welch had been gone a year, and still Rockwell avoided promoting Koehl. He was looking for a more suitable individual. I KNOW - I belonged to the ANP in the late 60's, stayed in the NSWPP until Koehl disbanded the largest most successfull NS org in America, sold all its assets and "retired" with OUR money to New Berlin to found some crazy "Hitler religious cult" as a tax shelter. The ANP/NSWPP didn't belong to HIM personally, but he was clever enough to have every HQ, appartment complex and funds put in HIS name. The ADL ought to give Koehl an award for doing what THEY never could - destroy Commander Rockwell's work! Get your FACTS straight, before you start spouting nonsense...

Anonymous said...

Mark Martin!

14! 88!

If you are reading this post now, please come back to the Movement and take the NSM over! We need you! You are the real deal. And we never believed the lies that commander kike said about you and your family! Come back - for Race and Nation!!


Anonymous said...

The current Chairman of the American Nazi Party, Rocky J. Suhayda claims to have joined Rockwell's ANP back in 1967 when he was 16 years old. Since Koehl only joined a few years earlier, in 1963, the "lineage" thing is a close call I would say. Plus, Suhayda still leads an operating NS organization that is doing something positive. I haven't heard of Koehl's group in years, heck he must be in his 70's by now? I wonder what and to whom he'll leave his "church" when he dies? NSWPP was a great org, I remember they could put over a hundred smartly dressed/diciplined Stormtroopers on the street, have a monthly tabloid newspaper White Power, HQ's all over the country - WHY did Koehl "disband" it, when it was so successful, and where did all those NS go? Can you imagine if Koehl HADN'T thrown it all away, what it would be TODAY... Hail Rockwell! 88

Anonymous said...

Enemies of the White Race posting to discredit GLR and his NSWPP and Matt Koehl.

Little pimps who want to steal Rockwell's glory.

Let these informants and other fronts for the tribe go to their Supervisors, Aryans would be better off with Koehl and his New Order.

Anonymous said...

Koehl was the guy who DISBANDED the BIGGEST NS org in American history, right? How does the persons post above, exposing Koehl's actions "discredit" GL Rockwell? You must be either Koehl himself, or a butt-buddy - if he still has any. Koehl is a non-entity except in the "Hall of Disgrace". Of course, the JEWS are no doubt VERY pleased with his disbanding the NSWPP.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So is Bowles.


Gun violation.


Bribe taker.


A real upstanding citizen who loves trashing others to divert attention from his own lengthy criminal past.