Friday, April 02, 2010

Anti-Racist Thug Luke Querner Gets His Ass Capped In Portland, Oregon; Portland Anti-Racist Action (ARA) Blames "Neo-Nazis"

A leading anti-racist activist was shot and wounded in Portland, Oregon on Saturday March 27th, 2010, and Portland anti-racists are blaming it on so-called "neo-Nazis". Full story published by

Luke V. Querner suffered a single gun wound as he was leaving Kelly's Olympian in the 400 block of Southwest Washington Street about 12:20 a.m. on March 27, the morning of his 30th birthday. Querner went to Kelly's to hear live music by the bands Madison Concrete and Les √Čtrangers. According to some witness accounts, the music had just finished playing and people were exiting the bar when shots rang out. Some people hit the ground; others ran out. A suspect with a black hood and black bandanna masking his face was seen firing shots and running from the scene. Querner was shot once in the torso. He remains hospitalized and is expected to survive, but was still listed in critical condition a day later. Portland Anti-Racist Action argues that Querner, a self-described anti-racist skinhead, was the victim of an orchestrated attack by neo-Nazis; they set forth their case HERE. One People's Project also weighs in with the antifa version as well.

But police are open to other possibilities. "Those things may be true. At this point in our investigation, we haven't been able to sort through all that," said Detective Kevin Warren, an assault investigator who also specializes in bias crimes. "There's still a lot of people we need to talk to." This is smart; just because Querner was the only one hit by a bullet doesn't necessarily mean he was specifically targeted. It could easily have been a drug dealer or other petty criminal looking to rob the place and its patrons. Or it could even be a member of a dissident ARA faction. Portland ARA acts like they almost hope it was a "neo-Nazi" who capped Querner in order to give them an excuse to engage in direct action against pro-White activists.

A Portland resident who is a pro-White activist and who has been chronically bullied and harassed by Portland ARA activists presents a more candid perspective of anti-racists on The Phora:

I'm not surprised. These antifa-ct people here (in Portland) plastered my neighborhood with posters of my face saying "Nazi Trash in Your Neighborhood." The posters pointedly displayed my address, and urged the locals to give me a bad time however possible. (I've been fine. I was not intimidated in the least, still enjoy strolling my street, and enjoy the people I meet.) I believe their little internet carbuncle "indymedia" is still operating a website that lists me as the devil, Attilla the Hun, Hitler, a hillbilly, a klansman, a rastuss, uptight, not cool, or whatever. (Instead of just a guy speaking against Jewish ethnic agendas and Jewish ethnic control.)

Run by an L.A. Jew, and largely staffed by Jews or very propaganda-laden Gentiles, ARA and their various winged monkeys operate in shadows. The more intrepid ARA white-haters harass people, try to damage their businesses or get them fired from jobs, distress their families terribly, stalk them, spray-paint swastikas on family cars, and generally persecute those with forbidden political views -- especially anybody who thinks Whites are O.K., should survive, and be able to control their own ethnic inheritance. Basically a Jewish interest group, ARA here even badgered some guy for putting "9-11 was an inside job" on his car. They actually postered the inside walls of one of my favorite coffee shops, targeting it because I went their often. One morning as I went to have my latte I had to walk by my face with a 200 pt. Helvetica Bold 'Nazi Trash' headline, next to the bathroom. And I've never even read Mein Kampf. One Jewish owned paper here just accepted what ARA claimed about me without any proof or evidence, stating things that were false, simply on the shadowy ARA's 'authority.' (The Wilamette Weekly took a motley collection of stickers ARA collected around town, whatever stickers ARA didn't like, put them on page, and channeled the ARA: 'Julian Lee put all these up in Portland.') But it was all fun in the end. It taught me things.

I have no knowledge about this person or situation, having just heard about it here. I suppose this sort of thing is inevitable. Such would be the karma and anger the ARA would naturally attract for the things they do. I'm surprised it wasn't the other way around -- the ARA shooting the fellow w/the buzz haircut. (That's what a "skinhead" is, right?) They like to hunt people. It was these this "Rose City Antifa" that started me shopping for my first ever handgun. Since that time, I think more Americans -- especially Gentiles -- should exercise their 2nd Amendment rights and keep protection. Being libeled, publicly impugned as a "Nazi" or "trash," having your address posted and the public invited to target you -- these are not nice experiences and these are not nice people.

Anti-racists brag about "not playing nice". Well, the Portland version may have just bumped up against someone else who also doesn't "play nice". When you play with fire, don't be surprised if you get burned.


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Hire an attorney, file a libel and slander suit.

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Guess he didn't pay his pusher.