Saturday, April 17, 2010

American Third Position Party Joins Tea Party Tax Day Rallies Nationwide On April 15th From California To Louisiana And To Georgia

The American Third Position Party (A3P) may have been born in Southern California, but its reach is extending nationwide. A3P activists participated in a number of Tea Party Tax Day rallies in different parts of the country on April 15th, 2010. Read their complete report HERE, and the discussion in this Stormfront thread (with more photos).


-- A3P activist Josh Bates and his wife joined thousands of Georgians and South Carolinians at the Augusta Tea Party, where they spoke with scores of attendees and passed out hundreds of party fliers. They reported swarms of people asking for more information on the party; they had to write the A3P website and contact information on sheets of paper from a notebook to give out due to the demand.

-- In Harrison, Arkansas, A3P super-activist Victoria left the kids at home and headed to the Tea Party, where she delivered over 200 A3P “American Jobs for American Workers” fliers. She reported that the Tea Partiers were extremely receptive to the ‘American Jobs For American Workers’ motto, and she was not faced with any confrontation or criticism.

-- The flagship team in Southern California found its way to two Tea Party protests, one attended by thousands, and one, slightly more intimate and better suited to engaging folks in one-on-one fashion, attended by a few hundreds. The group of three, determined as ever to outdo themselves, passed out over 500 trifold and postcards fliers. They reported that Tea Party folks were more receptive than ever to the A3P message, and many vowed to go home and register as affiliated with the party, something needed in order for the party to gain access to the ballot in California.

-- Just a few dozen miles east, the flagship unit was complemented by a lone activist in Redlands, California, who took it upon himself to deliver a few hundred fliers to those comprising the Tea Party crowd there. The lone activist, Scott, helpful as always, offered his homemade A3P sign to a protest-goer just before leaving, and the protester gladly accepted.

-- And finally, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, A3P activist Mr. Crager, who was joined by a friend, delivered the A3P trifold brochure, which bears an important message concerning immigration and the identity and character of our nation, to protest-goers. He also reported that his effort was met with success, and the A3P message was well-received in Louisiana.

The American Third Position Party is making a spirited bid to become a legitimate third party alternative.

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