Thursday, March 18, 2010

Why TheForbiddenTruth Webmaster Scott Roberts Should Emulate Dr. David Duke As A Role Model For Discourse

One of the more passionate and committed advocates of the White Nationalist Cause is Scott Roberts, the webmaster of One of his primary strengths is his relentless determination to "name the Jew", meaning to uncover any Jewish connection to any actions adversely targeting the White community.

Unfortunately, the flip side is that Scott Roberts can become excessively dogmatic, sanctimonious, and so consummately driven by the task of reaching out to the greater White community that he becomes impatient with those who can't keep up or who won't see things exactly his way. He frequently lashes out at other activists who don't meet his exacting tightrope standards. An example of this is documented in this 24-page Stormfront thread which was created after Roberts' sustaining membership on Stormfront was revoked and he was relegated to the Open Forums (normally reserved for opponents of white nationalism). Two issues were involved here:

(1). In a different thread about the anniversary of the death of Rachel Corrie, Roberts became extremely upset with a poster who trivialized Corrie's death by saying "Good riddance, one less troublemaker". While the sentiment was quite contemptuous, Scott Roberts literally went off the deep end, demanding the poster be banned and all the so-called "Jews" purged from the ranks of the sustaining members. He claims the roster of sustaining members is infested with Jews (the offending posts were pulled from the thread). Of course, he provides NO PROOF; this smacks of the same bullshit Curt Maynard pulled as Melcur when he was on VNN Forum.

And, like Curt Maynard, Scott Roberts also married a non-White, in his case, a wagonburner.

(2). A larger issue with Scott Roberts is the failure of Stormfront's webmaster Don Black to publicly account for all donations sent to Stormfront. He has been nagging Black to publicly itemize the disposition of each and every penny sent to Stormfront for quite a while now. Roberts believes that no one associated with the Cause should personally profit from it, although he grudgingly concedes that it might be "O.K. for Don Black to earn as much as $2,000 per month from it". Roberts thinks that just because he scrapes by from month to month on $10 per hour, no one should ever be allowed to get rich. Of course, Roberts doesn't stop to think that if Don Black can earn enough income from Stormfront to pay his bills and accrue savings, he might be able to devote more time to running the world's leading White Nationalist website with nearly 200,000 registered members. Roberts seems to think that running Stormfront is a piece of cake.

But a series of videos by Roberts about Don Black and Stormfront may have also precipitated his downfall. The most egregious video is embedded below; at the 17:30 point, Roberts, in a full frenzy, refers to Don Black and Nick Griffin as "traitorous bastards". I can tell you that if I was Don Black, one of two things would happen next: Either Scott Roberts would be visiting the dentist the next day, or he'd be answering a civil suit for defamation of character. To go on someone's discussion forum and call them a "traitorous bastard" is like going into their house and taking a dump on their sofa; it's an unforgivable breach of etiquette. The video is still up; here it is:

You will also note that while Scott Roberts has excellent verbal delivery, the content of his presentation is quite disorganized, meandering and wandering chaotically back and forth. He needs to employ what I call the IDS Rule; Introduce the issues, Discuss the issues, and Summarize the issues. Bang, bang, bang - a bullet-style presentation. That way his audience won't get bored and lost. He also needs to curb the hostility; in the current climate of paranoia, if Homeland Security sees his videos, they'll be knocking on his door before long.

Contrast this with Dr. David Duke's latest video on Affirmative Action. Note how well-organized Dr. Duke's presentation is. In particular, take note on how Dr. Duke successfully governs and manages his emotions. While Scott Roberts spews hate, Dr. Duke proffers hope:

Dr. David Duke has clearly established himself as the measuring stick for intelligent, civil discourse within the White Nationalist community and is an obvious role model for anyone who strives to rise to his level of activism.

Scott Roberts unquestionably has a promising future. Not only does he have excellent delivery, but his website,, is one of the most professional-appearing websites in the WN community. But he needs to organize his content better, and, above all, spike the MTV-style attitude. If he models himself after Dr. Duke, he will succeed. He should also post a fourth video in the series in which he publicly apologizes to Don Black and Nick Griffin for calling them "traitorous bastards".


Kyle said...

is it just me or does this guy in the video look totally GANGSTA?

Kyle said...

How hard can it be to run a website (monetarily)?

I give Don & anybody who puts their real name out in the public credit.

Don has been through a lot, and a long time, so that alone is probably why people are willing to send him money.

I agree with Scott in principle that people taking money should owe their donors some transparency, but I'm sure the IRS would be happy to help with that one. People who want to send money but don't ask for answers, deserve to be cheated! (what can I say?)

Anchorage Activist said...

Kyle - that's why I suggested he get out of MTV mode; he does look a bit "gangsta".

I certainly don't know how much Don Black has to spend, but he obviously has to coordinate the activities of all his moderators and step in at times to resolve issues they can't. So I would imagine he'd have to spend a couple of hours each day running the forum, at the least.

The only real objectionable issue here is Roberts' attitude; he acts too much like a cyberbully at times. It gets tiring to deal with someone who's always at max intensity.

Anonymous said...

I was turned off by the man's negro hat, hippy beard and obesity. He is no "spokesman." That being said, I have to agree with his points that, unless a recipient publishes a financial accounting, he is no better than Jim Bakker, David Duke or any other hucksters and frauds.

Consider that Black is a cohort of Duke, however, and is using very similar financial chicanery, except that he apparently has paid his taxes, unlike Duke, and is not using mail-fraud to rake in the dough, as Duke did.

Black is an ex-con, caught for trying to invade an island and for burglary, with no education or purpose in life, except that he learned how to use a computer in prison and has has a fascination with neo-nazi and so-called klan paraphernalia.

As for the cash Black takes in, it is probably not much. His wife, who was formerly married to Duke, is the bread-winner, while Black runs his operation off of his kitchen table in a low-rent area of West Palm Beach. The wife was in the news recently repudiating "racism." She is employed by some rich Cubans.

They have been raising the illegitimate child of one of Duke's daughters. A lawyer named Levinson was in the news lately, representing Black, claiming some bogus charge about keeping Black's son out of the GOP. No lawsuit, though, because no case. Black has been sued and prosecuted, at various times, but always loses, claiming that he "can't afford" a lawyer.

The televangelists set up some kind of accounting agency, a few years ago. Something similar on the right might be useful, except that snake-oil salesmen, con-men and one-man-bands would obviously have nothing to do with it.

Hats off to the poster for exposing Black, however. I found his statement useful, but, if he's going to be listened to in the future, he needs to clean up his appearance and hit the gym.

apollonian said...

Roberts Brings Up Legitimate, Telling Criticism Against Stormfront--Merely Now A Jew Front
(Apollonian, 19 Mar 10)

AA, u know, comrade, Roberts is simply right about Jews making use of MONEY, always their number one instrument, to affect, compromise, and "spin" whatever it is they touch--and this now includes Don Black and Dave Duke who pretend, like BNP in England, there are "good Jews"--like there are "good psychopaths," etc.

Heck yeah--"good" Jews are those who give money to Duke and Black, right? So AA, if u want to pretend u have any integrity, u ought to address Roberts' legitimate and substantial pt.s--NOT STYLE or "attitude."

As I've noted about u, AA, u're interesting case in pt. urself, a Mormon (hence non-Christian), one who pretends to sympathize w. Bill White, for example, and other nazis, thorough-going anti-semites, at same time as Jew-friendly BNP and Dave Duke. It doesn't seem to occur to u (though I never tire to pt.-ing it out--which u never answer) these are incompatible sympathies of urs, indicating a serious lack of real integrity.

Hence, as I've noted, u play the Jew game, (a) allowing Jews to sneak in, pretending hey, they're "white" too, thus simply compromising the "white" cause right there. Problem of course, w. "white" is it's abstraction which requires definition.

And note real Christians are NEVER going to accept Jews, the ultimate anti-Christs. And "white" folk, properly understood, are Christian (hence anti-semitic, as Gosp. MARK 7:1-13) above all other considerations, PERIOD. "White nationalism" is essentially meaningless, an attempt to by-pass Christian culture and mentality, a mere front for Jews attempting to infiltrate and speak for "white" people whom they desperately strive to co-opt and subvert, always ultimately, by means of MONEY, MONEY, MONEY.

(b) Thus Jews, now pretending to being "white," are relieved fm ISOLATION against all other races and peoples, whites now taking their place in this isolation, gentiles split assunder btwn white and non-white, this merely serving the Jew interest.

(c) Additionally, worst of all, whites are split simply among themselves, btwn staunch anti-semites and Christians versus the non- and anti-Christs (like Mormons, like urself). Of course u have NO ANSWER to this work u're doing for Jews. And naturally, therefore, u attack Scott Roberts who simply raises obvious, honest questions/criticism.

CONCLUSION: So AA, u need to consider u're not fooling anyone, really, certainly not real Christians, u just playing the Jew game as Roberts righteously complains about, along w. Dave Duke and BNP. Only difference btwn u and Duke is Duke does better job pretending he sympathizes w. Christians--but fact remains he's still essentially in service of, if not also pay of, Jews, doing their work for them as I note and analyze, above. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Kyle said...

Whether it's Alex Jones or Alex Linder, a forum or website at most costs $1000 a month for hardware (if Hal Turner's case was any indication), then it's just time & work. You'd know, you run a blog, I know this sounds judgmental, but people who love their websites shouldn't complain they "have to" spend 8 hours a day on it (and usually they don't, when they have helpers).

Anonymous said...

On the point by Roberts referring to Nick Griffin as a "traitorous bastard," at first, I thought that this might be a smear job, of some sort. After all, Griffin has made considerable strides.

I had heard that Griffin had installed some Jews in his party, but figured that possibly they were just "window-dressing" or "tokens." One of his cronies had maintained a separate website attacking Americans for being too anti-Jewish, but I had dismissed him as some crank. But, then, egad, I found it.

The BNP has a sub-section of its website to actually express support for Israel. Unbelievable. But, check it out for yourselves:

He might as well dig Disraeli up and put him in charge. Or, maybe, turn the keys over to Rahm Emanuel. I can't express enough my disgust at this sellout.

Anonymous said...

Is it really good advice (no offense intended by so stating) to urge Roberts to use Duke as a role model? Ex-con, fraud, profiteer, liar, philanderer, egoist, thief, pretender, manipulator, tax-cheat, loser. Roberts could do better. Much better.

Anonymous said...

Nobody and I mean NOBODY has ripped off the "movement" more than Mark Weber. Weber makes Duke, Black and the rest of them look like kindergardeners.

Weber uses the IHR as a sinecure and has stolen millions.

Anonymous said...

how can he be a white nationalist when his wife is native american?
how can he be blame jews for demise of white race when he married an injun?
what a phony and a hypocrite
not only did he race mix, he grooms himself like a brotha or a mexican from da hood.

Brandon Darby said...

"how can he be a white nationalist when his wife is native american?
how can he be blame jews for demise of white race when he married an injun?
what a phony and a hypocrite
not only did he race mix, he grooms himself like a brotha or a mexican from da hood."

Scott Roberts is not a hypocrite, if you watched his videos on the matter you'll learn that his wife is mostly White and that he married her prior to becoming racially aware and/or Jew wise.

Anonymous said...

FT is down it was a good site even though Scott himself is a A$$hole and not nearly as smart as he'd like to think! But our main concern should be if they can take him down after all these years then no site that attacks the Jew is safe!