Monday, March 22, 2010

White Pride World Wide Rally And March In Jackson, Michigan Attracts Two Dozen White Activists And Around 200 Counterprotestors

Battalion 14's promised rally and march commemorating White Pride World Wide Day did take place on March 21st, 2010, and other than a bit of pushing and shoving, was without serious incident, although one anti-racist teenager was arrested. Media stories published by and WLNS Channel 6. Stormfront discussion thread now available HERE.

Numbers of participants vary from one media source to another. It looks like at least 24 White activists showed up for the rally, but only 10 of them decided to go on the march. The number of anti-racist counterprotestors varies from 100 to 300; 200 seems like a good number. After the White activists formed up at Loomis Park, ten of them began the march down Edgewood Street and onto E. Michigan Avenue around 1:30 P.M. Marchers turned around at N. Park Street and headed back to the park. WLNS reports that police asked the group to curtail their march early, return and disband before finishing the route because of rising tension and the threat of further violence. Police also made no effort to keep the White activists separate from the counterprotestors, although they intervened immediately when squabbles broke out.

And squabbles did break out, instigated solely by the anti-racist counterprotestors. The white pride marchers carried flags and banners that read "White Pride Worldwide." Some covered their faces with black bandanas. Others wore shirts and jackets with the Nazi swastika symbol on them. But as they marched, counterprotesters spit at and threatened the White activists, even trying to grab the flags marchers carried. One unidentified 14-year-old who allegedly spit at one of the marchers was arrested for disorderly conduct. [Ed. Note: One participant reported on Stormfront that there were no swastikas.]

Two of the White activists explained their presence to the media. Grant Adams of Grand Rapids said, "We're here to promote white pride...We are proud of our race. We're allowed to have white pride." Bram Fox, another marcher from Grand Rapids, said he is not a racist or a white supremacist. He said the march was about pride, not hate. "We're trying to walk down the street and be proud," he said. "I observe a lot of the hate coming from other people."

How true that latter statement is. "It's not OK to have this much hate," said Mallery Heise, who grew up in Jackson but drove from Ann Arbor to protest the march. Heise carried a sign that read "This type of ignorance has no place here." Anti-racists like to say that "Intolerance of intolerance is the only intolerance tolerated", but the fact remains that intolerance of "intolerance" is still INTOLERANCE. And who are these anti-racists to rule that anything or anybody is intolerant, and then try to back it up by force? Who gave them the right to impose their will by force?

The real intolerance comes from the anti-racists.


apollonian said...

Jackson, MI March Excellent Case In Pt. For Expo Of Sociologic Jew Problem
(Apollonian, 22 Mar 10)

Yes, very interesting story on this Jackson, MI march (21 Mar 10), AA, good work on this one--it's actually yet another SOCIOLOGIC lesson to be observed, considered, and understood.

For note entire theme of the march was simply white-pride--which unfortunately isn't "politically correct" (PC) or PC-approved. March was NOT AGAINST anything--yet the predictable Jew-sponsored, official arbiters of PC showed-up to lecture people on "ignorance" as u observe and note so well in ur excellent story.

So WHO then actually mans it up for the PC powers herein noted at this march in Jackson, MI, on 21 Mar 10?--they're Jews, queers, and the bolsheviki of all races who work for them.

There's another necessary element of the PC powers, Jew-led, -funded, and -organized, and those are the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who are programmed to excuse, support, and protect the Jews, falsely instructed as they are that Christ was Jew, hence Talmudist. JCs surely weren't present at this event, but their support is otherwise essential to the Jews in general.

So that's the CRUX to this Jew/bolshevik movement which is presently destroying USA--the stupid, brainless JC dupes. Remove the JCs and the Christian support suddenly vanishes and Jews are EXPOSED.

The only difficult part for this analysis is observing the real, proper Christianity which has been traduced and subverted in favor of JC hereticalism--how is it to be presented or emphasized? Thus the real thing must FIRST be understood in simple manner of TRUTH vs. Jew lies and conspiracy, this in simple accord w. Gosp. JOHN. Everything else then is just logic applied.

CONCLUSION: I don't think we can dispense w. the necessary effort of presentation of this real Christianity, the genuine item, above-noted--it only requires REASON, logic, and some minimal dedication for active application--it won't happen by itself. And remember it isn't so much the pushing of Christian "salvation" we need or want--that's not the real pt.--it's simply the exposition of the real thing, including, perhaps, history. Real pt. is in EXPOSING the present Jew-friendly and -serving fraud of JC which makes everything else GO for the PC juggernaut. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Anonymous said...

Look at that picture. White activists dressed like the ARA. WTF!

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous - Sadly, you have a point. But how do we steer these guys towards more productive activism without disrespecting their courage?

Anonymous said...

AA: I wonder if pointing them to the Nationalist Movement might help? I notice a pic of one of their rallies. Well-attended, normal dress, very potent: