Wednesday, March 03, 2010

White Pride Activists Distribute "Racist" Flyers At Both St. Norbert College And University Of Wisconsin-Oshkosh; Ritualistic Denunciations Follow

White Pride flyer distributed at St. Norbert

Two Wisconsin colleges are trying to determine who distributed racist flyers on their campuses. White pride flyers turned up at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh on Monday March 1st, 2010 and on Thursday February 25th at St. Norbert College in De Pere. The same flyer was not distributed at both locations; two different distributors with different flyers were involved. Media stories published in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and WTMJ Channel 4 and WLUK Channel 11,

St. Norbert says as many as 150 flyers were distributed on vehicles in two parking lots. The college captured video of the incident; the video and flyers were turned over to police. Jim Skorczewski, director of campus safety, initially said the culprit is not believed to be a student or school employee, but WTMJ reports that De Pere police found the man responsible for the St. Norbert flyers after he allegedly posted about it on his personal Facebook page. They believe he worked alone and is not a student or staff member of St. Norbert's. They also believe he had nothing to do with the Oshkosh flyers. Although they don't plan to cite or prosecute the man, police have ordered him to stay away from the campus.

WLUK Channel 11 further identifies the distributor as Mike Haskins of Green Bay. Haskins said he represents the "White Ethnic Preservation Coalition" and explained that it is not a hateful organization, but merely a group for Whites who "love our people and our culture." Haskins also took exception at media labeling the flyers, which questioned why white pride is wrong when other racial pride is accepted, as "supremacist", and sent the following e-mail to WTAQ 97.5 FM:

I started a Facebook group recently titled White Ethnic Preservation Coalition. The main purpose of this group was to expose the double standards in the media when it comes to race relations. A quick view of this page will turn up several examples of media hypocrisy.

My group distributed advertisements for this Facebook group at St. Norberts College this past Thursday evening [Feb. 25]. I spoke with a detective from the De Pere police department who told me that leafletting on private and public colleges is prohibited and that I am banned from St. Noberts' property for doing so.

What I find amusing is that as I sat in a room being questioned by the authorities, meanwhile, the news-media ran wild with the story, fixed it up to fit their own agendas, and acted as if the authorities had no clue who put fliers on cars in De Pere. All this nonsense further confirms my beliefs and cause. The television media goes with what they have and doesn't look back. They KNOW who put fliers on cars in De Pere, yet broadcast "Police are looking for ...."

However, my group, White Ethnic Preservation Coalition is not responsible for the fliers that turned up in the Oshkosh area on Monday. They do not represent the values or the goals of my Facebook group and were vehemently racist. Kudos to CBS 5 News for being the only station to have a pair big enough to call it what it is: White Pride. All other media outlets have been quick to label it "supremacy". Pride is not wrong, but it is the foundation of all civilization. I issued a disclaimer to the major news media , in part stating that my group is not a hate group and amongst other things believes in everyone's right to exist and encourages people of all creed, color and backgrounds to have pride in themselves without stepping on anyone's toes or infringing on their rights.

I turn to this station because i am a big fan of it's programming and fairness in viewing both sides of the story.

Mike, in Allouez

I'm a bit disappointed that Mike decided to denounce the Oshkosh flyers and throw their distributor under the bus, so to speak, but at least he had the stones to distribute flyers at St. Norbert. That's a start. But he now knows that the elite make no distinction between his effort and the Oshkosh effort. The Oshkosh flyer is displayed below:

Naturally, the usual suspects crawled out of their holes for the ritualistic denunciations. Campus officials say the fliers are hate speech. "Such a cowardly and offensive act has no place in our community," Thomas Kunkel, the President of St. Norbert College, said in an e-mail sent to staff and students. Not to be outdone, UW-Oshkosh also sent an email out to its students and staff as well, also calling the fliers found there hate speech. "Basically racist and discriminating in nature. They had depictions of violent activities, sexual in nature", said Jeanette DeDiemer, a spokesperson for UW-Oshkosh. The Oshkosh flyers were headed "Random Crimes?", and contained the web address of on the bottom.


Anonymous said...

I like it when these arrogant assholes speak for the entire community. "This has no place in our community..." White people who love their race are part of "our" community, also, you assclown.

Mike Haskins said...

You know, to all the bloggers and comments; I would have stood on a corner and passed them out had it not been 17 degrees outside and 6pm. I chose St Norberts because of its proximity to me and large volume of people flowing through it. In the last couple of days my name has been smeared by local and even national news outlets (MSNBC). If this is the reaction I get for simply passing out advertisements for a Facebook Group, i can only imagine the media coverage when this Facebook Group actualy becomes a non-profit organization. There are HUGE differences between "pride" and "power". There are huge differences between "pride" and "Supremacy". It is ignorant of the media and those that buy the media propaganda that this was somehow "Supremacist". Nowhere in my groups stated goals does it say ANYTHING about being better than anyone, nor does it say anything about trying to suppress or be superior to anyone. I guess it just goes to show that my reasons for creating this group are valid; the news media reinforced those beliefs by their outrageous reaction to this simple, non-violent, peaceful act. I was simply exercising my right to free speech. And I get crucified for it because it is not the "standard".

White Pride Worldwide

samarkand said...

Mike: Since you are near an academic setting, let me respectfully suggest that you check out your history. Know why you are speaking English? Read up on Francis Drake, who defeated the Spanish Armada. You will see how he fired up his men by making clear how the English were BETTER than the Spanish. He called the Spanish ignorant, superstitious fools. He raided their lands, sunk their ships and plundered their wealth. All for one reason. He knew that he was BETTER than they were.

Now, if Drake had your approach that, oh, he wanted "pride," but didn't really want to offend anyone and, shucks, he wasn't any better, just "different," we would be speaking Spanish, today, looking like Hugo Chavez and taking siestas, instead of launching space-ships.

You've learned a lesson in activism. Now, learn a lesson in ideology. Exchange the "wimp" factor for the "winner" motif and you should go far.