Monday, March 22, 2010

Two White Students Openly Oppose Somali Invasion Of St. Cloud, Minnesota; Somalis Comprise 10 Percent Of The Student Population At Area Schools

Good God! Where did they all come from, and who invited them here? Yes, they came from Somalia, but no one I know invited them here. But they're in St. Cloud, Minnesota, and their ranks are growing. And it's become a source of tension at two schools within St. Cloud Area School District 742. The front-line schools are Technical High School and Apollo High School.

On March 15th, 2010, Minnesota Public Radio did a report on the deleterious effect the Somali invasion has had on the area's schools. Audio embedded below:

Two White students, Kyle Adams and Matt Mayavski, have had enough and have spoken out. The 18-year-old Adams is a senior at Area Learning Center Wilson, an alternative school. Adams used to go to Technical High School, but officials expelled him when he was in the tenth grade.

"I was young and dumb and saying some stuff and then a Somalian came up at swung at me and I ducked out of the way and then I said, 'you stupid, f'ing nigger and all of this,'" Adams said. "And then I got in trouble and got kicked out and there was nothing followed up on them for swinging at me or yelling at me and that really made me kind of mad."

This wasn't Adams' first altercation with classmates of Somali descent. Though Adams now says he shouldn't have said the things he said, he still harbors resentment. He was one of the people who joined the Facebook group, "I hate the Somalians at Tech High" (since taken down). He's also a member of another Facebook group called, "I am a 'Rasist' [sic].. ok,, So Deal With It." Adams, who grew up in Kentucky, explains he called his classmate a racial epithet because his beliefs about race are deep-seated. "I was raised in believing that this country was founded upon a white Christian nation and the belief of racial separation," he said.

Adams said his attitude toward Muslim students is also common among many of his classmates. One of those classmates is his friend, 18-year-old Matt Mayavski, who said a few people at the school call themselves "rednecks" on campus. Others make their views known by wearing Confederate flag belt buckles or belts or wearing certain brands of clothing, said Mayavski, a lifelong St. Cloud resident who also went to Technical High School. They flash the Confederate battle flag -- an offensive symbol to many blacks -- because they believe in small government. They say it has nothing to do with race.

The resentment stems from feeling like Muslim students receive preferential treatment, Mayavski said. "Towards the end of my junior year, I was in math class and the Somalians asked to go pray before lunch," he said. "Well, I went to ask my teacher for [a prayer break] and [she] sent me down to the office and I got written up for it. And I was like, 'Well, how can the school respect their religion, but they can't respect ours?'"

Of course, it's not all the Somalis' fault. Who allowed them to come to St. Cloud in the first place? Who allows the Somali students to take a prayer break but denies that option to the White students? And who benefits from all this disruption, both on the surface and behind the scenes? Additional discussion on the Vanguard News Network Forum.


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