Wednesday, March 31, 2010

TNB Alert: Five Black Thugs Assault Asian Woman, Throw Her On Train Tracks In San Francisco

No media story on this so far. Surveillance video captured a 57-year-old woman being assaulted by at least five black teenagers on a Muni train platform in San Francisco, then thrown onto the tracks. Fortunately, no train came along. Police arrested one 15-year-old male and are still looking for the other suspects. Raw surveillance video embedded below:

The Council of Conservative Citizens adds that the victim is Asian, and she is the third Asian brutally attacked by teenage black thugs at a San Francisco metro station in the last month. One victim, an elderly man, died from the beating. also picked up the story, but the significance is that it attracted a significant number of racially-conscious pro-White comments. A number of California commenters are saying that attacks like these will make it harder to overturn Proposition 21, which requires youth over the age of 14 to be tried as adults for certain crimes, regardless of the circumstances. Maybe they shouldn't be trying to overturn Prop 21; it was intended to securely lock up savage beasts like these for a long time.

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