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Nationalist Coalition's John Ubele Talks About White Electoral Activism At Council Of Conservative Citizens Freedom Rally In Crystal River, Florida

On February 27th, 2010, Nationalist Coalition Operations Manager John Ubele appeared at a Council of Conservative Citizens meeting held in Crystal River, Florida. This was hosted by the West Coast C of CC chapter in association with the Freedom Rally, and was also intended to help the candidacy of Jason Sager, running for Florida's U.S. House District 5. Ubele gave a short speech on how to be a more effective activist. This is also being discussed on Stormfront.

Specifically, Ubele discussed electoral activism - how White activists can credibly run for elective office. The speech is split between two videos.

Part 1: Ubele discusses his own background, how he got involved in Republican politics in high school, and how he soured on the Republicans after attending college. He then briefly alluded to his two unsuccessful runs for office - for Pasco Mosquito Control Board in 2006, and for the Florida State House District 46 seat in 2008.

Part 2: John Ubele discussed the lessons learned from his campaigns, and provides some loose ground rules for White activists who decide to run for electoral office for the very first time.

Here's a summary of John Ubele's suggested ground rules for first-time electoral activism:

(1). Develop solid public speaking skills. Ubele particularly recommends joining your local Toastmasters Club; they emphasize the whole package, including composition, delivery, body language, and eye contact.

(2). Choose an electoral office with the smallest geographic district. This would ideally include city council seats or your state legislative district, if it is small and compact. To this I would add local school board seats; don't neglect that opportunity.

(3). Generating maximum campaign exposure with minimal financial outlay:

---- Literature Distribution: You can produce your own single-page flyers using Microsoft Publisher or a similar product. Ubele reports he produced 3,000 flyers for $100. Of course, you distribute these door-to-door on person-to-person, you don't just throw them into driveways at midnight.

---- Mass Mailing: The value may not be so much in the specific return generating, but the publicity attendant to the mailing. For example, when Ubele mass-mailed the Jud Süß video to lawmakers and Governor Charlie Crist in 2009, the resultant media frenzy generated tens of thousands of dollars worth of free publicity for the Nationalist Coalition. His cost: $300.

---- Blogging: You can use free blogging platforms like Wordpress or Blogger. To this I will add a suggestion of my own: Begin your campaign blog before you officially file, but set it to private initially so no one else can read it (except maybe invited guests). This will give you time to fine-tune the posts you publish. Then on the day you formally file, set the blog to public; you'll be ready to go from the moment you file. Be careful who you link to in your sidebar; if you link to Stormfront or VNN Forum (for example), you better be prepared to explain it to voters. Of course, you can also purchase a domain and do a conventional campaign website, too. Ubele also suggests reading the AP Guide to Newswriting to optimize your posts. Note: Use a separate e-mail account applicable only to your campaign.

---- YouTube: Ubele suggests ways you can even make some spare change for your campaign using this means. You should practice making videos before you file for office.

---- Other Message Boards: Ubele suggests Craigslist as an excellent means of publicizing your campaign.

John Ubele's personal websites include the VoteUbele holdover 2008 campaign website and the PatrioticActivist website.

John Ubele has certainly dispensed some wise counsel for those who want to engage in electoral politics. However, having run unsuccessfully for election in the past, before I became openly race-conscious, I will add a few tips of my own.

(1). Begin attending meetings of the legislative body you intend to run for before you file for election. If you intend to run for a city council seat, begin attending city council meetings from time to time about a year before you file. Give public testimony on occasion about issues that interest you. The same ground rules apply for a school board run; attend school board meetings periodically and give public testimony when you feel prompted.

(2). Consider service on preparatory councils before running for office. This would mean your local neighborhood community council, a school curriculum review committee, or a capital resources advisory committee. Volunteer to serve on your school district's periodic budget review teams. You can learn the nuts and bolts of government from all, and develop your community presence. If you're feeling particularly adventurous, consider serving on a local diversity committee; your presence might ensure that Whites don't get screwed by local diversity initiatives.

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