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Missouri Broadcasters Association Try To Weasel Their Way Out Of Airing Glenn Miller's U.S. Senate Campaign Ads By Questioning His Candidacy

Note: All posts on Glenn Miller's 2010 U.S. Senate campaign available HERE, with the most recent post displayed first.

It looks like Missouri U.S. Senate candidate Glenn Miller has got the elite running scared. The Kansas City Star's Prime Buzz blog is reporting that the Missouri Broadcasters Association (MBA), which represents 340 radio and TV stations in the state, has written state attorney general Chris Koster asking him to determine if White civil rights activist Glenn Miller is a “legally qualified” Senate candidate. KSHB Channel 41 news video embedded below:

In its letter, the MBA asks Koster to determine if Miller meets residency and other requirements of the law, and if he’s properly using his name, Frazier Glenn Miller. Miller normally does not use his first name, preferring to be identified as Glenn. In addition, the MBA also wants to know when the general election campaign officially begins. Under federal law, candidates may not have full access to commercial time until the election is deemed to have started. St. Louis attorney Mark Sableman wrote the letter on behalf of the MBA; you can read the full letter HERE.

Broadcasters have been split on their responses to Miller's ads. Some broadcasters have said they’re airing the commercials only because they’re required to under federal law. A station must allow federal candidates “reasonable access” to their facilities, and it must air the messages of all legal candidates without changes. But other stations, most notably KATI in Columbia, want Koster to determine if Miller really is legally qualified before they run the commercials. Some stations are also questioning whether or not Miller is truly a “bona fide” write-in candidate, because they claim he hasn’t demonstrated substantial campaign activities such as opening an office, giving speeches, and passing out campaign literature.

Two local stations that are airing the commercials, KMBZ and WDAF-FM, announced that they’ll give away all of the revenue they have or will receive from Miller. Half of the money will go to the Olathe chapter of the NAACP, and the other half will go to the Jewish Community Relations Board.

Glenn Miller has also come under attack from another source; Kansas City Star reporter Mike Hendricks. In a commentary piece entitled "A bigot’s lost cause fouls the airwaves", Hendricks unsurprisingly attacks Miller and his values. But towards the end, Hendricks may have crossed the actionability line in the following segment:

Let’s say Miller’s ads win over a few newcomers to the cause and re-energize others. And let’s say some of them send him checks.

Money — could that be it?

“I’ve been accused of that before,” Miller said.

I’ll bet he has.

Essentially, Hendricks is claiming that Glenn Miller is doing this only for the money. In response, Miller wrote on the Vanguard News Network Forum the following:

Yes, and I told him, in lengthy detail, how I post all monies received and spent, on this public forum, to insure all money is accounted for.

He made a clear, unmistakable allegation that I'm running for US Senate in order to make money for myself. He has damaged my campaign, thereby jeopardizing my election in November. A lawsuit against the Kansas City Star newspaper is definitely in order.

Glenn Miller just recently provided such an update on this other VNN Forum thread. He states that he has received $1,655.00, spent $1,554.75 on a total of 89 separate broadcasts on 8 different radio stations in Kansas City, St Louis, Springfield, and SW Missouri, and has a balance of $100.25 as of the close of business on March 30th, 2010. Further adding to the value of Glenn Miller's candidacy is the fact that the story has now gone national. National outlets picking it up include MSNBC (First Read), the New York Daily News, and UPI. Those who are interested in supporting Glenn Miller's campaign can send check, cash, or money order to:

Glenn Miller for US Senate
PO Box 3861
Springfield, MO 65808

Tel: 417-463-7703

Campaign website:

In a related development, another White activist has entered Missouri's U.S. Senate race. DSCI Pastor Martin Lindstedt announced his intent to run in the August primary for the Libertarian nomination. After reading his announcement posted HERE (sorry, Google English translation not available), you will understand why Lindstedt's candidacy should NOT be taken seriously.

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apollonian said...

Glenn Miller Does God's Work
(Apollonian, 2 Apr 10)

Indeed, I've now listened to the ad in video posted by White Reference and must say Miller does most excellent job stating the problem and giving some pertinent details. Who's country is this, anyway?--how did things get to present state? Miller makes us think.

Obviously the objections of MBA are phony as one has right to run for office REGARDLESS of any idiotic paper-work which MBA implies is necessary qualification.

On the other hand, in another way, it is important to insure candidate is qualified for office--as BARRY SOETORO/OBAMA IS CERTAINLY NOT, not being a "natural-born" citizen as required by US Constitution. Miller could well make additional pt.s on this subject regarding "qualifications."

CONCLUSION: This entire affair regarding Miller's candidacy is most interesting, for Miller certainly does present an informative and creditable pt. of view for pure politics. Further, note this campaign of Miller's also serves another purpose of the top oligarchal establishment as it exacerbates race relations. So I say right-on for Miller as he expresses a needed measure of truth which certainly should be heard. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian