Thursday, March 25, 2010

Michigan Messenger Interviews Battalion 14 Michigan Commander Chris Simpson, Who Admits Battalion 14 Is Oriented Towards National Socialism

On March 22nd, 2010, the Michigan Messenger reported that they conducted an interview with Battalion 14 Michigan Commander Chris Simpson, who explained his organization's purposes and objectives. The entire interview is documented on the video embedded below.

Simpson had spent nearly eight minutes briefing the media, but refused to identify himself to a reporter who joined the gaggle late. When it was explained that his name was public information and was going to be used, he ended the interviews, possibly because Simpson lives and works in Jackson. But during that interview, Simpson was asked if he and his group were Nazis.

“Yeah, well, we’re National Socialists. The Nazis were back in World War two,” Simpson said. “We try to live our lives in more honorable way. It’s pretty much blue collar workers who try to live their lives the way they think they should as honorably as they can. We don’t promote violence, we promote love of our own race.”

The Michigan Messenger also provided updated totals on the number of participants. They state that there were a total of 29 White activists, 17 who participated in the march, and provided a more realistic figure of 200 anti-racist counterprotestors. Otherwise, previously-reported information remains unchanged.

Some have criticized Battalion 14 for wearing bandannas. Yeah, it sucks, but we need to re-direct our anger towards the system and the people who've intimidated our activists to the point to where they must do this for defensive reasons. We must also re-direct our anger towards the Human Resources sellouts who fire White people from their jobs for off-the-job pro-White activism. Chris Simpson may be dressed like an antifa, but at least he was out there.

What were YOU doing for the White community on March 21st, 2010?

Meanwhile, Michigan Messenger followed up with a second article on March 25th in which they disclosed that the Southern Poverty Law Center is preparing to confer upon Battalion 14 the supreme honor of being listed as a "hate" group. When the SPLC recognizes your group thusly, it implies your group is active and is having an impact. Hats off to Battalion 14 for taking a stand for the White community.

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