Monday, March 08, 2010

Kalispell Daily Inter Lake Editor Frank Miele Publishes Editorial Denouncing The Southern Poverty Law Center As A Hate Group

The masses are beginning to seriously awaken to the duplicity and chicanery of the anti-racist racket in the United States. A newspaper serving a part of what the elites contemptuously dismiss as "flyover America" has issued a ringing denunciation of one of America's leading anti-racist hate mills.

On March 7th, 2010, Frank Miele, the editor of the Kalispell (MT) Daily Inter Lake, published an editorial entitled "Hate group masquerading as advocate of human rights?". The subject of the editorial is clearly the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Miele's response was triggered by the fact that, because he's a patriotic American, he feels that he has been "targeted,” “frozen,” “personalized” and “polarized” by the left in accordance with Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals. In other words, he got lumped in with the majority of Americans as the “radical right” — the "scary people" who believe in God, the Constitution, family values, and an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. He identifies the SPLC as a primary practitioner of that methodology.

The SPLC's new report, called “Rage on the Right”, seeks to convince Americans that the anger seething across the American political landscape as represented by the Tea Party movement is shot through with rich veins of radical ideas, conspiracy theories and racism. But he realizes that the report is biased against conservatives - and Whites. Miele notes that there is not one mention of Islamic extremism included — nothing about the alleged murder of 13 people at Fort Hood by Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan; nothing about the Muslim convert who apparently killed a soldier at a recruiting center in Little Rock, Ark.; nothing about the father who allegedly killed his daughter by ramming her with a car for being “too Westernized”; nothing about the founder of a Muslim TV station in Buffalo, N.Y., who was charged with beheading his wife for seeking a divorce; nothing about the murder of a college professor in New York state by his Muslim student, allegedly in revenge for “persecuted” Muslims.

Miele also notes that black author Carol Swain has taken the SPLC to task for its lack of interest in the Obama Administration’s decision to drop charges against members of the New Black Panther Party who had tried to intimidate voters in Philadelphia in 2008, despite the fact that, for the sake of appearances, the SPLC includes the New Black Panther Party among its annual list of hate groups. But the vast majority of the SPLC's hate groups are white "racists", and has since been expanded to include nativists.

Frank Miele's editorial does not mean that the Daily Inter Lake has suddenly become Montana's version of The Aryan Alternative; far from it. In the past, the paper has jousted with famed local resident April Gaede, the mother of the pop duo Prussian Blue. But in this latest missive, there's not a single mention of April Gaede. Perhaps the Daily Inter Lake realizes that, with the passage of time, the behavior of the Gaede Family since moving to Kalispell shows they do not wear horns or forked tails, but are simply another ordinary family trying to make a go of it in this world.

Perhaps Frank Miele would like to follow up this editorial with an expose on another group of equally-virulent anti-racist racketeers much closer to home; namely, the Montana Human Rights Network (MHRN). The MHRN continually witch-hunts those with whom it disagrees; their most recent victim was Hope Pregnancy Ministries, a pro-life counseling center. Hope was targeted because April Gaede had urged people on Stormfront to contribute to it. In a comment posted to the Daily Inter Lake editorial, Gaede reminds readers of the MHRN:

We have our own little wannabe SPLC here in the guise of the Montana Human Rights Organization which makes it money the same way, fear mongering and attacking anyone who is politically to the right.

I feel that it is intellectually dishonest to mention the SPLC when we have the MHRN here trying to start the same sort of trouble.

No, it's not really intellectually dishonest to mention the SPLC, though; Frank Miele has to learn to crawl before he can walk. But he's gotten off to a good start. Lemmings who show that they're trying to get it deserve further encouragement rather than contempt from our side. Discussion of this story has now started on Stormfront.

I no longer consider it beyond the pale of respectability to consider both the SPLC and the MHRN to be domestic terrorist organizations.

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